Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Day of Prayer: May 7, 2009

Fifty-seven years ago, the United States Congress and President Truman passed a law which some cynics might say would never be passed today. They declared the first Thursday of May, every year, as "National Day of Prayer". This day is for people of all faiths to pray for the United States of America. Many see this as a day to celebrate the Nation's Christian heritage and foster unity within the Christian church. Prayor warriors gather to put aside political, denominational and personal differences to glorify God, to thank Him for His provision and to pray for their Country. It is a time to recognize the One who is the Almighty and the King of Kings and to worship at His feet, recognizing that He alone is in control.
This Thursday is also a time to pray for each other, recognizing that prayer is our link with our Creator and He desires not only to hear what is on our hearts but that we do care for our fellow man. It is a time to stand in the gap for our loved ones and strangers, to lift those that need to be drawn closer to the Throne and take our supplications and theirs to Giver of Life.
For the next few days, we invite all of you to share your prayer needs and requests with us (in the comment section below) and we will pray with and for you.
Jesus has promised, " Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven." (Matthew 18:19).
God bless you as you take time to seek His face.


  1. God has given us an open door to 'Come boldy before the throne of grace' Not to do so would belittle that opportunity.My sons Allen & Brian & DIL Yolanda are not walking in a relationship with our Lord.I'm praying for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to fall upon them & for them to respond accordingly...In addition,I just got out of the hospital today. My heart rate & B/P decided to play see-saw.pray for Drs. to have wisdom, please. Colleen joy Laman

  2. I give praise that our family is healthy & safe & saved.

    Today I would like to remember families who have lost precious children recently. May God be their healing, their peace, and their answer. May He restore a portion of their joy.

    I also pray God gives strength to parents of ill children. This is a trial I cannot imagine. Lift them up & strengthen them, Lord. Send godly support people into their lives.

    So grateful for a Father who cares for every need. Bless you, SGM, for all you do in His name!

    Kelly Burton

  3. Hey all...spent some time in prayer yesterday for these requests and others...Isn't it awesome that we have that privilege, any time of the night or day? That it isn't just one day a year?