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Great Concert Coming Up

As We R southern gospel ministries presents “Community OutReach Gospel Series.”  A concert will be held on April 28th at 6:00 pm, doors open at 5:00. The feature artists will be Squire Parsons and As We R. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Make A Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The location is Pumpkin Park Music Hall in Milton, West Virgina. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door, children 15 and under are free. Tickets can be purchased at the Guiding Light Christian Book store or by calling 304-549-0900 or 304-302-6441 or visit

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Retro Reality Check: Friends in the Garden

“They went to a place called Gethsemane, and Jesus said to his disciples, "Sit here while I pray." He took Peter, James and John along with Him, and He began to be deeply distressed and troubled. "My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death," He said to them. "Stay here and keep watch."

Going a little farther, He fell to the ground and prayed that if possible the hour might pass from him…Then He returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. "Simon," He said to Peter, "are you asleep? Could you not keep watch for one hour? Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

Once more He went away and prayed the same thing. When He came back, He again found them sleeping, because their eyes were heavy. They did not know what to say to Him.
Returning the third time, He said to them, "Are you still sleeping and resting? Enough! The hour has come. Look, the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise! Let us go! Here comes my betrayer!" Mark 14:32-42

This evening that seems so momentous in our eyes began as any other. The disciples had spent a quiet evening with Jesus, their friend and teacher, doing what they normally do. Yes, there were some strange moments, such as the incident with Judas who suddenly left the room. They watched as Jesus began to wash their feet like a common servant. The meal itself was a little odd, with His words about the wine and the bread. But otherwise, it was an evening of eating and fellowship and discussion with this One who had taught them so many things.

The disciples followed Jesus out to the Garden of Gethsemane. This was nothing out of the ordinary either. Luke tells us this was what Jesus was “accustomed” to doing. But then, the Master asks for the company of His closest friends, Peter, James, and John. In the moment of His deepest grief, He needs to know that those on earth with whom He shares the closest bond, are awake and praying for Him and sharing in His distress.

The disciples, who are by this time tired and full, are lulled by the peace in the Garden and their eyes fall shut. Jesus comes back to them three times. Each time, they are asleep. The third time, they are awakened by a scene that would change their lives forever.

Whenever I’ve read this part of the Easter story I’ve wondered: what was wrong with those guys? Didn’t they know Jesus was upset? He asked them to stay awake, why didn’t they? When the guards with their swords and the mob and the violence happen, why didn’t they stay? They’d been with Jesus for three years and professed love and allegiance to Him. Where was that loyalty?

I honestly believe that they didn’t understand the importance of this evening, and were unable to discern the seriousness of the Master’s request. When Jesus implores them to stay awake, they try, but are unable to. Then when the moment of truth arrives they are unprepared, half asleep, and scared to death. Their Friend knew this would happen; yet He implores them to watch, to pray and to resist temptation. In His hour of need, His friends are unable to stand with Him.

Have you been in a place of turmoil and upset in your life when everything is crashing around you? The near future is dark and your distress causes you to cry out. You look to your closest friends for help, for support, for consolation. And in that moment, in that time of intense crisis, for whatever reason, you cannot reach them. The feeling of isolation is crushing.

The Bible teaches us that Jesus was as fully man as He was fully God, and I believe He felt that isolation from His closest friends. Even as He began to realize that moment of the “Cup” had come, He understood the frailty and humanness of His disciples. Through the pain and distress of knowing what would immediately follow, He sees into their hearts and understands their weaknesses.

How God-like to be in that position and still reach out with words of faith to His friends. So often we need the comfort and care of our friends when we are in crisis and find it impossible to reach out to others. Our vision is inward and we see only our own situation and pain. When others don’t respond to us as we feel they should, we often react with anger or bitterness and push them away.

How incredible it is to know that when the Son of God was facing torture and death, His thoughts were toward His human friends. Even now, He calls each of us “friend” that follows Him. How comforting it is to know that He is faithful and true regardless of circumstances, and more loyal than we could ever be. Regardless of our actions, He continues to reach out to us, showing us true friendship. What an example for us to follow, both in relationship to others, and our relationship to the ultimate Friend.

By Lorraine Walker
First published April 2007 by

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Retro SGM Radio: Southern Gospel's Young Artist Feature - July 2007

Since the beginning of Southern Gospel, groups have consisted of every age, from the old to the young. Second and third generation singers have been brought up through the ranks of family groups like the Happy Goodmans, the Rambos, the Hoppers and the McKameys. Today more than ever, we are seeing a burst of youth on the Southern Gospel scene and these young people are making their mark for their generation. With a desire to reach the lost, hone their talents, and present a fresh new sound, the new wave of Southern Gospel is taking the best of the past and forming it into a style that is finding an increasingly larger audience.

SGM Radio recently talked to some of these Young Gospel artists, and asked them to share their hearts with us. Each one we talked to has their own story to share, just as each has their own style of music and how they see Southern Gospel. We hope you enjoy an insight into the music and souls of Young Gospel.

The questions we asked the Young Gospel artists were: What is the biggest challenge facing your generation in Southern Gospel? And, what is the biggest challenge of having a career in music? Here are their answers.

Stewart Varnado, The Dixie Echoes (pictured above): “I don't really know of any challenge facing my generation in SG. I think it was probably hard for those in the early days of SG, but we've got it made compared to them [eg] Buses instead of cars. Other than being away from home sometimes too much. I can't think of any reason to complain.”

Daniel Ball, The Ball Brothers: “The biggest challenge we face is trying to reach our generation. We have the challenge of bringing in new fans or Southern Gospel music will die out. For us, we'll continue to honor the tradition of those who have gone before us, yet at the same time carve our own new paths with our music. God is constantly opening new doors for us that are bigger than we ever dreamed. We are excited about what the future holds for the Ball Brothers and all of Southern Gospel.”

Jason Funderburk, Driven: “"I feel the biggest challenge facing our generation in Southern Gospel Music is for people to take us serious about what we do. It is easy for me to feel that a good many people look at us like we are trying to change the way it used to be, but in reality we are trying to worship just as they did or in some cases worship period.
"The biggest challenge in having a career in music is that people or fans in general only get to see about 20% of what it takes to travel and be a singer, musician. They see us grace a platform, sing and then talk to people, but the hard part really takes place the week before and after in preparation for a concert, not including before and after a concert.
“If not for the fans and Southern Gospel supporters we would have a more difficult time trying to present our ministries to a group of folks that have never experienced a true anointed filled evening of music and worship".

Kevin Mills, Soloist: “[The biggest challenge facing my generation is] changing Southern Gospel music to fit into today’s market-place without overly compromising the originality of it’s sound. [The biggest challenge of having a career in music is] Ego. This is something that everyone is at risk of in any career but it especially becomes predominant in an overly public profession such as the music industry. I’m not talking about confidence, since there is nothing wrong with realizing and taking gratification for something you feel you accomplish well (i.e. work, job, performance, etc.) . Ego becomes detrimental when it isolates you from those around you. Pride, or thinking about yourself “higher then you ought” really will bring you to a fall. That is why we must run to Christ and realize who we are in Him: A creature created in His image and for His Glory. We were never meant to live our lives pursuing our own motives and careers, but rather to strive to glorify God in all we do.”

Aaron Minnick, The Johnny Minnick Family: “The biggest challenge we face is making sure there will be a ‘Gospel Music’ in the future. We need to do things that will grow the industry, pull in new listeners and carry the Gospel to those who would otherwise not listen to the message.”

Josh Singletary, Tribute Quartet: “I think the largest challenge that faces my generation in Southern Gospel music is getting the older generations to see how serious we are about this music. I come from a generation that is influenced by MANY genres of music - And good music. You can't really get away from the music of today. Everywhere you go, there it is. But, I think sometimes it's assumed that because we are of a younger generation, we let those outside influences influence what our heart truly is...and that’s simply not the case. I, along with many other young people in this industry, TRULY want to see souls saved and to sing God's message through a music that we love - Southern Gospel.
“The biggest challenge in having a career in music, I think, is, well, money - to put it bluntly. It can be pretty tough at times. I've always said, "You have to be called to do this. AND you have to love doing this because, if you're not and you don't, you're nuts!" It really is a matter of trusting the Lord...And he has NEVER let me down. The payoff is out of this world!”

Mike Kofahl, Austin’s Bridge: “I think the biggest challenge facing our generation and Southern Gospel is that there are not nearly enough who know about it. What we
have found is that our generation is constantly bombarded by media encouraging them to listen to anything and every thing but SG music. This is why I feel it our responsibility to reach out to them and show them that there is great music being made in southern gospel,
that caries a message of hope.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into the world of Young Gospel. Be sure to hear these artists the next time they are in your area and support the next generation of Southern Gospel Music.

By Lorraine Walker
First published July 2007 on

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Ben and Billy Cockman, of The Cockman Family, will be travelling to compete
in National Flat Pick Guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo contest at the Walnut
Valley Festival Winfield, KS. Over the weekend, the youngest son, Ben,
took the 2012 Guitar Championship during Hartsville, SC at The Reno Fest.

Ben Cockman won an D18 acoustic guitar hand built by award winning stringed
instrument craftsman Gerald Anderson. “After winning the award,” said dad
John Cockman, “he was given the opportunity to perform a song with the guys
who helped make the guitar.” Watch the video of Ben Cockman performing
‘I’ll Fly Away’ with The Four Virginia Luthiers here:

The Cockman Family is set to release their new radio single “Were You There
When They Crucified My Lord?” with Homeland Inspiration Group in early
April 2012.

About The Cockman Family:
The Cockmans have a unique bluegrass gospel style. Their harmonies,
original songs and original arrangements of the old gospel songs have been
immensely popular with their audiences. Fans love their family-style
entertainment as well. As the family continues to grow, the grandchildren
are also joining in on the tradition. They love to sing and they love the
Lord. Their family ties are strong, and the warmth of that is conveyed in
their performances.

The Cockman Family has been nominated for Bluegrass Artists of the Year,
Instrumentalist of the Year and Bluegrass Band of the Year by the Country
Gospel Music Association (CGMA), and for Gold Cross Bluegrass Group of the
Year by the International Country Gospel Music Association. The Cockman
Family was selected as one of "The 12 Most Creative Families In America" by
American Greetings Cards and USA Today Weekend. The Cockman Family is
listed in the North Carolina Arts Council for North Carolina Touring and
Resident Artist Directory, and has produced a concert video that is aired
regularly on the SET (Southern Entertainment Television) 24 hour satellite
gospel programming network and other local TV stations around the country.

For more information on The Cockman Family,

For more information on Homeland Inspiration Group,

For Press Information:
Brittany Maxwell
Director of Media
Homeland Inspiration Group

The Future of Southern Gospel at Crossroads

From Crossroads Music:

You may think you know all the great quartets on the road right now. Let us introduce you to fresh new recordings from two up-and-coming quartets that will quickly become household names.

Soul’d Out Quartet: What the World Doesn’t Know
From the opening notes to the final melodic phrase, this album is a delightful musical journey covering every stylistic flavor and flair that makes the Southern Gospel genre so rich.

There’s straight ahead quartet singing in “All Things Are Possible,” a catchy pop flavor to “If You’ll Just Ask Him,” and even a richly orchestrated 1940’s feel on “Since I’ve Been Saved,” all of which were artfully crafted by group member and songwriter, Matt Rankin.

What the World Doesn’t Know is a masterpiece of praise to the Master and Maker of all. This album solidly establishes Soul’d Out Quartet as a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

They’re here to be heard and they’re here to stay!

The Old Paths: Right Now
The foundation of Southern Gospel has always been great quartets, and the Old Paths carry that tradition in a new way. They might be fresh young faces to the scene, but their vocals have the drive and energy of HeavenBound and the Hinsons. There’s a powerhouse vocalist at every part!

Committed to the cause and calling of Christ, the group’s name was taken from the Old Testament verse Jeremiah 6:16, which sets them on a steady course.

Right Now will propel The Old Paths to new and even greater heights. Ballads like “The Blood on My Hands” and energetic uptempo numbers like “I Know My God Can Do It” and “When It All Starts Happening” are delivered with equal command. It’s the perfect primer for the singing style that built and sustains Southern Gospel music!

This album shows why The Old Paths are already in demand at some of the largest churches in America. Right Now is a definite right on!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Perkins Announces Vocal Addition of Johnathon Dodrill

The Perkins would like to announce the vocal addition of Johnathon Dodrill from Indianapolis, Indiana. Jeff Perkins states: “Johnathon is a great man of God that happens to be a great singer as well. We are excited to have him join our ministry team”.  Johnathon adds, “The thing I love most about the Perkins is the comradery I feel with all the guys. I felt like I had known them all my life the first weekend I met them! They are real men of God and God has definitely blessed The Perkins with a gift of being able to truly minister through their music! That’s what it’s all about”. Jeff, Aaron, Matt, Dale, and Les are excited to share Johnathon’s talents with their faithful friends and fans. Please visit for more information.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Marty Raybon Enters the Top 40 Country Charts with “I’ve Seen What He Can Do”

Nashville, TN --  The new single, “I’ve Seen What He Can Do” by Grammy® award winning artist, Marty Raybon has entered the Top 40 on the New Music Weekly Country Chart (3/23/12).  This beautiful new song also reached the #1 spot on the Christian Music Weekly Top Singles Chart (3/7/12) and debuts at #8 on the Cashbox Magazine Top Christian Country Singles chart.

Two other songs from the HAND TO THE PLOW album are charting on other Christian Voice Magazine charts including “Working On A Building” appearing at #3 on the Country Christian chart and “You’ve Got To Move” at #25 on the Southern Gospel chart.
HAND TO THE PLOW releases Monday, March 26, 2012 and was produced by veteran Nashville producer Mark Carman.  The album is available at all major retail outlets including:  iTunes, Walmart, LifeWay, Family Christian,,,County Sales and more.
Marty is now on tour with numerous upcoming performances including this weekend's South Florida Music Fest in Jupiter, FL.  You can also catch Marty on numerous upcoming TV and Radio shows including but no limited to:  March 27 at 8:30 am on WSM Radio with Bill Cody; upcoming interview with Jim Ed Brown on Country Music Greats; feature interview on INSIDE MUSIC ROW; and later this spring on the Jason Crabb Show - Southern Gospel Review on the Trinity Broadcast Network.
Marty has been nominated for several Country Gospel Music Fan Awards including “Favorite Soloist”, “Favorite Crossover Artist,” and “I’m Working On A Building” from HAND TO THE PLOW for “Favorite Song.”  Awards will be given as winners are announced at the 2012 Country Gospel Music (CGM) Awards Program presented by Christian Voice Magazine at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, TN on April 28, 2012.  CGM Fan Award recipients are decided upon solely by Country Gospel Music fans through a simple, two-phase voting process.   Fans can vote at The Top 5 Finalists ballot appears in this month’s issue. 
Please visit for more information including Marty’s upcoming album SOUTHERN ROOTS & BRANCHES releasing on Rural Rhythm Records, April 10, 2012.
Please visit Rural Rhythm Christian and Rural Rhythm Records, for more information on these upcoming projects.

Crossroads Signs The Old Paths

Arden, NC  - Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing has just announced signing The Old Paths to a long-term recording agreement. Crossroads will release their first major-label album, Right Now, on April 17.

The Old Paths began in fall 2003. They have performed for Charles Stanley at First Baptist Atlanta, the Georgia Baptist Convention, the Alabama Baptist Convention, Dr. Jerry Vines Evangelism Ministries, and numerous other conferences, community events, and churches. They are a current top 10 nominee for Horizon Group of the Year in the Singing News Fan Awards, and their current radio single, "The I of the Storm," is at #13 on the May 2012 Singing News Radio Airplay chart.

Crossroads executive Chris White states, "We've had a relationship with these guys for about a year now. We're very excited about where this relationship can go, and what it can do for the music industry, and their ministry as well. Look for a long-lasting relationship with The Old Paths."

The Old Paths baritone Doug Roark commented, "The Old Paths are certainly delighted to be here. No doubt about it, everyone in Gospel Music knows exactly what sort of reputation Crossroads brings to the table. We're delighted that we get to come on board and work hand in hand with all the fine folks here at Crossroads Music."

"Being a co-founder of The Old Paths Quartet," Tim Rackley adds, "I'm happy and thrilled to be a part of such a successful music company. Being a young boy, and getting Singing News magazine growing up, it was always a thrill to see the new songs and artists they were promoting. We're excited to be a part of this long history, and we look forward to adding some great records for Crossroads Music as well."

Right Now will be available from The Old PathsCrossroads, iTunes, and your local Christian retailer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hagee Ministry Ambulance Displayed at CUFI Event in Jerusalem

ERUSALEM, Israel, March 21, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pastor John Hagee led hundreds of followers and members of CUFI to Israel to show their political support and bless Israel. As part of the activities, CUFI members and other supporters gathered in central Jerusalem for a march and solidarity rally on the steps of Jerusalem's city hall.

Photo: Pastor John Hagee being greeted by supporters while standing in front of one of the seven ambulances donated to Magen David Adom by John Hagee Ministries. These ambulances have treated more than 11,000 people, including a woman and her baby boy, who was born en route to the hospital last month.

During the gathering before the march, participants were treated to see one of the seven ambulances that John Hagee Ministries donated to Magen David Adom, Israel's EMS and first- responder organization and Israel's national blood bank. Together, these ambulances have treated more than 11,000 people, including people hurt in a terrorist attack launched from Sinai this past summer, victims of numerous car accidents and heart attacks, and a woman who delivered her baby son en route to the hospital last month.

"As much as it's heartwarming when Christians come to Israel to show their unwavering support, it's essential that we make it a point to say thank you," said Arnold Gerson, CEO of the 72-year-old American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA) "It was our privilege to bring one of the Hagee Ministry ambulances for all to see and share the pride we have. We're grateful for Pastor Hagee's ongoing support to help save lives in Israel, and for the partnership and generosity of millions of Christians throughout the US."

In response to the ongoing and overwhelming support for AFMDA from Christians across the US, last year the organization launched a new program, Heart to Heart, as a grassroots way for Americans of all backgrounds to support and bless Israel, helping to save lives through an innovative virtual blood donation program. Heart to Heart Director Jonathan Feldstein noted, "We invite all those who love Israel and wish to fulfill the biblical mandate to bless Israel to join Heart to Heart, to help increase and protect Israel's blood supply. We hope that churches, organizations, and other ministries will continue to become Heart to Heart partners."

For more information on Heart to Heart and AFMDA's lifesaving activities in Israel, please visit or contact

Bluegrass Cruise Set For January 2013 - The Roys Invite Fans Aboard

Nashville, TN (March 21, 2012) -- Reigning ICM Inspirational Bluegrass Artist of the Year, THE ROYS, invite their fans to join them for Danny Stewart's Bluegrass Cruise aboard CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE'S Sensation January 20-24. The spectacular vessel departs Port Canaveral, Florida for two, four-night Bluegrass sailings January 20-24 and January 27-31, but THE ROYS will entertain during the first sailing only. Ports of call include the exciting islands of Freeport and Nassau; the current, "Early Bird" price of $499 per person (based upon double cabin occupancy) is valid through April 3, but bookings will continue at varied prices. The cost includes luxurious shipboard accommodations and all food and beverages except for carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

Fans can reserve their spot with a budget-friendly $150 deposit at The process is easy: just go to THE ROYS' site, look for the CRUISE tab on the Home Page; click the tab, fill out the form and submit with your deposit. Bluegrass lovers won't want to miss this sea-going festival, which includes jam sessions, workshops and fun for the whole family. Joining THE ROYS will be other Bluegrass favorites: Mark Phillips & IIIrd Generation, Spinney Brothers, Nu-Blue, and Ernie Evans & The Florida Bluegrass Band.

"Danny's done these cruises for a few years now," says Lee Roy. "And we've heard they're a blast." Lee and his sister Elaine love the cruise "escape," and are looking forward to some warm weather fun with like-minded music lovers next winter. "It sounds like my idea of Heaven," Elaine jokes.

THE ROYS will be ready for a little relaxation by the time this cruise rolls around. The energetic duo's 2012 tour calendar is filled with dates at Festivals and Fairs across the nation, and they are hard at work writing new songs for their sophomore Bluegrass CD.

Fans can catch up with Lee and Elaine, see their complete itinerary and lots more online at

Dove Brothers Present Americana Tour 2012

The Americana Tour 2012 will be in Selma, North Carolina at the Rudy Theater May 26, 2012.
The Dove Brothers Band and the Carolina Soul Band will be honoring our Veterans and American Music Culture!
The Dove Brothers Band will provide Southern and Country Gospel, carrying the cross over into Classic Country as well. The Carolina Soul Band will provide a blend of Beach, R&B, Soul, Motown, Pop, and Jazz. Both bands will perform together to end the show with a Patriotic Finale as a Thank You to our Veterans and Soldiers.
Get your tickets today by calling 877 THE RUDY or go to This is a one of a kind event, make sure you don't miss it!

Lifeway Features Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Music

Exciting News from Ernie Haase, email newsletter March 16, 2012...

Hey friends!

I've got some really exciting news to share with you!

Lifeway Christian Bookstores have stepped up to the plate in their support of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and our brand new label StowTown Records. EHSS are featured in the music section on an end cap with a LIMITED EDITION AUTOGRAPHED CD for only $9.98!

This is really great news! Lifeway is supporting our brand-new label by not only featuring our newest release Here We Are Again, but also featuring The Collingsworth Family's Part of the Family release on the end cap as well!

Now, here's where I need YOUR HELP! Lifeway stepped up to the plate to support us, so let them know we support THEM!

DO YOU KNOW WHO SUPPORTS CHRISTIAN MUSIC AT CHRISTIAN RETAIL BOOKSTORES? CHRISTIANS!! So, head out TODAY to your local Lifeway Christian Bookstore and tell the sales associate: "I want the new ERNIE HAASE & SIGNATURE SOUND AUTOGRAPHED CD!"

Each store has a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY of these CD's and when they're gone, that's it! So, DO NOT DELAY - Support your boys (EHSS & StowTown Records) and Christian Retail (LifeWay) and go out to buy your copy today!

Local retail is what makes America strong, and Christians need to support Local Christian retail stores. Let's show Lifeway we support them in their support of StowTown Records!

I love you!

Heaven's Jubilee Gospel Music Association Singing Convention April 21, 2012

Heaven's Jubilee Gospel Music Association will have their Annual Singing Convention, April 21 at 5 PM, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The Convention will be held at the Branch Church 3564 Park Ave. Hot Springs, AR.

Call 479 719 7853 or go to for more information.

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Retro SGM Radio Liberty Quartet (Jan 2008)

Liberty Quartet Bio
Liberty is a professional Southern Gospel group based on the West Coast with a full-time
concert schedule. The members of Liberty are Royce Mitchell, bass; Dan Gilbert, lead;
Doran Ritchey, baritone/piano; and Keith Waggoner, tenor. Liberty averages 50-70,000
miles a year ministering in approximately 200 performances for church services, large
conventions including the Great Western Quartet Convention and the Gospel Music Fan
Festival in Canada, nursing homes, prisons, and other ministries. Liberty goes wherever
the Lord directs. While featuring everything from high-energy performances to moments
of contemplation, Liberty always leads the congregation in an incredible concert of
worship. Their ministry bridges all generations, bringing enjoyment to traditional venues
as well as contemporary.

1. What is your favorite thing to do with snow?
Doran: build snowmen with my kids
Keith: snowmobiling, snowball fights, and building gargantuan snow forts with my
Dan: ski on top of it
Royce: eat it

2. What other genre` of music would you sing if you weren't singing Southern Gospel
Doran: Christian Contemporary / Worship music
Keith: CCM or maybe a little country
Dan: Christian contemporary although I'm beginning to wonder if I'm getting to old for
it to look right. I might look like an old guy trying to look young (Keith here: “Um, yes,
Dan, you would”)
Royce: is there another genre of music?

3. What is your favorite way to enjoy an Idaho potato?
Doran: Mashed with lots of butter
Keith: As part of a loaded potato soup (with cheese and bacon bits, of course)
Dan: Idaho potatoes, lots and lots of butter, sour cream, cheese, chives, bacon bits,
topped off with salt a pepper. Yum Yum
Royce: sweet potato pie

4. If someone invites you to go shopping, what will your reply be?
Doran: When?
Keith: Uh, are we going to be stopping by Best Buy or the Christian bookstore? If not,
you’re on your own.
Dan: Shopping, Ill always find a way to make anything fun, the other night my wife

asked me to go with her. I just had a little surgery on my foot so I used one of those
electric scooters (refer to "old" statement in question 2) I terrorized her at every
opportunity, and had a great time. I'm not so sure she'll be inviting me back anytime soon.
Royce: Only if it’s Walmart
5. What are you, as a part of Liberty Quartet, looking forward to in 2008?
Doran: Our group continuing to progress in our presentations, recordings, and seeing
more souls won to Christ.
Keith: Continuing to creatively (and with an emphasis on quality) present music,
concerts, and media that uplifts Christ.
Dan: I feel like we are on the verge of seeing what God has had planned for Liberty
Quartet for a long time. We have learned a lot and have grown confident in the group that
we are and the role that we play in ministry. Liberty is a very unique group that presents
a combination of humor and music that people seem to really appreciate. Christians need
to have fun and show the joy of the Lord through laughter and we help people to do just
Royce: continuing to impact the world for Christ while maintaining a high standard in
our music, stage presentation, and especially our lives (on and off the platform)

Find more great stories at

Legendary Gospel Vocalist in Oklahoma City

The Legendary Southern Gospel Vocalist Lily Fern Weatherford will be singing at the
                       Oklahoma City Metro 4th Saturday Gospel Sing.
Lily Fern a Member of the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and The Weatherfords have been traveling nation wide and singing Gospel music since the mid 1940's. The much awarded Gaither Video Artist has been selected as the top Female Vocalist on two separate occasions.  "In The Garden" Recorded in 1959 is still considered to be one
of the best Gospel Recordings ever.      Performing with the Weatherfords will be the
Native American Quartet "Masters Touch" 
                          Program will begin at 7:00pm March 24, 2012 at    
                              Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene
                                       4400 N. W.  Expressway
                                      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
                              For Additional Information Call 405 324 2144

Monday, March 19, 2012

Woody Wright to Host Tornado Relief Concert for Southern Indiana Storm Victims!

ALEXANDRIA, IND.  - On Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 6:00 PM, Electric Station Records artist, Woody Wright is hosting a tornado relief concert for the Southern Indiana storm victims at the Frankton High School in Frankton, Indiana.  “Our hearts are absolutely broken for all of the victims,” said Wright.  “We hope many will attend the concert and rally to help ease the suffering of all those affected by this terrible storm,” Wright added.  Featured artists include Woody & Vonnie Wright, Doug Anderson of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Rachel West Kramer, The Disciples Quartet and The Preacher & The Redhead.  The Frankton First United Methodist Church of Frankton, Indiana is sponsoring the event.  100% of the proceeds collected will go to benefit the Henryville, Indiana School System.  Please share this information with as many as possible - including social media outlets such as Facebook.  Admission will be $10.00 with Gold Circle seating available for an extra donation. Doors open at 5:00 PM. For ticketing information, please contact Dave Shetterly at 765-610-8686.
Woody & Vonnie Wright  -
Doug Anderson -
Rachel West Kramer -
The Disciples Quartet –
The Preacher & the Redhead -

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ryan Seaton Interview with Rob Patz

Daywind Writer, Dianne Wilkinson, Tops the Charts For the 2nd Consecutive Month

Hendersonville, TN – Daywind songwriter, Dianne Wilkinson, recently had the honor of watching two of her songs ascend to the top of the Singing News Charts.  “Peter, James and John,” sung by Gold City, reached the #1 position for the month of March, with the Kingdom Heir’s “Tell Me Why” landing in the #2 spot: something Ms. Wilkinson had not experience in 40 years of writing.  “I didn’t know if ‘Tell Me Why’ would hit the top spot, but it did the next month, and I had never had that happen, either” shares the award-winning songwriter.

The song, “Peter, James and John,” centers on the night after the Last Supper, and the thoughts and actions of Jesus, Judas, Peter, James, and John.  As soon as the demo was completed, Daywind’s Vice President of Music Publishing, Rick Shelton, delivered the song to Gold City, in hopes that the solid lyric with a country gospel feel would find a place on their newest recording.  To Dianne’s surprise, not only did it find a place on the CD, but it also became their first single.  “They did a spectacular job on their recording of it,” Dianne says of the song. “And I was so happy to see it go to #1! It had extra special meaning to me because I had not had a #1 song on them since ‘He Said’ back in 2000.  It’s very gratifying that people have identified with this deeply doctrinal song that also has a nice ‘Gold City groove’.”

“Tell Me Why” tells the story of an unsaved man asking questions of his Christian friend, which leads to his acceptance of Christ.  Feeling as though the song fit the Kingdom Heirs exactly, the song was sent to them and put on hold for their CD, We Will Stand Our Ground.  The song became their first radio single as well, and landed in the #1 spot for the month of April. 

“All I can say is that God will still bless and use his children in their later years,” comments Dianne.  “I’m humbly thankful that He is still allowing me to experience the joy of writing Gospel songs and that there are still groups who get the message I want to share out there to the people!”

“From the Cathedrals hit, ‘Boundless Love,’ her first #1, to ‘Peter, James and John’ and ‘Tell Me Why,’ Dianne Wilkinson’s songs are woven into the fabric of Southern Gospel music,” adds Rick Shelton.  “Because of songs, like these, that are simply prone to four-part harmony singing, she has been affectionately dubbed ‘The Queen of Quartet Music.’  The exceptional quality of her writing consistently conveys truths from the Word and encouragement for the saints.  Dianne is a well-loved member of the Daywind family and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her success!”

Daywind Music Publishing represents these exclusive songwriters: Caleb Collins, Marty Funderburk, Ronny Hinson, Scott Inman, Kyla Rowland, John Darin Rowsey, Sue Smith, Jeff Steele, Ben Storie, Kenna West, Dianne Wilkinson, Daryl Williams, and Gina Vera.

Jaidyn’s Call Changes Name to Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Jaidyn’s Call announces that the group has changed their name to “Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call.” Debra Perry sang for 18 years with her multi-award-winning family, the Perry’s; and she reunites with siblings Libbi Perry-Stuffle and Randy Perry each year for the Gold Rush Days & Gospel Gold Jubilee in their hometown of Dahlonega, GA. Debra’s husband, Christopher Reed, has also been involved in the music ministry for many years with groups; such as, the Toney Brothers and Blackwood Legacy.Their latest project, “Blessing in Disguise,” is another example of many years of dedication paying off with a broadening fan-base. The project has been positively embraced and other recording artists continue to use Gold Rush Recording Studio for their projects. For product info/scheduling/bookings: Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call (706)-265-8433 Mention this EHA press release and receive 10% off your next recording project at Gold Rush.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Daywind Announces the Release of a New DVD from Brian Free & Assurance, Anything Is Possible

Hendersonville, TN (March 14, 2012) – Fans of the award-winning quartet, Brian Free & Assurance, won’t want to miss out on their brand new DVD, entitled Anything Is Possible.  Recorded live in Nashville at Oak Tree Studios, this DVD features new recordings of Brian Free & Assurance’s most popular songs, as well as stories from the road and behind the scenes footage of the group.

Featuring favorites such as “For God So Loved” and “Long As I’ve Got King Jesus,” fans also get to hear why the recent #1 song, “Never Walk Alone,” means so much to Brian Free personally and why lead singer, Bill Shivers, arrived to dinner one night in a sheriff’s car!

Anything Is Possible is available at Christian retail stores across the country and other outlets.  Bulk purchasing for gift and ministry purposes is available by calling 1-800-635-9581.

Daywind Records is based in Hendersonville, TN, and is distributed worldwide through New Day Christian Distributors.  Daywind is home to such great artists as Legacy Five, Sisters, and the Blackwood Brothers, among others.  For more information on Daywind Records, visit

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rick Shelton Named VP Of Daywind Music Publishing As Company Expands

Hendersonville, TN  - With 40 #1 songs, 2 BMI Christian Publisher of the Year nods and 10 GMA Dove Awards, including 2011 Song of the Year winner, “Sometimes I Cry,” Daywind Music Publishing has established a strong foothold in Christian music publishing.  In recognition of his leadership towards this end, Rick Shelton has been named Vice President.

Since joining Daywind in 2004, Shelton has signed hit songwriters and forged a strategic partnership with Lifeway Worship enabling Daywind to start a choral print division.  The most recent offering, “Love Won,” by Kenna Turner-West is up for a GMA Dove Award this year for Best Musical.

“Rick Shelton is a great leader.  He is completely focused on finding ways to create opportunities for Daywind’s songwriters.  We are so pleased to have him at the helm of our publishing division,” stated Ed Leonard, president of Daywind Music Group.

Shelton is overseeing Daywind’s expansion into other markets, recently hiring Stephen Duncan as Creative Director.   Duncan is the first graduate of the Belmont University songwriting program and has great relationships across all genres of Christian music.  His strong music background as a concert pianist will prove a plus as Daywind moves into praise and worship, adult contemporary and Christian hit radio formats through new writer signings and collaborations with the talented staff of songwriters at Daywind.    “Stephen Duncan was highly recommended for this role by Steve Rice at Centricity and Mike Murray at Integrity, two men I highly respect in this industry, and I am so excited to see what we will accomplish together,“ said Shelton.

Daywind’s family of songwriters includes Caleb Collins, Marty Funderburk, Ronny Hinson, Scott Inman, Kyla Rowland, John Darin Rowsey, Jeff Steele, Ben Storie, Kenna West, Dianne Wilkinson, Daryl Williams and Gina Vera.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Retro Reality Check - Spring Cleaning

We’ve been in our current apartment for more than a year and I have to admit that it looks almost as good as when we moved in. It may not be immaculate all of the time, but it is comfortable and welcoming for visitors, both expected and the ones that are a surprise. Due to a lack of storage space, however, every nook and cranny in my bedroom has some kind of box or shelving shoved into it. And with everything from choir music to photo albums to last year’s summer clothes under my bed, I have succeeded in keeping down the hordes of dust bunnies which can otherwise run rampant.

With the advent of robins and Easter eggs and warmer weather, the specter of spring-cleaning haunts the edges of my mind occasionally, but so far I’ve been able to resist the urge. It’s easy to avoid when there are work and family pressures, social activities, hobbies, and practically anything else to fill in the time. However, the clutter causes a certain amount of discomfort and discontent and I know the day will come when that beast of cleaning will have to be attacked. But for now, denial seems a pretty calm and safe place. And of this safe place, I am Queen; just call me Cleopatra.

Denial is a place I visit at times when I’m also feeling discontented in my spirit. Just like the busyness of my life gives me reason to avoid the more mundane chores, often I let my temporary cares and worries distract me from keeping my spiritual spaces clean and clutter-free. I get bogged down with daily stresses and let some things slide, and soon I’m wondering why I’m not having the peace and joy that I usually experience in my Christian life. That clear communication with the Lord seems off-kilter and filled with static.

Like the dust bunnies that refuse to be exterminated completely under my bed, when I’m feeling lack of joy and without victory in my battles, I can usually locate a thing or two in my life that needs to be cleaned out. This discovery is sometimes immediate, but often comes only after I have been painfully honest with God and myself. It’s true that we usually know very well the areas that need spiritual spring cleaning, but many times we have excused them for so long and grown so used to their presence, that we have just accepted them as part of the furniture. And sometimes it takes the blinding brilliance of God’s searchlight to point out what needs to go.

At one point in Jesus’ ministry, a rich young ruler ran up to Him, wanting to know how to receive eternal life. He told Jesus how he’d been obedient to the letter of the law all of his life. He knew who Jesus was, he knew Jesus had the answers to his questions, and he waited breathlessly for Jesus to respond. Jesus looked at this young man with love, and then proceeded to point out the thing in his life that was standing in the way. He asked the rich gentleman to give away all he had. The young man “turned away sad” for he had many possessions.

Jesus has a way of looking through all of our good intentions and every way in which we consider ourselves to be “good enough”. Then He will gently and lovingly reach out and place His finger on that thing in our lives that is currently keeping us from whole-heartedly serving Him. We can chose at that moment to take whichever fork in the road we want to. We can turn more fully toward the searchlight of Christ and allow Him to stand with us as we obediently get rid of that “thing”, or we can turn away, even “sadly”, pick up that thing once more and walk further away from His perfect path for us.

I was having coffee with a Godly lady who is a close friend of mine, and we were sharing current joys and sorrows at our favourite Tim Hortons. She and I have both been experiencing the same difficult type of situation, one we each entered of our own free will, but something that has impacted both of us spiritually and caused a lot of struggle. I had been waffling with extricating myself from my situation, but had let it just hide out in the corners of my life while I dealt with other more critical issues. A sudden turn of events had caused her to look clearly at her situation, and the decision could no longer be avoided.

As my friend began to talk about what had been happening in her world, she radiated more peace and acceptance than I had seen in her for a while. She had come to a place where the Lord put His finger on that thing in her life, and she knew with absolute clarity the choice she had to make. She risked losing everything He had blessed her with if she chose to hold on to that one thing she thought she wanted. She decided to be obedient, to let go, and walk away from that thing toward His righteousness. And with that decision, she has found peace and joy.

I have learned a few things about that which clutters my life. I used to think that people who allowed garbage to infest their spiritual lives did so because they were too accepting of the world’s standards, too weak to resist temptation, or perhaps just didn’t love the Lord that much. What I’ve learned with dealing with that “thing” in my life, is that it starts insidiously. Like the dust bunny that doesn’t just roll in to a corner from out of nowhere, the stuff that becomes strong enough to steal your first love for the Lord starts with little motes that seem harmless and are allowed to settle and accumulate.

It may be a greater acceptance of that which you used to abhor. It may come from filling your mind with messages that seem harmless but are secular enough to wear down your faith. Small decisions that seem meaningless may lead to a place where you are suddenly in the middle of something you had no business being anywhere near. And there is enough in that something that makes you enjoy it and want to stay. You know you shouldn’t be there, you know you shouldn’t even want to be there; yet you are and you do, so you convince yourself that you are powerless to change your situation. But to remain there causes the spirit to war against the flesh, and in your miserable state you cry out to the Lord for help.

At this point He offers you a choice. It is up to you to choose between letting go and turning away from that thing, or staying in your disobedience and drawing further from Him. The truth is that we always have an option, regardless of how difficult it may be to choose. I’ve been in this situation at times and asked the Lord for strength to make that choice. In a sense, that is passing the buck. We always have the ability to choose. We just need to do it. To decide once and for all, that this “thing” in life has to go. And then do it.

I won’t sit here and tell you that I have made all the right choices, that there aren’t any dust bunnies in my spiritual life at this point in time. Like everyone else, the Lord deals with me one step at a time, for that is what He has already given me the strength to handle. But I do know that I can’t wait for one season a year to clear out the clutter. Avoidance doesn’t cut it either; even Cleopatra wasn’t happy at The Nile.

Whatever that thing currently is in your life, whether it is a desire for something more than the Lord, or perhaps a relationship, a habit, or unhealthy choices, you are not helpless and entrapped. When the Lord asks you to do something He gives you the resources to do it. And that includes picking up that thing and throwing it as far from you as you possibly can.

This spring, consider cleaning up not only your home but also your heart. Vacuum up those dust bunnies and make room for the blessings He wants to fill your life with. And let that spring sunshine of His love bring you the warmth, peace and joy you desperately crave.

Reality Check is written by Lorraine Walker and published on
Spring Cleaning was first published by SGM Radio in April 2006

Retro SGM Radio: The Cross - Reflections By Artists and Pastors

The Cross as Seen by Artists and Pastors
By Lorraine Walker

The symbol of the Cross brings hope to some and derision from others. For the Christian, it represents freedom, a bridge, healing, and redemption. SGM Radio asked several pastors and artists about their view of the Cross.
Rev. Mark Trammell, The Mark Trammell Quartet, Gadsden, Alabama: “The Cross to some is a symbol of shame, defeat and the end result of one's misdoings. The Cross to the so-called church world is losing its rightful position because many of the clergy in the world have been verbally beaten and molded into nothing more than an average Sunday school teacher by their parishioners because they say the story is too bloody. But, the reality is, whether or not we have nerve enough to do it, the Cross is STILL the centerpiece to our lives, and it must continue to be preached.

Without the finished work on the Cross of Calvary, mankind would be in a hopeless, helpless state. The Cross of Christ is a symbol of perfection and completion. Christ finished his earthly works in a grand incomparable fashion by demonstrating his unconditional love for all of us on the Cross. To elect to no longer preach, sing, or talk about it would be blasphemous at the very least and I believe that those who bow under the pressure will have the blood of lost souls on their hands when they stand before God.”

Rev. Gene Clarke, Associate Pastor, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, Hamilton, Ontario: “There is no disputing the fact that the Cross is the central emblem of the Christian faith. For the follower of Christ it possesses a sacred beauty, which is interesting because of the disdain the Cross was shown in the ancient world. Hymn writers such as Fanny Crosby have captured our marvel with words such as, ‘When I survey the wondrous Cross on which the Prince of Glory died, my richest gain I count but loss and pour contempt on all my pride.’ These writers understood, as should we, that in the Cross we have displayed before us the wisdom of God. Oswald Chambers wrote, ‘All heaven is interested in the cross of Christ, all hell is terribly afraid of it, while men are the only beings who more or less ignore its meaning.’ It is to our peril to ignore the Cross because God’s greatest work on our behalf is affected there. The cross is not a ‘pit stop’ where we casually look and move on, it is a resting place; a place of meditation and God’s working.

"Here is the wisdom. Paul says in 1Corinthians 1:18, ‘For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.’ First of all, the cross tells us that we need a Savior. In spite of the modern mind and its “I’m ok, you’re ok” belief in humanity, the Scripture says differently. Our hearts and our natures are flawed and soiled by sin. We are not good enough as we are for a Holy God. We need a Savior. Secondly, the cross reveals that sacrifice is the way to gaining things of eternal value. Jesus revealed this paradox to us by His example and teaching, when you lay down your life, you gain it. If our lives are consumed with getting in life, we will ultimately lose life. Finally, the cross is a means of our transformation, hence, the call of Jesus to ‘take up your cross and follow Me’. The pride that infects and cripples us is laid there. Cultured and educated people have sincere and genuine hopes of utopia, society has devised its plans and passed its laws to make things better, but are they? We may be better educated but have we attained a higher and purer morality? The truth is that our hearts need to be changed and only bowing before the Christ of the cross can do that. I remember having the privilege of singing in a quartet when I was just 14 years of age. We didn’t garner many accolades but God did imprint on our minds some powerful truths. I can still quote the first words of the very first song we ever learned – the words were ‘Kneel at the cross, Christ will meet you there.’”

Rev. Kevin Mills, Solo Artist, Associate Pastor of Prairie Community Church, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba: “ Take a moment and think back in time about a particular individual who stands out in your mind, who seemed to do whatever they could to bring hurt into your life. Maybe they mocked you, maybe offended and antagonized you in the most sensitive areas of your life. Now imagine giving your all for that person. Not only sacrificing your time, and money, but possibly your life as well.

"Hard isn’t it, and yet this is what Christ did for us on Calvary, ‘In that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us’. In that while we were doing that which mocked, offended and was absolutely repulsive to Him, Christ loved us so deeply He gave His life on Calvary. What does the cross mean to me? Amazing Love, and un-merited Grace handed down to man from an Almighty, all-loving God above.”
Rev. David Hill, The David Hill Trio, Ridgeville, South Carolina: “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, ‘If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.’ (Matt. 16:24) I’ve read this verse hundreds of times and until recently it had never hit me. What did Jesus mean by saying, “take up his cross”? I’ve heard many different things. I’ve heard people talk about their burdens and say, “Well, this is the cross I must bear”. Is that what He meant? Let me offer another perspective.

"In Jesus’ day the cross was a tool of execution. If we could move this statement into 2007 maybe it would sound like this, “let him deny himself, and take up his electric chair, and follow Me”. I don’t believe that the Lord was speaking of burdens in Matthew 16:24. I believe that Jesus was telling us that if we really want to follow Him, we must forget about ourselves, be willing to be executed for the cause of Christ, and then follow Him. That is such a foreign concept to us that live in a place where our persecution consists of not much more than some name calling. What if singing those gospel songs and preaching those gospel messages were an offense that was punishable by execution? Would you still do it? Wow, what a verse!”

Pastor Chris Couper, Pastor of Music and Worship, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, Hamilton, Ontario: “Our world is full of words and definitions and opinions. In light of this, I often sift through my personal beliefs, which can be affected by this abundance of information, to see if they still line up with Scripture. About 10 years ago in one particular ‘sifting’ session, I realized that my understanding of the purpose of the Cross had somehow fallen short. I recognized its sacrifice, its power and its victory but I was missing something.

"The most obvious mission of the Cross is that Jesus died to take away our sins. As true as that is, it’s not the primary purpose of the Cross. The complete mission of the cross is this: that Jesus died to take away our sins so that we could have unlimited access to God.

"These two thoughts are worlds apart. The Cross is a means to an end. The fact that the believer is declared righteous, again, is only a means to an end. The ‘end’ is found in having a working relationship with Christ, which can only come by being declared righteous. What if the entire world accepted the sacrifice of the Cross and was declared righteous? Great! But what if God then decided to move on to another universe and leave us in our righteousness? What value would the victory over sin have? The declaration of righteousness is not a trophy or a decoration; it’s our ticket to God. It’s our ticket to His Throne and to His warm embrace. The primary mission of the believer is to take advantage of the primary purpose of the cross every day.”

First published April 2007 on
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Gold City's 24K Gold Event in Gadsden, AL on April 7, 2012

Note from Gold City:

If you haven't made plans to attend, we would love to have you join us for a spectacular evening of "pure gold" featuring Gold City Quartet, Mark Trammell Quartet, Wilburn and Wilburn and Vocal Event with Jay Parrack.

Plus an exciting reunion concert featuring one of the most award winning Gold City lineups of all times, Tim Riley, Mark Trammell, Jonathan Wilburn & Jay Parrack!

Two tickets prices available:

Reserved Gold Circle which includes a meet & greet prior to the concert...$50

General Admission....$20

General Admission at the door....$25 (We are expecting a sell out)

Tickets are moving fast, so order yours today!

Additional dates for the 24K Gold Events for 2012 have not yet been confirmed. We will announce those dates as soon as they are confirmed.

Sisters, Tribute Quartet, and Three Bridges Complete List of Performers for 2012 Absolutely Gospel Music Awards

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – (March 12, 2012) – The administrators and staff of (formerly are proud to announce the final list of performers for the 2012 Absolutely Gospel Music Awards.

Sisters, Tribute Quartet, and Three Bridges were recently added to the already strong life of performers for the upcoming event. It was announced last this that this year’s performers also included The Isaacs, Karen Peck & New River, Gold City, The Perrys, The Bowling Family, Wilburn & Wilburn, Beyond the Ashes, Southern Sound, and Mark209. In addition, Jeff & Sheri Easter are spearheading a multi-artist tribute to a legend in the Gospel music industry (like the 2010 tribute to The Singing Cookes).

Karen Peck Gooch will also be performing “Mighty High” from the Joyful Noise soundtrack with an all-star choir made up of multiple nominees in this year’s Absolutely Gospel Music Awards.

The hosts for this year’s Awards Celebration of two of the industry’s most respected female voices and personalities. This year’s hosts are Karen Peck Gooch (Karen Peck & New River) and Sonya Isaacs Yeary (The Isaacs).

More information on the 2012 Absolutely Gospel Music Awards Celebration will be forthcoming, including live streaming information and sponsors. The date for this year’s Absolutely Gospel Music Awards Celebration is Tuesday, April 10, 2012. The event will again take place at the River of Life Church in Smyrna, Tennessee and is free to the public. The event is scheduled to be streamed live on the internet this year.

The awards program sees two records broken this year. The Isaacs broke the record for the most nominations by an artist in a single year – this year earning 12 nominations. In addition, producer/songwriter/Ernie Haase & Signature Sound pianist Wayne Haun earned a staggering 15 nominations – also breaking a record for the most nominations in a single year by an individual.

In addition, for the first time in the 10 years of the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards – a song that wasn’t released to radio (also known as an album cut) earned a nomination for Song of the Year – the Booth Brothers’ critically acclaimed song “What About Now.” In addition, last year’s Songwriter of the Year (Professional) winner Kenna West earned a nomination for the 2012 Pacesetter Award – the first time a professional songwriter has earned a nomination in that specific category.

Social networking paid off in a big way for artists in the Fan Favorite Artist of the Year category – the only category chosen strictly by the fans and readers of Surprise nominations from acts like Sharron Kay King, The Ladd Family, and Mark209 saw a huge surge of votes due to their support from fans on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

About (formerly has grown from relative obscurity to the industry's leading internet publication for Southern Gospel news and information in only a few short years. The site includes a wide variety of features, consisting of artist interviews, a weekly chart, late-breaking news, and much more.

Judith Gayle, Oneil Watson, Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale LIVE in Concert

Shabach 2012 | LIVE CONCERT
Saturday, May 19th, 2012 @ 6:00 p.m.
James Cardinal School | 1440 Finch Avenue West
Adults: $20 | Children: $10
416.893.6829 | 647.882.9708

Come and Experience the Power of the Holy Ghost as these dynamic,
powerful, anointed gospel artists minister through the unction of the Holy Spirit.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A New Album, Along With a New Radio Single from The Harris Family

(PASADENA, TX)The Harris Family is celebrating the release of a brand new album. Created to Worship is the 5th studio recording from this Texas based family group, who traveled to South Carolina to work with their trusted friend and long-time music producer, Art Bain, who says, “As a producer, working with the Harris Family is PURE JOY! These folks truly have an understanding of what music is supposed to sound like . . . they are expert at harmony and great arrangements.”

Group members Sue Harris and Kristen Harris Johnson penned six of the twelve songs on this recording. Other songs include one cover song, originally recorded in 2001 by the then popular Contemporary Christian group FFH, as well as five songs written by some of the most respected writers in Christian music today. The title for the project was taken from a song written by Chris Allman, I Was Created to Worship the Lord, which happens to be the group’s first radio single from the project. That song, being distributed through Radioactive Airplay, scored the number 1 spot on the Radio Music Week Top 100 Southern Gospel Music Chart in it’s first week. Charles Brady, President and Founder of Caraway Media Group, the parent company of Radioactive Airplay says, “Radio loves the Harris Family and this newest Harris Family project is already encouraging radio listeners around the world. Incredible songwriting, wonderful musical arrangements and beautiful family harmony all come together with a passion for worship that really sets this project apart!”

In addition to writing and selecting songs with a solid lyrical content, this group is careful to make sure the style and arrangements of their songs are fresh and modern. “We have learned the importance of connecting with our audience when we are in a church service or concert event,” states Sue Harris of the group. “We do not want to simply perform. We want to engage our audience to worship with us. We want to sing songs that relate to them and reach them right where they are in life. God has placed us in the middle of a very diverse group of people. Not only do we sing in small churches where most everyone is already a Christian, but we also do concerts and lead worship in large churches and prisons.” Roger Harris adds, “I believe this project is our best mix of songs to date. These songs have ministered to me personally, and I hope they will minister to all ages young, old and in between.” Kristen Harris Johnson concludes, “The diversity of the songs on this project definitely match the diversity of our audience, yet they all share the same theme: Worship! Jesus Christ is truly the name above every name, and we hope these songs reflect that truth and bring glory to Him alone.”

The Harris Family consists of Roger and Sue Harris, and their daughter, Kristen. They make their home in Pasadena, Texas and have been singing Southern Gospel music since 2003. For additional information about The Harris Family, you may visit their website:, or call their ministry office at (713) 301-8963. Follow them on Facebook at

Their new project, Created to Worship can be purchased from the products page of their website: DJs and Radio Program Directors can download their current radio release at

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Legacy Five Seeks Fans to be Extras in “Ask Me Why” Video

Legacy Five is giving fans a chance to participate in their music video “Ask Me Why” filmed in Nashville this month.

“This will be Legacy Five’s first ever concept video. Our music and our mission have always been about bringing hope and encouragement to every ear that would hear our music. We have been blessed with some great friends who support us and love us and we are excited that some of them will be able to enjoy this music video experience with us.” said Scott Fowler.

L5 is seeking extras of all ages for a church congregation scene. Film date is March 12. “Ask Me Why” can be heard on their latest project A Wonderful Life. Fans can also find out more about the project on L5’s Facebook page by searching for Friends of Legacy Five.

If you would like to participate or would like more information, send the following information to Brittany Maxwell at
Short Bio:
How you became an L5 fan:

For more information about Legacy Five, visit

For more information about Godsey & Associates, visit

Danny Jones music to be featured in Secrets in the Snow (2012)

Raleigh, NC — Heartwarming artist, Danny Jones is working on the film score for Secrets in the Snow (2012). His song “Dream Giver” off latest album Chosen to Dream has been selected for the film which is set to premier in Raleigh spring 2012.

“Secrets in the Snow is like the Breakfast Club caught in a snowstorm. It’s a wonderful movie shot in Raleigh, NC.” Said Jones. The film is produced by Brittany Goodwin Daniels.

Danny Jones has written and composed scores for over forty major motion pictures. In Nashville, he won the Crown Jewel Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year award (2011). Recently Silver Starr Sargent, who is famous for his work as vocal coach and road manager to New Kids on the Block, has selected Jones’ song “Run” to record on his latest album.

The Marengo, Indiana native is booked through his agent Pattie Howard. Howard is notable for her work as a background singer for the late Whitney Houston as well as singing in The Preachers Wife and The Color Purple. She also traveled with Dottie and Reba Rambo and recorded background vocals for Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

“I’ve went through a lot of hard times, but I’ve not given up on my dreams. I think God gives us dreams when we are very young, and I’ve persevered.” Said Jones. “I’m going to be taking my music to new avenues. Not just Christian films, but also secular films. It is easy to sing through the four walls of the church. I have to go into these secular areas to ministry. If I don’t how will they know?”

For more information about Danny Jones,

For more information about Homeland Inspiration Group,