Thursday, December 27, 2012


Gala Event Includes Appearances By The Blackwoods, Ann Downing, The Southmen and More
Pictured above: Lou Hildreth Celebration Choir led by J.P. Miller

Atlanta, GA.(December 27, 2012) – WATC Television out of Atlanta, Georgia, will be airing the Lou Hildreth 75th Anniversary Celebration held at Creekside Gospel Music Convention on October 30, 2012. The event was hosted by Coastal Media Group and SGNScoops to honor Lou Wills Hildreth, a Gospel Music legend who was delighted by tributes from artists such as Phil Cross, Ann Downing, The Blackwoods, Clayton Inman, Jeff Stice, David Sutton, The Southmen and many more, as well as video clips from Larry Gatlin, Larry Ford and Bill Gaither. Many of these special moments are shown on TV Special to be aired December 29, 2012 at 3:00pm on the WATC TV station as well as on their internet site.

Patricia Mathis and her crew of WATC TV, Atlanta’s TV 57, recorded the Celebration and is excited about airing the TV Special. "The inspiring and precious life of Lou Wills Hildreth, taped at Creekside Gospel Music Convention, will be aired in a 75th Anniversary Celebration special on, Saturday, December 29, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You will not want to miss this special honoring Lou for her 75 years of spreading the gospel in music through her own singing, inspiring others and being a person that everyone wanted to know. Thanks to Rob Patz of SGNScoops Digital Magazine and his crew for making this special an awesome event."

Rob Patz, CEO of Coastal Media Group and publisher of SGNScoops, was thrilled to have the opportunity to honor his friend, Lou Hildreth, in such a way. “Lou has spent her lifetime promoting this special music and its timeless message,” said Patz. “To be able to celebrate her achievements and the many friendships she has made was a blessing. We are excited that WATC TV was there to record this special event for those who couldn’t be with us. We hope many will tune in and watch!”

About WATC TV: WATC TV provides Atlanta with a mix of family, Christian and educational programming. It is known to viewers as the home of Atlanta Live and is seen over the air throughout the metro Atlanta market and also in over one million cable and satellite homes. WATC is the home of many original series and has been honored with numerous Angel and Telly Awards, as well as receiving it first EMMY in 2010. The station’s programming can be seen around the world via video streaming located on the WATC website at

About Creekside Gospel Music Convention: Creekside Gospel Music Convention held it’s inaugural event at the Smokey Mountain Convention Center, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee from October 29 through 31, 2012. The CGMC is presented by SGN Scoops and Coastal Media Group at Pigeon Forge and is the home of The Diamond Awards and other special events. Next year’s dates are October 28, 29 and 30th, 2013. For more information on Creekside Gospel Music Convention visit

About SGNScoops: SGNScoops Digital is a fully-downloadable monthly magazine that exists to promote the gospel by unveiling what is intriguing and real about Southern Gospel and Christian Country music. SGNScoops offers music news and views as well as concert and book reviews, inspirational articles and features reaching beyond our gospel music world. SGNScoops is the home of the Diamond Awards, a fan-based annual awards program recognizing the best in Southern Gospel and Christian Country music. SGN Scoops is always digital, always free. For more information:

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Legacy Five

From Legacy Five's email newsletter of December 22 2012:

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

What a delightful title is given to Christ-the mighty God. The baby of Bethlehem is called the mighty God. What mystery, as the Creator enters His creation. His unique birth has affected this world as no other birth. He has changed the course of history. It is His story. His sinless life challenged all who knew Him. His atoning death has changed the lives of millions and His glorious resurrection convinces us that He is none other than the Mighty God. "O come, let us adore Him."

From our families to yours, Merry Christmas!

Scott, Howie, Gus, Trey & Matt

Legacy Five

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Happier Home in 2013? 10 Tips to Make Your Kids Less Entitled, More Capable

Kay Wyma, ‘Recovering Enabler’ Now the Author of ‘Cleaning House,’ Shares Top Tips for Teaching Kids How Capable They Can Be

DALLAS – Dec. 20, 2012 – A Dallas mother of five kids who worked in the White House and earned an MBA in international finance has tackled a really tough task—pushing back against the “entitlement mentality” she helped to develop in her children. In its place, Kay Wills Wyma instills competence and confidence born from helping them develop the skills and traits needed to launch from home successfully.

In her book Cleaning House A Mom’s Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement Kay details her yearlong effort to help her kids learn the joy of accomplishment and capability. Following are 10 strategies for parents resolving that 2013 will be the “Year Entitlement Ended” in their homes.

10. Be honest . . . with yourself and with your kids. The first step to change is admitting, “I have a problem.” Welcome to Enablers Anonymous. It might not be pretty, but we’ve all driven here on the road paved with good intentions.

9. Have a family meeting. Announce the plan and involve the participants. If everyone owns it, the seeds sprout and grow.

8. Gather like-minded friends. It’s lonely doing anything seemingly alone, especially when swimming upstream. So grab some friends and do it together.

7. Keep your eyes on the goal by looking back. George Washington at 16 was surveying Culpepper County, Va. – without his parents!; at age 12, Blaise Pascal worked out the first 23 propositions of Euclid by himself; at age 15 Louis Braille invented the Braille system; at age 14 my friend Jackie worked at her local dry cleaner—responsible for daily deposits and closing up the store. The point is . . . kids are more than capable.

6. Set the bar high. Kids, like all of us, thrive on high expectations. Seriously, who likes to work for someone who takes your stuff and does it over or steps in and completes it for you? Our kids don’t like it either.

5. Think teflon. Don’t be fooled by the whines; let the "noooooo" and "why me?!" barrage hit and slide right off. Those kids are only feigning disdain. They actually crave feeling useful and needed.

4. Pack any baggage and park it outside—forever. Whatever fears buckle a parent’s knees (“my kid will be left out,” “their feelings will be hurt,” “they will never get into college,” “they will fail if I don’t – or pay someone to – do it for them”) can and should be disregarded. Kids can do so much more than we or they think. Teach them how to do a task. Train them by getting out of the way. Then watch mountains formerly seen as obstacles morph into opportunities.

3. Welcome and keep your hands off a kid’s failure. There are few prouder moments than witnessing your child fall, get up, fall, get up, stay up and capitalize on newfound strength, determination and real self-esteem.

2. Learn to use and mean the words, “I’m happy for you.” Despite our best efforts to make it a competition, parenting isn’t about one-upping each other. It’s about loving our kids and celebrating their unique gifts and talents. It’s OK to celebrate our friends’ talents and teach our kids to do the same. More than OK . . . dare we admit, liberating.

1. Get ready to catch yourself saying: “Who knew?!” “Who knew my kids could do so much?” “Who knew they could serve their sibling?” (I mean how else can you describe a boy folding his sister’s underwear, or a girl cleaning her brother’s bathroom!) “Who knew they could be so happy?” “Who knew gaming, texting and social media could take a back seat?” “Who knew they just wanted someone to believe in them . . . and that family responsibilities were just the ticket?”

About Kay Wills Wyma
Author Kay Wills Wyma has five kids and one SUV with a lot of carpool miles. Before she transitioned to stay-at-home mom, she earned an MBA, worked at the White House and worked in international finance. Happily married to Jon, this recovering enabler is committed to equipping the next generation to achieve great things in the future by piling on the responsibility today. Kay enjoys inspiring other parents of adolescents and teens through her blog

To learn more, visit:

Merry Christmas from The Hoppers

From the Hoppers email newsletter of December 20, 2012:

GMA - Hall of Fame

What: The Hoppers Induction into GMA Hall of Fame

When: Sunday December 23 - 7:00PM est.

Where to watch: The // Hoppers official you tube channel

"Fifty-five year veterans of Gospel music, The Hoppers, were recently inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame.

Their inspiring evolution as a group and pressing impact on the genre speak for themselves, but the powerhouse performances and heart-gripping testimonies are what have aided in their recognition.

Please join us in congratulating and supporting The Hoppers as they continue spreading the love of Christ in the same manner as they have for more than half a century...

Our special guests will be Jason Crabb, The Talleys and Gene McDonald.
Join us for this very special event Sunday December 23 at 7:00PM

During a three hour dental appointment a few days ago, (replacement of a 30 year old bridge) conversation with the dental assistant led to she and her husband living in Europe when he was in the military.
She actually got a job in Italy where her husband was stationed and they traveled through Europe by train when they had free time. I told her that Rome is on my bucket list. She mentioned Austria and I immediately had a distinct remembrance of when Claude and I were there.
As we entered a small Austrian town our guide told us about the birth of perhaps the best known and most widely sung Christmas carol, "Silent Night". Joseph Mohr, the assistant priest of St. Nicholas parish church in Oberndorf, Austria, wrote this song when the organ malfunctioned on Christmas Eve in 1818. Had he not penned these famous lines and persuaded organist Franz Gruber to set them to music for the guitar and voice, the service that evening would truly have been silent.

Though the little town of Bethlehem may have been relatively quiet when Jesus was born, it was probably not silent.
Crowds of weary travelers were constantly arriving to be counted in the census. They walked the streets searching for places to stay, grumbling as they were turned away from the inns. Tired children whined, women with aching feet complained. And even in the stable where Mary and Joseph took refuge, the donkeys and cows would have continued to produce a variety of grunts and snorts.

Mohr's song speaks not of a natural silence. It captures a moment of peace, a holy hush that surely settled over Bethlehem as all of heaven viewed with wonder the birth of the God/ Man. Jesus. The Potter had entered into the clay that he himself had made, and He now rested in the arms of His own creation.
Phil, 4:8 tells us that "whatsoever things are TRUE, HONEST, JUST, PURE, LOVELY AND OF GOOD REPORT; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things". Even in the dreaded dentist chair we can think on the good things. If you have not invited Jesus into your heart, why not ask Him in today.
That's why He came.

Christmas blessings,

The Hoppers..
Click here for more HopperHappenings
The Hoppers

Visit The Hoppers Official You Tube Channel

The Hoppers | 2811 US Hwy 220 | Madison | NC | 27025

Mercy's Well Final Christmas Concert

From Mercy's Well email newsletter of December 20, 2012:

Whether we are ready for it or not, Christmas is upon us. The countdown has reached five days! There is still time for some last-minute shopping for those of you who like to wait until the final days to make your purchases. I think we have most of our shopping done - emphasis on "most". This weekend should provide us with ample opportunity to scratch off whatever remains on our Christmas lists, at least we hope it will! We have one final Christmas concert scheduled for our 2012 BETHLEHEM SKY tour, this Sunday morning in Eastern, NC. After the morning service, we officially start our Christmas vacations! We are looking forward to spending time with friends and family as the season progresses.

We would like to take this time to personally invite YOU to help us ring in the New Year - 2013! We are planning a great night of gospel music on Monday, December 31. Our special guests for the evening will be the amazing vocal trio, Sisters! The concert will be free to the public, and will be held at Shady Grove Wesleyan Church in Colfax, NC. The music starts at 8:00pm, and we will be finishing early enough to allow those who wish to get home at a decent hour to do so. Please make plans to join us for this great night!

We truly hope and pray you have a wonderful Christmas celebration. Whether you're gathering with lots of family, or spending some time with just a couple of loved ones, cherish the moments. Remember the reason for our joy - Jesus Christ, God's own Son, came to earth to live among us. He lived a perfect life, died to pay the penalty for our sins, and rose victoriously from the grave, forever conquering the powers of sin, death, hell, and the grave! Worship Him this Christmas. Worship Him everyday!


Brad, Greg & Kyle
Mercy's Well


December 23, 9:30/11:00 AM - Hephzibah Baptist Church - Wendell, NC
For more information: (919) 365-7847

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hoppers Induction Into GMA Hall of Fame Online Event Sunday December 23 - 7:00PM est

Fifty-five year veterans of Gospel music, The Hoppers, were recently inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame.

Their inspiring evolution as a group and pressing impact on the genre speak for themselves, but the powerhouse performances and heart-gripping testimonies are what have aided in their recognition.

Please join us in congratulating and supporting The Hoppers as they continue spreading the love of Christ in the same manner as they have for more than half a century...

Our special guests will be Jason Crabb, The Talleys and Gene McDonald.

Join us for this very special event Sunday December 23 at 7:00PM

Where to watch:
The // Hoppers official you tube channel

Click here for more HopperHappenings:
The Hoppers

Visit The Hoppers Official You Tube Channel

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Triumphant Quartet To Appear in Hamilton Ontario on New Year's Eve

TRIUMPHANT QUARTET will be appearing at Bethel Gospel Tabernacle on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2012.

The concert begins at 7:00pm. Doors will open at 6:00pm.

Tickets are not required. An offering will be taken. Non-perishable food items are appreciated.

For more information including directions please visit Bethel Gospel Tabernacle's website.

Gold City News and December Dates

From Gold City's enewsletter of December 14, 2012:

It has been a few weeks since our last newsletter, a busy few weeks! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Each of the guys on the Gold City bus had time to enjoy some special memories with our families as we paused to give thanks to the Lord for His many blessings. Thanksgiving should not just be a day, it should be a way of life all the time, and we hope we can do our part to always remember and practice that rule.

We have the privilege of what we love, singing the greatest music on earth, music that glorifies God. We are so thankful for the churches and promoters that invite us to sing. Occasionally we have an opportunity to go somewhere that we have never been, in some cases singing to people that have never heard a Southern Gospel quartet. A couple of weeks ago we had one of those rare opportunities, one of the most unique opportunities of our ministry. We were invited to sing at Times Square Church in New York City. We really didn't know what to expect. We are typical southern guys who are used to the slow pace of small town America. But we were greeted by a church full of wonderful people who love the Lord and really got into worshiping Him through Gold City’s music. The church was an old Broadway theater. Mama Mia was playing just down the street, the Ed Sullivan Theater where they tape David Letterman’s show was next door, and the Radio City Music Hall was just a block over.

This was a private event, a "thank you" from the church to their hundreds of volunteers who serve in ministries all across the city. Over 100nationalities attend that church. It was a very special experience that all of us are thankful for having been a part of. We were treated like royalty and when we say they loved Tim’s bass singing, we mean they LOVED Tim’s bass singing!!!

When he went for the low notes, that crowd of 2000 people exploded! Just an incredible time with some wonderful people who love God and are serving him faithfully. To say that we enjoyed our visit would be more than an understatement. However, when it was time to head to our next stop in West Virginia... let's just say that the traffic in NYC was an experience that this Glencoe, AL boy will never forget.

I have had nightmares from my experience driving a 45' bus in downtown NYC at 8pm on a Saturday night. But I will do it again to sing at Times Square Church. Thank you Greg and all the great staff for your hospitality! We look forward to our next visit.

We have just a few dates remaining this weekend before we take off for the Christmas holidays. We hope you will check out our schedule and make a Gold City concert part of your Christmas celebration. We do several Christmas selections in our concerts, including Look Who Just Checked In, That Little Baby, and I Have Seen The Light. Of course, we sing all of the favorites that our faithful fans know and love, too, like Midnight Cry, I Cast My Bread Upon The Water, Peter James and John, and many more.

Gold City has many great concerts that we hope you can attend in the weeks to come. Two special dates we are looking forward to are coming up soon. Friday, December 28, we will be at the Bessemer, AL Civic Center with our friends The Perrys, The McKameys, and The Inspirations. Bill Bailey is the promoter for this event that brings gospel music back to the Birmingham area for the New Year. You can check out this and all the great concert events at

Then on New Year’s Eve, we will be with the Appointed Quartet at the Colonnade Theater in Ringgold, GA to sing out the old year and sing in the new. We hope you will make plans to be with us for both of these exciting dates. For full details, visit our website at or our booking agent’s website,


"He came, not as a flash of light or as an unapproachable conqueror, but as one whose first cries were heard by a peasant girl and a sleepy carpenter. God tapped humanity on its collective shoulder, "Pardon me," he said, and eternity interrupted time, divinity interrupted carnality, and heaven interrupted the earth in the form of a baby. Christianity was born in one big heavenly interruption." -Max Lucado

As I write this, we have just learned of yet another senseless act of violence in our country. 27 people are dead, 20 of which are children in the worst school shooting in our country's history. Our prayers go out for the many families affected by this tragedy at a Newton, Connecticut elementary school. As Christmas approaches, please join Gold City in prayer for those in need who may be hurting at the holidays. Things like the loss of a loved one, a job lay-off, or a family break-up can be even more traumatic at the holidays. This year, spread a little love and joy by going that extra mile for someone who will never be able to repay you. And remember, whatever you do in Christian love for a brother, friend, neighbor, or stranger, it’s as if you are doing it for Christ Himself.


For our full schedule or more information, please visit
Sunday, 12/16

St Simons Island, GA 10:30am Christian Renewal Church 6530 Frederica Rd
Sunday, 12/16 Macon, GA 6:30pm Mabel White Memorial Baptist 1415 Bass Rd
Friday, 12/28 Bessemer, AL 7pm Bessemer Civic Center 1130 Ninth Ave SW
Sunday, 12/30 Statesville, NC 6pm Beulah Baptist Church 1851 Old Mtn Rd
Monday, 12/31 Ringgold, GA 7pm Collonade Theater 264 Catoosa Cir
Thursday, 1/3 Vidalia, GA 7:30pm Southeastern Technical College 3001 E. 1st St (hwy 280)

Unwrap Early Christmas Gifts from The Collingsworth Family

The Collingsworth Family knows just how difficult it can be to wait until Christmas eve or Christmas morning to unwrap presents, so as a gift to music lovers everywhere, they're starting the festivities early, beginning this Saturday, December 15, 2012. In fact, the GMA/Dove Award-winning StowTown Records recording artists are personally inviting fans to join them all week long -- from December 15 to December 22 -- to share in their family Christmas celebrations on the Trinity Broadcasting TV Network, Paul Heil's syndicated radio program The Gospel Greats, and the Daniel Britt & Friends program on Sirius XM Satellite Radio's enLighten (Sirius XM Channel 18).

Unforgettable music and rich memories from Phil, Kim, Brooklyn, Courtney, Phillip and Olivia will fill the hour as Daniel Britt sits down with the whole family and discovers their special traditions, as well as the stories behind the songs on their new "Feels Like Christmas" album. Not since the perennial keepsake albums by The Carpenters have listeners been given such intricate family harmony, layered with breathtaking orchestrations, all wrapped up in a warm collection of Christmas favorites -- including more than thirteen classic carols, timeless songs and fresh medleys. As the featured guest artists on Paul Heil's The Gospel Greats, The Collingsworth Family will share more songs and stories in a not-to-be-missed Christmas program. Of course, there's nothing like being able to see the faces of this multi-talented family as they offer a beautiful vocal and instrumental celebration of the true meaning of Christmas, so don't miss the memorable "Feels Like Christmas" television special on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

"Feels Like Christmas" viewing/listening schedule from The Collingsworth Family:

Saturday, December 15:
Paul Heil's The Gospel Greats syndicated radio program
Sunday, December 16:
Paul Heil's The Gospel Greats syndicated radio program
Monday, December 17:
Daniel Britt & Friends on Sirius XM Satellite Radio - 7:00 PM EST
Tuesday, December 18:
Trinity Broadcasting TV Network - 12:30 PM EST
Thursday, December 20:
Trinity Broadcasting TV Network - 3:30 AM EST
Thursday, December 20:
Daniel Britt & Friends on Sirius XM Satellite Radio - 10:00 PM EST
Friday, December 21:
Trinity Broadcasting TV Network - 9:30 PM Pacific
Saturday, December 22:
Trinity Broadcasting TV Network - 12:30 AM EST
Saturday, December 22:
Daniel Britt & Friends on Sirius XM Satellite Radio - 12:00 PM Noon EST

The Trinity Broadcasting Network has announced it will feature The Collingsworth Family's new StowTown Records Video Release FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS as a Television Special next week at 3 different times. Broadcast schedule is as follows :
TUES 12/18 : 12:30 PM Eastern / 9:30 AM Pacific
THUR 12/20 : 3:30 AM Eastern / 12:30 AM Pacific
SAT 12/22 : 12:30 AM Eastern / which translates as FRI 12/21 : 9:30 PM Pacific

Thursday, December 13, 2012


GMC TV, American Heart Association and American Stroke Association Join Together for Most Powerful Voices Gospel Competition
Michelle Williams and Other Gospel Music Leaders To Judge Most Powerful Voices

ATLANTA, December 13, 2012 — GMC TV, Light Records and Roland Corporation will participate in the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s 4th annual Most Powerful Voices gospel competition. The online gospel singing competition helps the association to educate people about stroke — the No. 4 cause of death and the leading preventable cause of disability in America.

The contest is open to independent artists, groups and choirs who sing gospel, holy hip hop, praise and worship music. Participants, who must be 18 years or older, may sign up at and upload a video or MP3 file by Jan. 31. Family, friends — and fans — have until April 5 to vote for their favorite artists. Those who register to compete or vote will receive lifesaving stroke information from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.

The top 10 finalists will be judged by gospel music industry leaders, including singer and song writer Michelle Williams (formerly of Destiny’s Child), James Robinson, president of A&R at Light Records, and holy hip hop artist Flame.

The grand prize winner will be announced April 30 and will receive:

· The opportunity to perform in the Central Park Summer Stage Concert in New York City with Light Records artists

· $2,500 for a trip to New York

· $1,500 cash and a digital single on iTunes from Light Records

· Personal coaching by a renowned Light Records gospel artist

· $5,000 in musical instruments and gear from Roland Corporation

· National recognition on GMC TV’s Digital Download of the week

The top 10 finalists and a lucky voter will also win prizes.

“Embracing our commitment to uplift and inspire our viewers with quality faith-friendly programming, we are pleased to support Most Powerful Voices, which allows aspiring artists to lift their voices and showcase their talents while raising awareness about an important health issue — the prevention of strokes,” said Philip Manwaring, senior vice president of strategic planning and research for GMC TV.

Most Powerful Voices is part of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Power To End Stroke awareness campaign. Through Power To End Stroke, the association provides culturally relevant events, tools and resources to decrease stroke among African-Americans, who are disproportionally affected by the disease.

“African-Americans are especially susceptible to stroke due to a higher prevalence of high blood pressure, diabetes and previous heart attack or stroke,” said Dr. Rani Whitfield, family practitioner and American Stroke Association spokesperson. “That’s why it’s an important requirement of this competition to receive stroke information and to learn how stroke is largely preventable, treatable and beatable.”

Michelle Williams is involved in Most Powerful Voices because it “focuses on two things that I am passionate about — gospel music and sharing stroke information,” she said. “My father and my grandmother suffered from strokes,” Williams said. “My father’s stroke left him unable to walk or talk and I am sad to say that my grandmother is no longer with us. Stroke has really devastated my family, so being involved with the competition gives me the opportunity to share my story and to empower people with stroke knowledge to help them to reduce their risks.”

For more information on the competition and stroke, visit

About American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

The American Stroke Association is devoted to saving people from stroke — America’s No. 4 killer and a leading cause of serious disability. We team with millions of volunteers to fund innovative research, fight for stronger public health policies, and provide lifesaving tools and information to prevent, treat and beat stroke. The Dallas-based association was created in 1997 as a division of the American Heart Association. To learn more or to get involved, call 1-888-4STROKE or visit

About GMC TV

GMC TV ( is America’s favorite network for uplifting music and family entertainment. The Parents Television Council ™ has twice awarded its Entertainment Seal of Approval™ to GMC TV for being “an authentic family-friendly cable network.” The network presents original and acquired movies, series, stage plays and music specials along with gMovies, the first faith-friendly streaming movie service. The GMC TV brand is reflected in “Uplift Someone,” the network’s successful pro-social initiative. GMC TV can be seen in more than 58 million homes on various cable systems around the country, as well as DISH Network on channel 188, DIRECTV on channel 338 and Verizon FiOS on channel 224. Follow GMC TV on Facebook and Twitter at and

Merry Christmas from Mercy's Well

From Mercy's Well newsletter of December 13, 2012:

As December rolls along, so does the Mercy's Well Christmas Tour! We had a great weekend of concerts on the Delmarva Peninsula, making stops in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Those who came out to see us were dressed in their holiday best! Lots of red, green, white and gold - and, of course, a wide variety of Christmas sweaters! Just remember, in all the hustle and bustle that comes this time of year, that we have a great reason to celebrate: Jesus Christ came to die for us, that we might live with Him forever!
"Christmas Instead" is one of the songs from our brand new CD, BETHLEHEM SKY. You can find it, along with other CDs and Mercy's Well apparel at the Mercy's Well online store.

Have a blessed week!
Brad, Greg & Kyle
Mercy's Well


December 16, 10:30 AM - New Hope Christian Fellowship - Akron, OH
For more information: (330) 293-3700

December 16, 6:00 PM - Summit United Methodist Church - Erie, PA
For more information: (814) 864-5448

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

THE ROYS Bring Bluegrass To Marie!

Siblings Connect With Insights & Uplifting Music On Hallmark Channel™ Show Thursday, December 13
Pictured above: Lee Roy, Marie Osmond and Elaine Roy
Credit: Crown Media United States, LLC/Alexx Henry Studios

Nashville, TN (December 11, 2012) -- THE ROYS recently connected with entertainment icon Marie Osmond for an episode of her popular new Hallmark Channel TV show, Marie! Lee and Elaine share insights unique to performing siblings with Marie and discuss their new CD and career goals. The award-winning duo is honored to be the first Bluegrass artist to appear on the show, and they perform their current Top 20 single "Still Standing." The song is an uplifting tale of triumph over adversity that features Elaine's passionate lead vocal and Lee's poetic harmony; the track is from THE ROYS' most-recent disc NEW DAY DAWNING (Rural Rhythm Records). The episode airs Thursday, December 13 at 12 Noon ET on cable stations and at 9 a.m. ET on DirecTV. Click HERE for more information on the show.

The Roys and band perform "Still Standing"
Credit: Jeremy Westby

"You hear people say they feel immediate connections with some folks," notes Elaine Roy. "But I have to say that we actually felt like we'd known Marie forever." Her brother Lee notes, "I have never met anyone more warm and welcoming. It was an exciting experience to bring Bluegrass to such a unique platform."

Marie's successes continue to grow, and the new show proves her appeal is everlasting. Marie! embraces the "variety" format; other recent guests include Betty White, Florence Henderson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristi Yamaguchi, Dean Cain, Windell Middlebrooks and, of course, Donnie Osmond.

Catch up with THE ROYS at, Facebook and Twitter.

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Christmas Tour

From the EHSS email newsletter of December 10, 2012:

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone! We hope you’re doing well and enjoying the most wonderful time of the year with the ones you love most…I know we are. We have been in some of the most beautiful theaters this Christmas tour and have sung to some of the most cheerful people I have ever met. I’ve got to tell you: the EHSS concert goers are in a class all by themselves. Even the event coordinators at each venue brag on you to us and tell us that of all the “Stars” they bring into their venues, the EHSS fans are, by far, the BEST! So, thanks for making us who we are. We’ve got a big family – and a fun one at that.

I am so proud of all the dates on this Christmas Tour. There is one date in particular that I am very proud of and it is yet to come. After a 30-year absence from my high school stage, I am returning with the guys to do five shows in two days at my alma mater, Castle High School in Newburgh, Indiana on December 14 & 15. We are doing three shows for the whole student body (it’s a BIG school) and then two shows for the public. Only a few tickets remain – YES!!!!

Along with EHSS, we will be performing with the very choirs I got my start with: The Castle Choir and Show Choir (The Knight Sensations). I am so pumped about this and I’m very honored that some old classmates of mine are coming back home to see the show and hang out backstage at a private meet and greet before the show.

What more can I say? I think you can tell that I am about as excited as I have ever been about Signature Sound and the way we have been blessed. Doug, Devin and Paul all send their love and we can’t wait to celebrate with you this next week. If we are in your area, or even if you have to drive a distance to be with us, DON’T MISS this exciting show!

Here are the remaining dates for our 2012 Every Light That Shines At Christmas Tour.

December 13th - Lexington, SC - TICKETS
December 14th - Newburgh, IN - TICKETS
December 15th - Newburgh, IN - TICKETS
December 16th - Newark, OH - TICKETS

Peace to you,

P.S. Our webmaster has asked me to remind you that in order to have the best possible chance of getting orders delivered in time for Christmas, please get any online store orders in as soon as possible.

Copyright © 2012 Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you either opted in at our website or have purchased online from us in the past ...
Our mailing address is:
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
P.O. Box 2288
Stow, OH 44224

Actor/entertainer Randall Franks releases new Christmas music video

Encourages “Let’s Live Every Day Like It Was Christmas”
Pictured above: Randall Franks (second from left) visits backstage with his friends Grand Ole Opry stars - the Whites, (from left) Cheryl, Sharon and Buck, at Owensboro, Ky. in 2010. Franks and the Whites reunite this Christmas in a new vintage video of their top country vocal collaboration from the early 1990s - "Let's Live Everyday Like It Was Christmas." (Randall Franks Media)

Entertainer Randall Franks, “Officer Randy Goode” from TV’s “In the Heat of the Night,” is featured on a new video release from Autry-Franks Productions highlighting his vintage studio recording of “Let’s Live Every Day Like It Was Christmas” performed with Grand Ole Opry stars - the Whites, Jesse McReynolds and Jerry Douglas.

“It was so much fun to see these performances like they have not been seen before,” Franks said. “Although we taped the performances to help promote the project 20 years ago, they were mainly used for news stories around the country and the song as a whole was never released. Seeing it and the other interview clips from the project brings back so many wonderful memories. All these wonderful actors and artists donated their time for this charitable effort.”

This performance featuring Randall vocally with Buck, Sharon and Cheryl of the Whites was included among the top 10 country vocal collaborations of the year when the song was released to radio.

It appears on the 20th Anniversary “Christmas Time’s A Comin’” CD featuring the cast of TV’s “In the Heat of the Night” and Friends from Sonlite and Crimson Records in association with MGM. The CD was produced by Randall Franks and Alan Autry.

The charity CD raises funds for drug abuse prevention charities and features selections from the actors of the popular show with special appearances by country, bluegrass and gospel stars. A donation of $20 in the U.S. to receive the CD can be made at “In the Heat of the Night” currently airs on WGN America.

Also included on Franks’s performance were guitarist Bill Everett, drummer Monty Hall, and the late bass player Gene Daniell. The song was written by Franks and two-time Dove Award nominee Mark Wheeler.

Franks said that his video is now live on Randall Franks TV on YouTube and interviews highlighting other show stars such as Alan Autry, David Hart, Anne-Marie Johnson, Crystal Fox, Geoffrey Thorne, Carroll O'Connor, Howard Rollins are being added throughout the December. If not accustomed to YouTube, a viewer can also find it at

“I hope the videos encourage some folks this Christmas season and of course draw some folks into getting a copy of the CD to help us continue the original charitable effort we set out to assist years ago,” Franks said.

In his most recent film “Lukewarm,” released last month, Franks stars with John Schneider, Bill Cobbs and Nicole Gale Anderson and Jenna von Oy and Jeremy Jones.

Franks has co-starred or starred in 14 films with superstars including Dolly Parton, Christian Slater, William Hurt and Stella Parton and legendary western star “Doc” Tommy Scott.

The International Bluegrass Music Museum Legend’s musical stylings have been heard in 150 countries and by more than 25 million Americans. The Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame member’s musical career boasts 18 album releases, 17 singles, and over 200 recordings with various artists from various genres. The award-winning fiddler’s best selling release, "Handshakes and Smiles" was a top 20 Christian music seller. Many of his albums were among the top 30-bluegrass recordings of their release year. In addition to his solo career which includes 13 years of guest starring for the Grand Ole Opry ®, Franks is a former member of Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys, Jim and Jesse's Virginia Boys and has performed with Jeff and Sheri Easter, The Lewis Family, the Marksmen Quartet, Elaine and Shorty, “Doc” Tommy Scott’s Last Real Old Time Medicine Show and Doodle and the Golden River Grass.

He is also president of the Share America Foundation, Inc. that provides the Pearl and Floyd Franks Scholarship to musicians continuing the traditional music of Appalachia. He hosts a monthly concert series at the historic Ringgold Depot which helps fund the scholarships.

He authored four books. His latest is “A Mountain Pearl: Appalachian Reminiscing and Recipes.” His others are including “Stirring Up Success with a Southern Flavor” and “Stirring Up Additional Success with a Southern Flavor,” both with Shirley Smith, and “Snake Oil, Superstars and Me” with “Doc” Tommy Scott and Shirley Swiesz.

He is a syndicated columnist with his column “Southern Style” appears weekly in newspapers from North Carolina to Texas. He was included among his generation’s leading country humorists in Loyal Jones’ book “Country Music Humorists and Comedians.”

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Duane Garren and the members of Declaration are the guests on the current edition of Gospel Music Today. Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates, the Feature Group is The Beelers, and Jean reviews a new Christmas CD by The Crusaders. David Bruce Murray looks back at the history of The Hinsons, and the show has singing by The Williamsons and Brian Burchfield, and exclusive concert footage of The Men of Music, recorded by Gospel Music Today's cameras at the Deep South Quartet Convention, in Sperry, OK. The show is online now at the Gospel Music Today website,,and it's on every Monday at 6:00 PM on KWHB TV47 in Oklahoma.

The Goulds will be in their hometown of Joplin, MO, at Christ's Community United Methodist Church on December 14 at 7:00 PM for a celebration of their first national CD release. They'll be singing some Christmas songs, too!

Ivan Parker is coming to Oklahoma. He'll be in Del City on December 15, and Altus on December 16.

December 31, 2012 is the night for the final concert of The Melody Boys Quartet, marking the retirement of Gerald Williams after 63 years of gospel quartet singing. It takes place at Geyer Springs Baptist Church, in Little Rock AR.

For details on these events and links to concerts near you, wherever you live, check the Gospel Music Today concert listings at

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December 2012 Edition Of SGNScoops Magazine

From the staff of SGNScoops Magazine, Merry Christmas! We pray the December edition warms your heart this holiday season. On the cover this month is the sensational Annie Moses Band.

Also we highlight the latest happenings in the ministries of Gordon Mote, Cross Music Group, Soul’d Out Quartet, Randy and Sherri Miller, Kevin Mills, C S & K, and Micah Watkins.

Rhonda Frye shares the highlights of the recent Write About Jesus songwriter’s conference, Jennifer Campbell shares a recent Women of Faith experience and Rob Patz shares a media minute with Patricia Mathis. We urge you to give the gift of Gospel Music!

Sandi Duncan Clark reviews the latest albums from the Littles, the Hoppers, The Easters, the Blackwood Brothers, and the Hinshaw Trio. Also included in this edition, Laurrette Willis encourages Christian Fitness during the holidays, John Mathis gives a word of encouragement and Lou Hildreth shares wonderful memories.

For this special holiday issue, Lorraine Walker gathered many tasty recipes from our staff, readers and many artists. We urge you to put these recipes to the test! We’ve had a great 2012 at SGNScoops and are looking forward to great things in 2013. Remember, SGNScoops All Digital Magazine is absolutely FREE, so please share with your family, fans and friends! Merry Christmas!!

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Legendary Composer/Conductor To Make History in 2013

Nashville, TN -- Ralph Carmichael will make history in 2013 as the oldest conductor to embark on a 30-city tour. The Ralph Carmichael Legacy Tour will feature thirty major symphony orchestras, the Ralph Carmichael Big Band, and the Ralph Carmichael Mass Choir, recruited from local communities. Additionally, the tour has announced guest soloists in select cities to include: Larnelle Harris, The Archers, First Call, and Wayne Watson, with other artists being added soon, according to tour producers. Holt International, an adoption agency established over five decades ago, will serve as a sponsor for the tour.

Carmichael, 84, is known as the “Father of Contemporary Christian Music” for his transitory influence on the style of music that was slowly embraced by mainline churches in the early 1960s. But Carmichael’s resume crosses all musical lines and includes many of the biggest names in music including Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Tex Ritter, The Carpenters, Rosemary Clooney, Pat Boone, Peggy Lee, and Ella Fitzgerald. Carmichael composed music for such popular television shows as “I Love Lucy,” “Bonanza,” “Red Skelton,” and Roy Rogers& Dale Evans,” and he also had a long time association with pianist Roger Williams with whom he scored the million-selling hit song, “Born Free”. Carmichael also worked with World Wide Pictures, the company that produced full-length feature movies for the Billy Graham organization.

In the 1960s, Carmichael formed Light Records/Lexicon Music to be a vehicle for a new musical genre he had helped to create, which would come to be known as Contemporary Christian Music. Carmichael remembers doing church workshops introducing the new material to ministers of music, and the reaction was not always positive.

“When we recorded and published the first youth musicals (Tell it Like it Is and A Natural High), I would do workshops in major cities across the nation introducing our new publications to music directors,” recalls Carmichael. “Before each workshop, I would actually get sick to my stomach, anticipating the ruckus that often erupted during the reading sessions. I would be introduced, and then, either at the beginning or during the first half hour, some local choir director would stand and announce that this music was inappropriate or even ‘of the devil,’ and they would invite others of the same opinion to ‘leave the workshop now!’ Sometimes several would leave, sometimes only a few, and sometimes nobody but the complainer. Then we would just continue the reading session. We got a lot of criticism, but we also began to get a lot of great responses from young people."

Light Records went on to sign and launch the careers of some of Christian music’s most recognizable icons, including Andrae Crouch, the Winans, The Archers, and Rez Band, among others. One of Carmichael's contemporary hymns, "Reach Out to Jesus,” was recorded by Elvis Presley on the singer's 1971 Grammy Award-winning album of sacred songs, He Touched Me. Carmichael was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1985. His album, Strike Up The Band, was awarded Instrumental Album of the Year at the 25th Annual Dove Awards (Gospel Music’s Grammy equivalent). He toured as conductor for the highly successful Young Messiah Tour for several years. And in 2001, he was made a member of the National Religious Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame.

“This tour is a dream come true for me,” says Carmichael. “We want the audience to be entertained, but we also want to present the Gospel loud and clear. We will use a big band, a full symphony and a mass choir to accomplish that in every city.”

The producers have opened the Mass Choir participation to choir members and singers from all walks of life. To join a choir or order advance tickets for the concerts, visit the tour website:

About Holt International:
Holt International is a Christian organization committed to expressing God’s compassion for children. While always upholding the highest ethical standards, they find and support permanent, loving families for children who are orphaned, abandoned or at serious risk of separation from their family. They provide services to ensure that children will grow and develop to their fullest potential and they lead the global community in advocating on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children. Established overseas for more than five decades, Holt is the model for international adoption. They helped formulate the Hague Convention, an international treaty that sets ethical standards of practice for adoption. And through innovation, determination and collaboration, Holt International continues to raise the standard of care provided to homeless and at-risk children throughout the world. Visit

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Watkins Family Inducted into Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame

The Watkins Family are inducted into Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame

The acoustic music of the Watkins Family has thrilled audiences for more than 30 years and the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame recently recognized that accomplishment.

The group from Toccoa, Ga. currently includes matriarch Judy Watkins and her two adult children - Todd and Lorie. They continue a path sharing their love of Jesus through acoustic music touring across the United States and Canada.

“This is such an honor for our family to receive,” Lorie said. “To be recognized in such a manner for the many years of hard work and service in music is very humbling.”

The late Don Watkins and Judy began their ministry in the 1970s and added their children Todd, Lorie and Shanon as each took an interest in participating.

“There are so many to thank, our family, friends, church family, and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ - our Savior,” Lorie said. “This ministry was the vision of our dad, Donald H. Watkins, and mom many years ago. We are just so thankful to be able to continue the work that our parents started and hope to continue for many, many years to come.”

Lorie and Todd performed at the event as part of the All-Star Band and Judy joined in to perform “Pass Me Not.”

The Watkins Family’s latest project is “Heaven's Worth Waiting For”yielded three songs landing on various charts in the Top 10 for southern, bluegrass or country gospel – “She's Working On Her Testimony,””Sometime's You Gotta Rock The Boat,”and “What A Wonderful Name.”

The CD produced by Grammy winner Mark Fain, Grammy nominated Karen Peck Gooch, and Danny Jones followed their acclaimed project “Darkness Wept” which brought the popular radio singles “He's Still God,” a number 1 song, “Love Stood Alone” and “Round The Last Turn.”

The Watkins Family and its members have received multiple nominations for the Front Porch Fellowship Bluegrass Gospel Music Awards.

Members of the Watkins Family have appeared as part of the National Quartet Convention All-Star Band on numerous occasions.

The group has shared concert stages performing for thousands beside acts such a Randy Travis and Diamond Rio. They have appeared at major industry events including the National Quartet Convention in Kentucky and the SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Convention in Nashville, Tenn. as well as large ministerial crusades.

The family has performed on television broadcasts for INSP, Inspirational Network and dozens of stations around the U.S. And Canada.

The group broke new ground in becoming the first bluegrass gospel act to perform on Capitol Hill in the Capitol Complex in Washington D.C. attended by dignitaries from around the world.

The Watkins Family has received nominations as Best Contemporary and Traditional Bluegrass Gospel Group by the Society for the Preservation of BlueGrass Music in America and was also nominated as Best Bluegrass Act at the Coca-Cola Music Awards previously hosted in Atlanta.

"We just thank the Lord for all He’s done for us and our work in music," Judy said. "Awards, honors and amazing opportunities are blessings but there is no greater blessing than working each day sharing His story of salvation.

"Don would be so proud right now,” she said. "I know he’s somewhere in Heaven smiling."

For more information, visit

Making the Christmas Deadline With Legacy Five

From the Legacy Five newsletter December 7, 2012:

We are excited to finally reveal the winner of our free cruise give-a-way. The winner is Clarice Cloud from Waldo, AR. She is 92 years old and can't wait to go! Congratulations, Clarice! We look forward to having you on-board with us.

Dec 11th Last Day to Order
You can fill those stockings and surprise your loved ones with something they'll treasure all year long ... the gift of music! We have several new products that are sure to be favorites. Celebrate the sounds of the season with the brand new Jubilee Christmas Cd or Trey Ivey's solo Christmas project - 'Tis the Season. Legacy Five has released a new project titled Count Your Blessings, and for all our Cathedral fans we have the newly released LIVE in Chicago. Visit our store to find a very unique blend of coffee, a special family recipe seasoning, DVDs and more. Better hurry though, the last day to order from our store in order to receive your purchases before Christmas is December 11th!

Celebration NYE Concert Tickets

There are still a few concert only tickets available for our New Year's Eve Celebration at Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Come and enjoy great music and the majesty that is Opryland Hotel. This is THE TIME OF YEAR to see the hotel with over 2 Million Christmas Lights and multiple nativity scenes. Tickets are available by calling our office at 931-486-0020. The number of concert only tickets available is limited so don't wait to long.
Tickets are $30 per session.
The concert schedule is as follows:

Monday, December 31st | 8 PM session
* Legacy Five
* Greater Vision
* Booth Brothers
* Jubilee

Tuesday, January 1 | 10 AM session
* Voices of Lee
* Legacy Five
* Ken Davis

Tuesday, January 1 | 6 PM session
* Legacy Five
* Voices of Lee
* Isaacs
* Triumphant Quartet
* Ken Davis

Wednesday, January 2 | 10 AM session
* Legacy Five
* Freedom Singers
* Collingsworth Family

On the Road

Here's our schedule to the end of the year. We look forward to seeing you one more time before we say goodbye to 2012 ...
12/07 Tyler TX Jubilee Christmas Tour Cadwell Auditorium 7 PM
12/08 Tulsa OK Jubilee Christmas Tour Union Performing Arts Center 6 PM
12/09 Branson MO Jubilee Christmas Tour Mansion Theater 3 PM
12/10 Van BurenAR Jubilee Christmas Tour Van Buren School District Fine Arts Center 7 PM
12/31 NashvilleTN Celebration NYE 2012 Gaylord Opryland Resort 8 PM

Until Next Time,

Scott, Howie, Gus, Trey & Matt
Legacy Five

Mercy's Well Christmas News

From the email newsletter of Mercy's Well December 6, 2012:

The first week of December has almost come and gone. This season seems to pass by so quickly! Among our ministry partners and churches we stay in contact with, we are seeing advertisements for choir cantatas, plays, pageants, and Christmas dinners taking place over the next couple of weeks. Let us encourage all of you who may be weary from rehearsals, or stressed by a plethora of details: KEEP GOING! By God's power, you can make it through, and it will be worth all of your effort.

Our Christmas tour is officially underway! With a handful of concerts already under our belts, we still have three weekends left to go. Check out our tour schedule online or keep watching the newsletter to see if we're coming to your area this Christmas! If not, you can still have Mercy's Well in your home or car for the holidays by ordering the brand new Christmas CD BETHLEHEM SKY from our online store.

Have a blessed week!
Brad, Greg & Kyle
Mercy's Well


December 7, 7:00 PM - Roxana-Zion United Methodist Church - Roxana, DE
For more information: (302) 436-8409

December 8, 7:00 PM - Crisfield Wesleyan Church - Crisfield, MD
For more information: (410) 968-2966

December 9, 8:30/11:15 AM - Franktown United Methodist Church - Franktown,VA
For more information: (757) 442-3481

December 9, 6:30 PM - First Baptist Church - Princess Anne, MD
For more information: (410) 651-2575

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mercy's Well To Be Featured Artist On The Gospel Greats Christmas Edition This Weekend

MERCY'S WELL To Be The Featured Artist On The Gospel Greats CHRISTMAS EDITION with Paul Heil This Weekend

Nashville, TN (Dec. 6th, 2012) – Powerful trio, Mercy's Well, will be the featured artist on this weekend's edition of The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil. The award-winning syndicated featured program will air at various times on radio stations throughout the country, and on Sirius/Xm's Enlighten, the weekend of Dec. 8-9, 2012.

Songs from their brand new CHRISTMAS recording, BETHLEHEM SKY, produced by Donna King, will be featured. There will also be special interview segments with Brad, Greg, and Kyle, of Mercy's Well. The new recording includes Christmas classics and brand new, original Christmas music.

You won't want to miss this special time with Paul Heil's The Gospel Greats and Mercy's Well.

For more information about this show, including other artists included on this special Christmas edition, visit To find a station airing The Gospel Greats near you, click on the station finder located on The Gospel Greats website.

To learn more about Mercy's Well or to schedule them for your music event, visit You can find them on Facebook at and on Twitter @Mercys_Well. You can purchase the new CD, BETHLEHEM SKY, as well as many other recordings from the trio, on their website, from Springside, and on iTunes.

Greater Vision: December Deadlines & More Jubilee Christmas!

From Greater Vision's email newsletter of December 6, 2012:

After a couple of days at home, we're getting ready to head out for the last half of the Jubilee Christmas Tour! So far, the Jubilee Christmas concerts have been even better than we could have imagined! The buildings have been filled with enthusiastic audiences, and all the guys have been "firing on all cylinders!" It's really going great, and we hope you will have the opportunity to see one of the four remaining concerts! Don't forget, we are doing a "live" video-taping of our concert this coming Sunday (12/9) in Branson, Missouri, and a "bonus" concert and video-taping of the "Jubilee 3" for those who have a ticket to the 3pm Jubilee Christmas concert!
Keep reading for some important information about our December office schedule, and CD/DVD shipping deadlines.

The Jubilee Christmas Tour Continues!

Friday - Tyler, TX
Saturday - Tulsa, OK
Sunday - Branson, MO
Monday - Van Buren, AR

*The Sunday December 9th 3pm concert ticket includes free admission to the 7:30pm "Jubilee 3" video-taping.

For more information about the Jubilee Tour, and our upcoming Jubilee concerts in Florida, click HERE.

To see photos from the Jubilee Christmas Tour (Knoxville concert), click here.

Our 2012 Christmas Special Deadline Approaching...
The deadline to place your order for this year's Christmas Special is Friday December 7, 5pm (Eastern).
Music makes a great gift, and this very special DVD/CD combination is a great way to introduce your friends and family to Gospel Music, or to complete your personal collection!
Featured products include the original "Jubilee!" DVD, "Jubilee 2" DVD, "20 Years: Live In Texas"
Double-CD, and "The Ones That Got Away" CD.
A $70 value for only $30... a $40 savings!

Click here for more information or to place your order. If you prefer to order by phone, call (423) 586-4952 during regular office hours.
As we approach the end of our 2012 Concert Schedule, we're already looking forward to what 2013 has in store! We're very thankful for your friendship, and especially your prayers, as we continue to sing and share the greatest story every told!

We're looking forward to seeing YOU soon!

Be blessed!
Gerald Wolfe
Greater Vision

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Edge-of-Your-Seat Faith Film 'The Potential Inside' Debuts Jan. 15

Exciting, Uplifting Faith Film Enters World of Pro Bike Racing;
Entertains While Encouraging Viewers to Find Their Potential

DALLAS – Dec. 5, 2012 – Get ready for a wild ride with THE POTENTIAL INSIDE, an exhilarating faith film set in the hyper-competitive world of professional mountain bike racing. From director Scotty Curlee, a former competitive bike racer himself, comes a story of conquering life’s toughest courses with faith in God that unleashes our true “max potential.” THE POTENTIAL INSIDE launches DVD sales nationwide Jan. 15, 2013.

“God created each of us for a purpose, and he wants us to live our life and live it more abundantly,” said Curlee, who also wrote and stars in the film. “THE POTENTIAL INSIDE is about discovering that your true life’s potential comes through Christ and service to others.”

An Official Selection of Italy’s International Festival of Cinema and Religion and the Transforming Stories International Film Festival in South Africa, THE POTENTIAL INSIDE takes audiences on a physical and emotional thrill ride. It features edge-of-your-seat racing scenes alongside the touching story of a man whose “win at all costs” attitude costs him more than he bargained for.

In THE POTENTIAL INSIDE pro cycling champion Chris Carmik (Curlee) won’t settle for anything but being the best, even when chasing personal glory means neglecting his duties as husband and father. Then, an unexpected tragedy takes the life of his young daughter and changes Chris’ life in an instant. After years of climbing rugged trails, he hits rock bottom. Now, estranged from his grieving wife and consumed with guilt, Chris struggles beneath the weight of his selfish past. But when he surrenders everything to Christ and begins living for others, Chris finds peace where once there was only pain—and resolves to rebuild his life and serve his family as God intended.

THE POTENTIAL INSIDE marks Curlee’s filmmaking debut. Born and raised in Korea to a Korean mom and an American dad, Curlee came to the United States to pursue his passion for competitive bike racing. Eventually finding success in the pharmaceutical industry, Curlee wanted to do more.

“I wanted to have a life work that could have an impact on people on a global platform,” he said, and filmmaking was it, combining his passion for bike racing and his desire to make a difference.

Also starring Michael Cuddire, Ransford Doherty and Kera O’Bryon, THE POTENTIAL INSIDE features an appearance by renowned cycling champion Jeremiah Bishop. From Red Cloud Productions, THE POTENTIAL INSIDE is distributed by EchoLight Studios.

"This movie encourages men to be who God made them to be . . . a dad, a husband, a friend," said Christopher Morrow, EchoLight’s chief global strategist. "Scotty Curlee has made a film that hits home for us guys on so many levels and is wonderfully inspirational for the whole family."

THE POTENTIAL INSIDE launches DVD sales Jan. 15, 2013, through major online and retail outlets nationwide.

For information about the film, visit:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Karen Peck and New River News

From Karen Peck and New River email newsletter December 3, 2012:

Click here to link to our online store to make your selection!

Bill and Gloria Gaither Homecoming Bible

$30 + shipping/handling.

and get the new KPNR "Hymns From the Heart" album FREE! =)

Just click here to link to our online store to make your purchase.

Either of these specials will make great Christmas gifts!

Have a Merry CHRISTmas!

We love you,
Karen, Susan, & Jeff

JOY - the new Christmas album from HIGHROADIII

From HighroadIII email newsletter of December 4, 2012:

JOY, HIGHROADIII's new Christmas album, is now available!

Featuring HIGHROADIII's take on favorites like O Come O Come Emmanuel, Joy To The World, and more.

Get your copy today at

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Sarah, Anna Grace, and Kiley!

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Our mailing address is:
PO Box 68004
Nashville, TN 37206

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Jubilee Christmas Tour Has Begun!

From Legacy Five's Email Newsletter of November 30, 2012

On The Road . . .
Well, it's that time of year when things start to wind down for Legacy Five. Be sure and check our schedule page at to see if we can see you somewhere one more time this year.
We look forward to seeing those who can join us for the first-ever Jubilee Christmas Tour!
Join us along with our buddies Greater Vision and the Booth Brothers as we celebrate the Christ of Christmas! Check out the schedule below to see if there is a location near you ...
12/01 Lancaster PA Calvary Church 6:00PM
12/03 Winston-Salem NC Oaklawn Baptist Church 7:00PM
12/04 Knoxville TN Black Oak Heights Baptist 7:00PM
12/07 Tyler TX Cadwell Auditorium 7:00PM
12/08 Tulsa OK Union Performing Arts Center 6:00PM
12/09 Branson MO Mansion Theater 3:00PM
12/10 Van Buren AR Van Buren School District Fine Arts Center 7:00PM

Hoppers Bring Glad Tidings Tour To Select Cities

Nashville, TN - Christmas is a time for family, and America’s favorite family of Gospel music, The Hoppers, is pleased to announce their "Glad Tidings Tour" is off to a great start. Sharing sounds of the season along with Hopper favorites, this limited tour run highlights the exquisite harmonies of this legendary family ministry.

Connie Hopper shared: “Many of our finest and most precious moments of life happen during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays when family and friends are gathered together. It’s our family’s pleasure to share this special time of year with our friends on the road.”

“We love to engage and include the audience in this special season - everyone seems to love it,” comments Dean Hopper. “We’ve been blessed to see capacity crowds these first few nights and it’s always encouraging to see friends come out to enjoy this season with us.”

The Hoppers - 2012 GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame Inductees - maintain a heavy touring schedule, performing on the Gaither Homecoming video series, at the National Quartet Convention, at the Great Western Gospel Music Fan Festival, at the Cove and at Singing in the Sun in addition to around 150 solo dates annually.

The Hoppers latest release, Count Me In, distributed exclusively through EMI CMG Distribution, is available at online outlets, including iTunes, and It is also available in retail stores where Christian music is sold.

Nov. 29 Short Gap, WV
Frankfort, WV 6 PM

Nov. 30 Franklin, NC
Smokey Mt. Ctr. Perf. Arts 7 PM

Dec. 1 Jackson, TN
Englewood BC 6:30 PM

Dec. 2 Lynchburg, VA
Tree Of Life Ministries 5 PM

Dec. 6 Lexington, NC
Edward C. Smith Civic Ctr. 7 PM

Dec. 7 Cataswba, NC
Olivet BC 7 PM

Dec. 8 Danville, VA
River Oak COG 6 PM

Dec 9 Huber Heights, OH
New Beginnings Church 6 PM

For more information on these dates and The Hoppers, visit:


Southern Gospel songwriter Dianne Wilkinson is the guest on the current edition of Gospel Music Today. Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates, the Feature Group is 4 His Love, and Jean reviews a new CD by Treena Wicoff. The show has singing by Karen Peck and New River and Triumphant Quartet, and exclusive concert footage of Heaven's Call, recorded by Gospel Music Today's cameras at the Mid West Quartet Convention, in Altoona, Iowa. The show is online now at , and it's on every Monday at 6:00 PM on KWHB TV47 in Oklahoma.

New Site Baptist Church, in Monett, MO, hosts The Chuck Wagon Gang on December 6 at 7:00 PM.

Gold City will sing at Claremore Nazarene Church, in Claremore, OK, on December 7 at 7:00 PM. They'll be at First Baptist Church, in Van Buren, Ar, on December 9.

Brian Free and Assurance will sing at Myrtle Springs Baptist Church, in Hooks, TX, on December 7 at 7:00 PM.

The Owasso Gospel Opry, in Owasso, OK, hosts The Chuck Wagon Gang, The Downing Family, and 7 Mile Road on December 8 at 5:30 PM.

The Jubilee Christmas Tour, with The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, and Legacy Five will stop at Union Performag Arts Center, in Tulsa, OK, on December 8.

Faithful Touch Trio will sing at the 9:00 AM service at Holdenville Church of God, in Holdenville, OK, on December 9.

Hot Springs Baptist Church, in Hot Springs, AR, hosts The Melody Boys Quartet on December 9 at 5:00 PM.

For details on these events and links to concerts near you, wherever you live, check the Gospel Music Today Concert listings at

Every Monday at 6:00 PM in Oklahoma.