Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Promise Trio Releases New Radio Single

Nashville, TN (May 30, 2013) Daywind recording artists The Promise Trio has released their brand new single to radio through the Daywind Records Compilation Disc.
The first original release for The Promise Trio “Repair The Old Altar” was penned by Kyla Rowland and produced by Marty Funderburk.
Group spokesperson Debra Peele stated “We are so excited about this song. Kyla is such a great songwriter and the message of this song is so powerful, everyone needs to hear it.”
The Promise Trio Baritone, Rick Blessing said “I believe this song is going to touch the hearts of everyone who hears it, so I am praying that DJs will give the song a listen and then play, play, play it.”
The Promise Trio also noted that they are a top 10 Diamond Award nominee in the category of the "Sunrise Award" for a new group.
You can learn more about The Promise Trio at or . You can E-mail The Promise Trio at .

About The Promise Trio

For centuries Christians have sung praises to our Heavenly Father at important events. In Luke 2:13-14 we find that they sang praises on the announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ and Matthew records in chapter 26 that the Apostles sang during the last supper. The Promise Trio keeps this tradition alive by singing the praises of our Savior in churches and concerts across the land.

Creekside Gospel Music Convention: Free Tickets Now Available

Make your plans now to attend the 2nd annual Creekside Gospel Music Convention, Pigeon Forge, October 28, 29 and 30, 2013. Three days of chapel services, matinee events and evening concerts, full of music and ministry perfect for your fall getaway or retreat. Special features include an evening to honor Ed O'Neal of the Dixie Melody Boys; the 2013 Diamond Awards; and daily preaching by Jeff Steele.

Sign Up For Your Free Tickets For Creekside 2013

Visit the Creekside website today for more information.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Men Have It. Women Need It. 4word Launches Women-Only Mentor Program

4word Launches Overdue Career Boost for Business Women
DALLAS – May 28, 2013 – On 60 Minutes, Sheryl Sandberg credits her rise to it. Goldman Sachs’ “85 Broads” just put it back in the news. Now on June 17, Diane Paddison’s 4word inaugurates the first wave of Christian women doing it in corporate America: mentoring.

And 4word is accepting applications for its inaugural Mentor Match Program through June 7.

“No one rises high without mentors and sponsors,” says Diane Paddison, a chief strategy officer, Harvard MBA and founder of—an organization creating community among professional women focused on work, relationships and faith. “Yet nearly half of Gen Y women have never been mentored, and two-thirds of women my age say they’ve never been asked.”

Through June 7, 4word will match select professional women with an enviable roster of seasoned women executives—the first-ever mentoring program for professional Christian women

“Among women of faith, career-centric relationships are critical,” Paddison said. “Besides family and work, young women execs want to honor God with savvy output and wise decision-making.”

The 4word Mentor Match Program is accepting applications for its inaugural class now through June 7. (See to apply as a mentor or mentee.) Mentors generously donate their time to the 12-week, six-session program; eligible mentees donate $175 to the 4word program. Session One matches 10 mentors and 10 mentees, all women, following individual review of applications and assessments.

Is women-in-mentoring a business trend?

Last week, headlines spotlighted former banking exec Sallie Krawcheck’s buying “85 Broads,” originally a networking organization for women at Goldman Sachs, now 30,000 members worldwide.
Sheryl Sandberg spotlights mentoring in her book Lean In and in her many talks on “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders.”
A LinkedIn survey of 1,000 U.S. female professionals shows that half of Gen Y women (between 18 and 29 years old) have never been mentored.
“Men have filled boardrooms for more years. They mentor newcomers more organically—at lunch, over golf, at the club,” Paddison said. “Most women at work also are balancing a robust home life. Their mentoring relationships must be more deliberate, focused . . . and they are more important than ever.”

The rising wave of women the U.S. workforce shows in robust numbers:

For the first time, women in the workplace outnumber men.
In 1971 only 3 percent of all lawyers were women, today, it’s 37 percent.
The percentage of women in college (57 percent) tops men (43 percent).
Almost half of all law and medical degrees go to women, up from about 10 percent in 1970.
SOURCE: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Who benefits from mentoring? The mentees gain know-how and networking. Mentors acquire new awareness and also gain new networking. Yet surprisingly, Paddison said, the biggest beneficiaries are the employers and businesses. Fully a quarter of “high-potential” employees, according to a 2010 Corporate Executive Board survey, are dissatisfied and disengaged at work. Since 2006, that figure had more than doubled. At every career stage, mentoring can re-energize professionals as they see increased potential to achieve and rise.

Diane Paddison is a Harvard MBA, chief strategy officer at real estate firm Cassidy Turley and two times the only female member of the global executive management team at Fortune 500 companies, CBRE and ProLogis. She’s also a wife, mother and Christian. She is the founder of 4word and author of Work, Love, Pray—a practical guide to help women balance faith, family and work. A frequent speaker at national events, Diane speaks to women who feel called to home and career—and to the corporations that need them.

To learn more, visit:

Monday, May 27, 2013

Dixie Melody Boys Announce Aaron Dishman As New Baritone And Piano Player

The Dixie Melody Boys have announced the addition of Aaron Dishman to the legendary group as their new baritone and piano player. The group announced last month that Steven Cooper would be stepping down due to vocal issues but will stay on as their bass guitar player.

“Aaron had filled with us in a few years ago at piano. We fell in love with his spirit. When this came open, we knew he would be a great fit.” Said Ed O’Neal.

Aaron Dishman is 26 and lives in Mississippi with his wife Erica.

“We are excited to have Aaron join us. When he came to audition and sat down at the piano to sing us a song, you could feel God’s spirit. He will add so much to our concerts and I know the fans will love him. ” stated Matt Felts. Aaron will join the group in time to appear at the Memphis Quartet Show in June.

The Dixie Melody Boys were voted favorite Male Quartet for the second year in a row at last month's Southern Gospel Music Fan Awards. They are currently accepting applications for the lead singer position. They will be back in the studio with Aaron and the soon coming lead singer to finish their sophomore album with Song Garden Music Group.


Signal Mountain, TN, This weekend’s Harmony Road TV program features great music from a variety of artists including Brian Free and Assurance, Sisters, Legacy Five, The Perrys and a classic from Gold City. The program also includes Cody McVey’s interview with the Perrys as we continue to pray for Tracy Stuffle as he recovers from a stroke. Songs include “I Think I’ll Read it Again”, “Damascus Road”, “Ask Me Why”, “Under His Wings” and “The Part Where You Come In”. These songs are written by some of gospel’s top songsmiths, Kyla Rowland, Phil Cross and Kenna Turner West and others.
Harmony Road can be found each week on TNN/The Nashville Network on Sunday mornings at 8:00 Eastern .The program is streamed each Saturday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and Sunday mornings at 7:30 Eastern at and aired each Sunday afternoon TV24 in the Anniston/Gadsden, Alabama area. Harmony Road airs several times weekly on Charter Cable in Clarksville and Jackson, TN and Saturday evenings on theWALKtv . The program is also streamed from multiple locations including ROKU.. Go to for a complete list of outlets and an online store where you can purchase much of the music seen and heard on Harmony Road. For a limited time you can receive free shipping on all purchases. Be sure and like Harmony Road on Facebook at for updates, contests and more.Harmony Road is a weekly Southern Gospel TV program hosted by “Singing News” publisher and Solid Gospel Radio host Les Butler. Ball Brothers pianist Cody McVey provides many of the interviews. Other members of the team include Randy Liner, Technical Director and Roger Spears,
Producer. This week’s program originates from Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse Resort in Monteagle, TN.

EHSS: The Farmer Waits

From Ernie Haase and Signature Sound email newsletter of May 25, 2013:

As we enjoy the first week of our vacation and prepare to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday with our families, remembering the sacrifices others have made, I wanted to send you this devotional. I hope it can bring you some peace and help you through any situation you may be facing today.

Rest, peace and abide,

The Farmer Waits

As I travel each day I pass a farmer’s house. I blow my horn and smile and wave. He always waves back. Sitting under a shade tree, relaxing, he always has time for a friendly wave. It seems to me that he is watching his garden. Why wouldn’t he? In weeks prior, he has worked so hard. He has tilled the soil and planted the seed. His energy and resources have been put to use once more. He is invested, to say the least.

But he waits. He waits on the land to do what he cannot do. He waits on the seed to bring forth what he cannot produce. He waits on the rain and sun to nourish those seedlings. Ah, calmly he waits.

The old farmer knows this universal truth: “You can’t hurry the harvest!”

Only God knows how the crops will turn out this year for the old farmer. The farmer has seen both good and not so good crops over the years. But still he plants, trusting the land to yield its gift once more. Yes, he waits for when the picking is good.

You know, we could learn a lot from that old farmer. We, too, plant our seeds of faith in prayer and ask the Lord of the Harvest for many things: a touch of healing for a friend, a blessing for our business, a new opportunity - whatever the case may be. But unlike the old farmer, we want the answer NOW. But as the farmer knows and shows us all, you just can’t hurry the harvest. It doesn’t work that way.

We are in God’s garden of grace. He cares deeply about how we grow. He is invested. He shed His own blood, gave His own life for you and for me so that we could grow into His likeness. He knows how long we need to be in the ground. All of our dreams and hopes need the nourishment of troubles, trails and hardships. Growth never comes easy. He longs for mature children that can stand the storms of life because they are fully rooted in Him.

Remember, you cannot hurry the harvest. God is not concerned with time like we are. However, He is very concerned about timing. Relax and trust the Master. Wait on Him. Renew your strength. Harvest will come and it will be “Mmm, Mmm Good!


Upcoming Concert Dates ....

Here's where EHSS will be over the coming several weeks after we come back from a time of vacation... We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible! Make plans now to come and bring your friends and family!

JUN 21, 2013
Hattiesburg, MS
Heritage United Methodist Church
Tickets by Phone : (601) 261-3354

JUN 22, 2013
Memphis, TN
Memphis Cook Convention Centre
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JUN 28, 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa
Mosaiek Teatro
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JUN 29, 2013
Cape Town, South Africa
Lighthouse Christian Centre
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JUL 19, 2013
Lancaster, PA
Calvary Church
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JUL 20, 2013
Anderson, IN
Madison Park
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AUG 17, 2013
Paducah, KY
The Carson Center
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AUG 23, 2013
Tuscaloosa, AL
Circlewood Baptist Church
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AUG 24, 2013
Sugar Land, TX
Sugar Land Baptist Church
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AUG 25, 2013
Mustang, OK
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The Bridge AG

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15 Year Old Talent Headlining Benefits In Oklahoma

Carmi, IL (May 24, 2013) Fifteen Year Old Super Talent, Brittany Loyd will be headlining a benefit concert in Lawton, OK on Friday, June 14th at the Cameron University Theater at 7:00PM. The benefit will be for the Oklahoma Tornado Victims.
On May 19th and 20th the areas around Oklahoma City, OK suffer tremendous loss of life and property in one of the worst tornado outbreaks in history. There was devastation for miles around. Property damage is estimated in the billions, but the loss of those children in their schools is just heartbreaking.
Brittany stated “I consider it such a privilege to be asked to be a part of such a worthy cause. I hope everyone will come out to the concert if they live close by, and even more that they bring money to help the poor people who suffered through this disaster. Their lives will never be the same.”
The benefit concert will be the end of a two and one half week tour through the ravaged state. One of the first concerts of the tour will be a free concert at the Fort Sill Veterans Center also in Lawton where the program will consist of Gospel and Patriotic music.
Connie Loyd, mother of Brittany said “I am so proud of my daughter for having the desire to give to others in their time of need.”
You can learn more about Brittany at or . You can contact Brittany by E-mail at .

About Brittany Loyd
Brittany Loyd is 15 years old and is from Carmi, Illinois. She has been blessing audiences with her music since she was 5 years old. Brittany sings Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, and some Contemporary Gospel, but her favorite still remains the old Southern gospel hymns. Her most requested songs at her concerts are Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art a capella.

Brittany is looking forward to a very busy concert schedule this year with concerts booked throughout the tri-state as well as Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and even on to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where she is looking forward to a little "fun in the sun" time. She has also been asked to be a part of a concert tour in Belfast, Ireland and Germany later this year.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mercy's Well News: Weekend Recap and Memorial Day Reminder

From Mercy's Well email newsletter of May 23, 2013:

As we reflect on the events of this past week, our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by the storms in the Midwest, especially the town of Moore, OK. While we as Christians realize and recognize that material possessions are not to be sought after and idolized, it is still extremely devastating to lose everything you own in just a matter of moments. For many families, the loss was more than material, and we pray for peace and comfort for the families of those killed in the storm. Continue to remember this community in your prayers, as the road to recovery will be lengthy. Be praying about ways you can help by donating money, bottled water, or even your time to help those who are hurting today. May we be the hands and feet of our Lord, Jesus.

Our weekend was a true blessing. Thanks to all of you who were able come out Saturday night to see our concert with the Jonathans - we enjoyed sharing the stage with them! Sunday morning was a return visit for us to Woodhaven Baptist Church in Apex, NC. It had been about 6 years since our last trip to Apex, so it was good to make some new friends in addition to sharing some new music with their congregation. We were also blessed to see God's people responding to His call to make a difference in our world. We saw ten families choose to sponsor a child through Compassion International - ten children whose lives are now changed, forever! It was truly amazing to be a part of that morning's worship.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, we pray you and your loved ones stay safe as you travel - to the beach, to the mountains, or to your neighbor's backyard. Please take time to remember those men and women who gave their lives fighting for our country...we owe them ALL a great thanks.

Have a blessed weekend!

Serving Him,
Brad, Greg & Kyle
Mercy's Well

Brian Free & Assurance Announce New Baritone

Douglasville, GA – May 22, 2013 Brian Free announced today a decision has been made in filling the baritone position. Joining the BFA family will be Mike Rogers of Kinston, NC who fans will recognize from his recent position as lead singer for the Dixie Melody Boys. Mike will join the group on June 20th at the Memphis Quartet Show.

Twenty-four year old Mike shares, “The warmth and humility from Brian and the guys when I auditioned made me feel this was truly a God-thing, and confirmed for me that I wanted to be a part of their ministry. BFA is very family-oriented, which means a lot to me. Ministry is important, but after God, family is top priority. Quartet music doesn’t get any better than BFA. They are top notch, and I am honored to join them.”

Brian states, “When I received the audition info for Mike I was very impressed with his vocal ability and the gift to deliver a song. After spending some time with him, his wife Bekki and daughter Coraline at my home, I knew he was the one God had sent to be a member of our family. I love his heart and the love he has for people. He will be a wonderful addition to BFA.

Having over 300 people apply for the job, it was a hard decision due to all the talent I heard. I want to thank each person who took their time and effort to apply for the position. I am truly honored that so many wanted to be a part of our ministry. I know God has a place and time for you to use your talent for him.”

Brian Free & Assurance’s first single I Want To Be That Man off their current project, Nothing But Love, went to number one the month of February on the Singing News Charts. Their follow up single, Calvary’s Cry has quickly climbed the charts and currently holds number six for the month of May.

To keep up to date with Brian Free & Assurance visit their website at:

Devin McGlamery’s Debut Solo Release, Love Is A Verb, Now Available

(May 21, 2013) Nashville, TN – Devin McGlamery‘s much anticipated debut solo release Love Is A Verb arrives in stores and online today. In celebration of the release the popular vocalist from Ernie Haase & Signature Sound will make a special appearance tonight during a CD release concert beginning at 6:00 PM at The Listening Room Café in Nashville, TN. The special evening will feature Devin, a live band and special guests. Love Is A Verb will also be available for a special price of $10 for one night only.

iTunes, the largest distributor of digital music, put it’s a stamp of approval on the new project selecting it for inclusion on their ”New & Noteworthy” section. iTunes selects projects for this section based on what they feel is a significant addition to the musical landscape.
“I can’t believe today is here,” exclaimed Devin. “As a group member, I’ve celebrated “release days” before, but this is extra-special because it’s my own project. It’s so real and personal and I cannot wait for people to hear it!”

The 12-track project features special guest artists – Karen Peck & New River, Dailey & Vincent, Russ Taff, Beyond The Ashes, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – and is filled with personal story songs as well as a few time-tested classics.

The special Listening Room Café appearance begins a select run of tour dates for McGlamery as he continues to maintain his busy tour schedule with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound as well as his own choice solo appearances. Full details may be found online at To schedule Devin for a concert, contact

Love Is A Verb (StowTown Records), produced by Wayne Haun, is distributed exclusively through Provident Distribution and is available wherever Christian music is sold and on iTunes as well as other digital retail outlets.

:: Track Listing for Love Is A Verb
Love Is A Verb with Beyond The Ashes
Hold On, Help Is On The Way
In The Depths Of The Sea
From My Rags To His Riches with Dailey & Vincent
I Will
I Tasted Your Water
While I Still Can with Karen Peck & New River
As Long As You Will Walk With Me
Up Above My Head (I Hear Music In The Air) with Russ Taff
Waiting At Home
When He Was On The Cross
That’s Why with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
:: Devin McGlamery Solo Tour Dates ::

The Listening Room
Nashville, TN
6 PM
May 26
Tanglewood Church
Kinston, NC
All AM Services
June 16
Northpark Church
Raleigh NC
AM Service
Red Lane Baptist
Powhatan, VA
PM Service
July 14
Springfield Assembly
Akron Ohio
AM Service
July 28
The Villages, FL
w/ Doug Anderson
Aug 2
Nappanee, IN
Aug 3
Way Of The Cross Baptist Church
McDonald, TN
Aug 4
Norman Park First Baptist
Norman Park, GA
Oct 3
Milton, WV


Hendersonville, TN (May 21, 2013) – In a letter posted on their Facebook page earlier today, The Perrys announced the departure of Joseph Habedank from the award-winning group. Having begun his career as The Perrys’ baritone singer nearly a decade ago, Joseph stepped into the position of lead singer in 2006 and has also been serving temporarily as the group’s emcee in the absence of Tracy Stuffle.

In the letter, Joseph writes, “Thank you all for loving and accepting me over the years. I never dreamed that The Lord would allow me to feel so loved by the fans of Gospel Music. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Libbi Perry Stuffle adds, “While it saddens me that Joseph is leaving, we definitely respect his and Lindsay’s need to reevaluate their lives and future. He has been like a son to me and Tracy. Although he is leaving our group, we will always consider him part of our family.”

Joseph shares no details of his future plans, but asks for prayers during the transition.
To read the full letter, visit the Perrys’ Facebook page:

Daywind Records is based in Hendersonville, TN, and is distributed worldwide through New Day Christian Distributors. For more information on Daywind Records and their award-winning family of artists,


NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Salvation Road recording artist Brandy Allison is joining GRAMMY® and Dove Award-winning Artist of The Year Jason Crabb for the “All Access RV Tour” of Christian radio stations throughout the South and Midwest later this month. Produced by Mark Giles of All Access/Hit Radio Promo, the tour will also feature Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union of Souls. In addition to live on-air appearances and studio meet-and-greet sessions, Allison will perform her latest single, “Walkin’ On Faith.”

Launching May 26 in Destin, Florida, the tour will travel to Pensacola, Florida; Montgomery, Alabama; Mobile, Alabama; Tupelo, Mississippi; Monroe, Louisiana; Lufkin, Texas; Dallas; Forestburg, Texas; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Siloam Springs, Arkansas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Springfield, Missouri; before wrapping up in Camdenton, Missouri. Among other leading outlets, the “All Access RV Tour” will include stops at American Family Radio (AFR), KLTY, KCBI and WOW FM.

Allison’s new single, “Walkin’ On Faith,” is written by Jason Phelps and produced by Mark Liggett (New Kids on the Block, Blessid Union of Souls) and Jerry Lane (Blessid Union of Souls, Shanice). The single is also the title cut of Allison’s forthcoming EP, which features “My Hallelujah,” a Top 10 Soft AC hit and one of Christian Music Weekly’s Top 40 Inspirational songs of 2012.

Brandy Allison’s music reflects the life of a young woman changed by God’s grace. Following her husband’s death in a motorcycle accident three years ago, Allison turned to God to rescue her from a life of grief and addiction. Compelled to share a message of joy and Hope through music, her debut EP, Walkin’ On Faith, is slated to release next month, followed by a full-length recording.

For further information, visit or

Dixie Melody Boys Lead Singer Resigns

The Dixie Melody Boys have announced that their lead singer Mike Rogers has resigned. Mike has been with the group for the last ten months. “We wish Mike and his family the best.” said Ed O’Neal. The group will begin looking for a replacement shortly.

“Change can be hard but also exciting. History has proven that every time a singer has left, God has brought us another great addition to the Dixie Melody Boys. We know God has someone coming that will be the right fit for years to come.” added Matt Felts.

The Dixie Melody Boys are taking demos at

Greater Vision Heads To Praisefest Niagara

From Greater Vision's email newsletter of May 23, 2013:

I'm writing this week's Update as we're rolling toward our first-ever Praisefest Niagara in Niagara Falls, Ontario! We're anticipating a great event, and we're so excited to be bringing Praisefest to Canada for the first time!

Earlier today, we recorded for a new Gospel Music TV Show that will be coming to a television near you... SOON! Keep watching our Email Updates for more information to become available.

When you see our Schedule below, you might think it's a misprint... but it's not. We're really covering a lot of miles over the next four days... both on land and in the air. Check it out to see if we're coming to your area!

Ready, Set... Go!

Thursday & Friday - Praisefest Niagara
Saturday - Carnesville, GA
Sunday (am) - Conroe, TX

To see our complete Concert Schedule, click HERE.

Now Available on iTunes!

We've received quite a few emails, Facebook comments, and "tweets" on Twitter, asking when our new CD, "For All He's Done", would be available on iTunes. Well... today is the day! Click on the CD cover to purchase our new recording for your iPod or other mp3 device, through iTunes.
If you're like the guys on our bus, and prefer to have a CD, you can order that by clicking HERE.

Less Than 200 Seats Remaining!

We're told that the Great Smokies Praisefest is once again nearing an early sell-out! If you've been putting off making your reservations for our favorite week of the year... don't put it off much longer! Once the remaining seats are "spoken for," we'll being a Waiting List.

For complete information about this year's Great Smokies Praisefest, click here...then, call (910) 458-3539 to make reservations for yourself or your Church Group. Don't wait too late!

This Monday marks the Annual Celebration of Memorial Day in the United States. Millions of brave men and women have given their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we take for granted every day. Over this weekend, please pause for a moment to remember their sacrifice, and to thank God for the liberty you enjoy.

This weekend would also be a great time to reflect on the sacrifice that was made to purchase our forgiveness. Please take some time to thank The Lord for His sacrifice on your behalf.

Thank you for taking the time to keep up with us through our Email Updates. We appreciate your prayers and your friendship.

Have a blessed weekend.
Greater Vision

Help Okahoma Tornado Victims Through Soles 4 Souls

In response to the devastation caused by one of the largest tornadoes in history earlier this week in Moore, Oklahoma, Soles4Souls is reaching out to distribution partners in the area to offer emergency relief through shoes, boots, clothing, and children’s items.

We will update our website ( as our response to the tragedy takes shape.

For now, if you would like to help make this response possible, please click here to make your emergency donation.

With many thanks,

Buddy Teaster

CEO, Soles4Souls

Kingstone Comics Launches 'Eternity'--Graphic Novel From NYT Best-Seller Randy Alcorn

Putting Faith in Comics / Graphic Novels Fuels Publishing's Fastest-Growing Niche
Eternity Book Trailer

Tara Jackson Releases 'Love Come Down'

LOVE COME DOWN, Tara Jackson's sophomore album released to a world-wide audience today, May 21

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE // May 21, 2013 // BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Christian music recording artist, Tara Jackson, is excited to announce that her highly-anticipated sophomore solo project, Love Come Down, is now available world-wide via iTunes,, and her website

Following her successful debut album of 2008, Tara teamed with veteran songwriters/producers Jay Speight (Newsong, Travis Tritt) and Tyrus Morgan (Newsong) on the new project. The collaboration resulted in a smartly polished collection of bright pop melodies and moving ballads.

“Love Come Down is an honest reflection of where I've been, where I am, and who God is molding me to be,” Tara says. “Music, by its very nature, is an outpouring of triumphs and trials, stories set to song that encourage and uplift others. I was very intentional in making sure each song spoke deeply to me—testifying to God’s goodness and grace in my own life—and it’s my prayer they will speak to others’ hearts as well.”

The new project has already received acclaim from "In our age of overstatement where artists trump on loud stadium building sounds and clever polytechnics," the site states, "Jackson uses just her voice. [The] well-invested emotional verities within her voice have a way of moving these God-centered songs from just our speaker way into our heart."

“God wants us to see the world through His eyes and heart," Tara shares. "Love Come Down is about allowing God’s love to break down walls and barriers around my own heart, to lay down my expectations and let Him overtake.”

APA Nashville Signs Bluegrass Superstar Duo Dailey & Vincent

Nashville, TN (May 20, 2013) -- APA Nashville has signed Bluegrass superstar duo Dailey & Vincent to their roster, it was announced today by APA's Cass Scripps. The duo, celebrating its five-year anniversary, has earned two Grammy nominations, three consecutive IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Awards for "Entertainer of the Year" and three awards for "Vocal Group of the Year," respectively, and over 40 other awards and honors. They have multiple #1's and currently have two albums in the Top 10 on the Billboard charts.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent the award-winning and multi-talented Dailey & Vincent. Adding them to our roster will open many exciting doors of opportunity in the future," comments Scripps.

Dailey & Vincent's current single, "Steel Drivin' Man," was the #1 most-played song on Bluegrass Today's monthly chart in April and marked Jamie Dailey's first #1 as a songwriter. The video premiered on CMT Pure and remains an ongoing top-trending clip. Their new CD, BROTHERS OF THE HIGHWAY, is currently #2 on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums Chart. In addition, THE GOSPEL SIDE OF DAILEY & VINCENT is currently sitting at #7 in its 69th week of activity on the Billboard Gospel Albums Chart.

From L to R: Zac Koffler (APEX Entertainment Management), Ray Shelide (APA), Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent, Cass Scripps (APA), Matt McGuire (APA), Michael Stevens (APA)

Notes Dailey, "We are excited to be working with some of Nashville's finest and hardest-working agents." While Vincent adds, "We are looking forward to a great future with a fantastic group of folks at APA Nashville."

Dailey & Vincent are also represented by Zac Koffler / APEX Entertainment Management, attorney David Crow of Milom, Horsnell, Crow, Rose, Kelley, PLC. and Rounder Records.

Browders Get Another #1

Nashville, TN (May 17, 2013) Radio Promotions Vertical Sky is pleased to announce that “Praise You In This Valley” by the Browders has grabbed the number 1 spot for the month of July on the Singing News chart.
Written by group member Matthew Browder, “Praise You In This Valley” has been blessing people all across this nation as the Browders have been ministering with it in every service.
Sonya Browder singer and keyboard player said “We are so excited, because “Praise You In This Valley” is the third number one song from this album, 'The Message'. It's also the last song we are releasing from this CD. The best thing about having a number one song is that so many, many people hear the message of what you are singing about.”
Matthew Browder continued “In addition to three number one songs, this CD had recorded four other Top Ten songs on the charts.”
Be looking for the Browders brand new CD release around August 6th. The new CD is packed with original songs penned by the Browders.
The Browders recently won Breakthrough Artist of the Year in the AGM Music Awards.
David Browder stated “We are just amazed at the blessings God is bestowing on us lately.”
You can learn more about the Browders at , or on FaceBook at . You can E-mail the Browders at .

About The Browders
From their beginning traveling together as a family in a Dodge Omni car, to a successful music ministry with national hits, The Browders of Hiltons, Virginia are one of the most exciting groups to step on stage in many years. This family group consists of Tommy Browder, his sons, Matthew and David, and Matthew’s wife, Sonya. They travel year round, keeping a full concert schedule as well as holding revivals across the country. One of their most captivating qualities is that The Browders play much of their music live with Tommy on acoustic lead, David on bass, Matthew on rhythm guitar and Sonya on piano. They also write most of their own music.

In recent years, they have been steadily expanding and improving their ministry for the glory of God. They have enjoyed Singing News charting success with original songs like “Stand Up For Jesus” (peaked at #7, in top 20 songs of the year), “Waitin’ On My Change” (#14) and many others. With the release of their highly-anticipated, “The Message” recording came a milestone—their first #1 radio single, “Message of the Cross”. They are currently performing songs from that recording as well as their hits and most-requested songs.

Though things change throughout the years, their mission has remained the same—to bring hope to a lost and dying world and to encourage and challenge believers. They’re real and they’re anointed. We hope that in the near future you are able to attend or host a Browders’ concert to experience how God is working through this team.

GoodNewsMusicRadio with Woody Wright - LIVE DVD available NOW

GoodNewsMusicRadio with Woody Wright - LIVE DVD is available NOW at

Be among the first to pre-order this 33 song, over 2 hour RISE UP, REJOICE!
concert taped in HiDef at the beautiful Palace Theatre in Louisville, KY
Russ Taff
Jeff and Sheri Easter
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Woody & Vonnie Wright
Reggie & Ladye Smith
Palmetto State Qt.
Willie Wynn
Rachel West Kramer
and MORE!


"One God, One You" Introduces Jase®, A Crabb on A Mission

NASHVILLE, May 16, 2013 – Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actor, author, husband and father, Jason Crabb, has announced his first children’s book. One God, One You has officially released and is currently available at all Jason Crabb concerts, events and online at

One God, One You follows the story of Evan, a young boy who loves to sing and play his ukulele. At a Jason Crabb concert, he receives an unexpected present - his very own Jase the Crabb®. In his dreamland adventure with Jase®, Evan learns just how special and important his love of music is. He discovers that the things he enjoys doing most are gifts from God — gifts with a purpose and a perfect plan, straight from heaven.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write a children’s book. This has been a dream of mine – to impact the lives of our most precious gift, our children,” says Jason. “As a father, I know how important it is for those little eyes to read good, positive, material. This book lets the reader know they are something special and that God created them with a purpose! I hope this will touch the hearts of children, parents, grandparents and anyone with a child in their life. All children need to know they are special!”

The name of the character, Jase®, holds a special meaning to Crabb. Derived from the initials of his family - J(ason) A(shleigh) S(hellye) E(mma) – the name is also what his late Grandfather would call him. “I would visit my grandfather in the summer months and help him around the farm. I can’t even remember how many times I heard him call out to me – “JASE, come on over here and help me out!” – it just seemed like a natural fit to name this character after my grandfather.”

Jason Crabb has partnered with award-winning illustrator Anita DuFalla to bring Jase® and his friends to life. Anita’s clients include McGraw-Hill, Harcourt (Brace), Benchmark Education Company, Washington Post among others.

“When I saw Anita’s work and witnessed her heart for this, I knew God had brought the right person to this project,” shares Crabb. “Her creativity and talent have brought my little buddy, Jase®, to life!”

This first book launches the ten-book Jase® Series, as Evan learns just how special he is and more lessons that come straight from the Bible – stories that reveal the goodness and love of God to children, families and caregivers from all walks of life. Children, parents and teachers can log on to where they can print off curriculum, coloring pages, certificates of completion, learn about Jase® Univeristy and comment on the books. In addition to Crabb, a creative team compiled of Donna Scuderi and Philip & Tina Morris were an integral part of the team contributing to the overall foundation and direction of the book series.

Grammy® Award winner and 17-time GMA DOVE Award winner Jason Crabb is one of the most highly respected, versatile and talented artists to ever grace a stage. His soulful, heartfelt vocals have made him a critics’ pick and a fan favorite on stages ranging from “The Grand Ole Opry” and the Brooklyn Tabernacle to the Gaither Homecoming arena platforms. In 2012, Crabb was honored to be awarded with not only the Artist of the Year Award at the GMA DOVE Awards but also the Male Vocalist of the Year Award. With a string of number one hits and chart-topping singles, a tour schedule of over 150 dates annually, and ongoing high-profile TV appearances, this vocal powerhouse’s talent is topped only by his genuine personality and concern for others. Love Is Stronger, Jason’s latest release, was produced by Jay DeMarcus, Ed Cash and Wayne Haun. The project hit a home run with critics and was featured on Entertainment Tonight, Fox News, Associated Press, AOL Music, and many other national outlets. Jason is currently performing on his “Love Is Stronger” tour throughout the country. Jason lives with his wife Shellye, and daughters Emma and Ashleigh just outside of Nashville, TN.

Connect with Jason Crabb:

Three Bridges, Elliott McCoy Welcomes New Grandbaby

Nashville, TN (May 15, 2013) Elliott McCoy, manager and Baritone singer for the Award winning Gospel group Three Bridges has announced the addition of his 13th grandchild.
Elliot said “I've taught my children that it was important to keep ahead of those Hatfields and they have taken that challenge to heart. Her name is Ellie, but I like to call her the future Miss America.”
Little Ellie was born on May 13, 2013. She came into this world at 7 pounds and 20 ounces and 20 inches long. Elliott continued on “My wife and I are proud of all 13 of our grandkids, but new ones smell so good. Grandkids are a blessing from God and keep a smile on our face.”
In other news about Three Bridges, they along with the Beelers,will be performing at WJCR –FM in Upton, Kentucky for a special Food Ministry Benefit Concert on May 18th starting at 1PM. It is being held in the WJCR-FM Pavillion located at 13101 Greater Hollow Road in Upton.
Beelers Lead singer Cory Beeler said “It's always an honor to help other ministries and this Food Ministry feeds thousands every month. WJCR is a great station and they are showing the love of Christ through this ministry. It's also a plus getting to share the stage with Three Bridges.”
In addition to the Gospel concerts the day long benefit will include an appearance by the Mega Force Power Team and a Car Show.
You can learn more about Three Bridges at or and you can E-mail them at
You can reach the Beelers at or and you can E-mail them at .
Both artists are booked through Beckie Simmons Agency – 615-595-7500

About Three Bridges
Three Bridges’ music is rooted in traditional ”southern gospel” and ”black gospel” music. This blended style has made Three Bridges an internationally-acclaimed Gospel group — one that is known for tight harmonies, a unique vocal style, an exciting and energy packed stage presence and, most importantly, for spreading the joy of the Good News of Christ. They have entertained and ministered to millions through their recordings, TV appearances and live shows — which is why Three Bridges has quickly become one of the most prominent Gospel groups in Christian music today.
Following the release of the critically-acclaimed debut album, Soldiers (2002), Three Bridges has wowed packed-out venues across the nation…from Gospel singings, business conventions, churches, political meetings, TV shows, charitable relief events – all the way to Air Force One! They have also appeared on five Bill Gaither video tapings and were special guests on a video for the United Nation.

About The Beelers
Cory is an incredibly anointed songwriter (it’s just in his blood), singer and musician, as well as preacher of the Word. Cory also plays guitar, harmonica and piano. Robin is the middle sibling whom God has blessed with incredible vocal and arranging abilities. Her talents also include piano and a comedy character they call “Sham”, who is so funny and will “keep you in stitches”! Husband, Steve, travels with the group as road manager/sound man. Tina, the first born of The Beelers, is the mischievous one of the family, but also is the Rock! Because their mother died when Cory was just a young boy at the time, Tina not only assumed the role of “big sister”, but also became part Mother. Her importance to The Beelers vocal performances are blessed by the same commitment she has to everything else in life. Tina is an incredible singer with a contagious smile and helps “hold it all together!” The Beelers have been singing their family style of harmony since childhood. Their first radio single is a song written by their Dad, Ray Beeler, “When A Man Dies”, immediately following the death of their mother. Their debut project is entitled, “Common Ground”, a great song penned by Cory Beeler plus several songs by producer and songwriter, Glen Bates, on BSA World Records.

Monday, May 13, 2013



Red Carpet Includes Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters, Larry Gatlin, Jason Crabb, Christy Sutherland, Whitney Goin, Britt George and more

Pictured L-R: Whitney Goin (Marnie), London Kimble (Alethea), Ryan Ramos (Director), Christy Sutherland (Laura Ann), Britt George (Austin), Barbara Mandrell, Jackie Stewart (The Street Sweeper), Louise Mandrell, Larry Gatlin, Irlene Mandrell, Jason Crabb, and Pastor Glen Berteau pose on the red carpet prior to the screening of INSPIRATION POP 2929 at Trinity Music City in Nashville, TN on May 7, 2013
Photo by Meishach Moore / Nelon PR

Nashville, TN – May 10, 2013 – A new family film, INSPIRATION POP 2929, received a star-studded music city welcome as the film premiered at a special invitation-only, VIP screening earlier this week at TBN in Nashville, TN. Music icons Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters made their way onto the red carpet in support of singer/songwriter Christy Sutherland (Barbara's daughter-in-law) as she made her acting debut. Alongside the talented women, country music superstar Larry Gatlin, who appears in the film and performs a song written especially for the film, walked onto the carpet followed by Grammy award winning Christian vocalist Jason Crabb. Crabb also made his acting debut in the film and contributed a song to the soundtrack and also performs in the movie. Hollywood actors Jackie Stewart, Britt George and Whitney Goin - all who had starring roles - were on hand to walk as well.

Set in the small fictional American southern town of Mountain Brook, INSPIRATION POP 2929, follows a diverse cast of characters as they struggle in their lives. A young musician wishes to share his gift with a larger audience; a widow copes with the death of her soldier daughter; a small business owner sacrifices her freedom for the safety of a young runaway; a mechanic finds a family by finding his faith; and a man and woman strengthen their marriage by seeking the Lord's wisdom. The main theme in this film is that you too can live a life of irrefutable success if you learn and act upon the things that God has revealed to you! It asks, "Am I truly listening?"

The film stars Jackie Stewart (Sling Blade, A Time To Kill), Whitney Goin (Nickelodeon, Letters To God, A Measure of Faith), Britt George (Las Vegas, Burning Hollywood, Dragnet) Larry Gatlin (Grammy Winner, Country Music Superstar), Jason Crabb (Grammy Winner, Christian Music Male Vocalist & Artist of The Year), Christy Sutherland (Award winning singer/songwriter, Daughter in law of Barbara Mandrell), Regina McCrary and many more.

This inspirational journey is projected over an original Country Gospel and Contemporary Christian soundtrack, with artists including Grammy Award winners Jason Crabb and Larry Gatlin, Christy Sutherland, Regina McCrary and the McCrar Sisters, Terri Sharp, Andrew Greer, Andrea Thomas, Paul Reter, Rob Rainwater, American Idol's Jimmy Smith, JR Hood, Devin Belle, the Lee University Campus Choir and many more.

INSPIRATION POP 2929 is moving forward with a select theatrical release and a special "producers cut" edition DVD of the movie can be ordered online at


Part Two of the Special Tribute Programs features Phil Cross as Guest Co Host

Harmony Road will again feature songwriters, the stories behind their songs and inspirational performances during a special 2 week “Song of a Lifetime” series. Award winning songwriter and “Song of a Lifetime” producer, Phil Cross is special guest co host. This weekend’s program is the second episode of the 2 part series and includes stories and performances by Cross, Tim Lovelace along with the Mark Trammel Quartet, Mark Bishop, and the Triumphant Quartet performing “You’ll Find Me There”, penned by Joseph Habedank and Scotty Inman.

Other songs include “Jesus Built a Bridge”, “Can I Pray for You?” and “Old Convention Song”. Performances are from special “Song of a Lifetime” programs at the National Quartet Convention, and the intimate, acoustic video series featuring many top Gospel Songwriters. Hosted by Les Butler, the program originates from Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse in Monteagle, Tennessee. More information about The Smokehouse can be found at Song of a Lifetime DVD’s can be purchased from Harmony Road at

Harmony Road can be found each Sunday morning at 8 Eastern time on TNN/The Nashville Network and other outlets. For more times and stations, including online streaming, go to Go to for TNN stations, and for WalkTV affiliates. Other team members include Southern Gospel Musician Cody McVey providing special interviews and insights, as well as Roger Spears, Producer and Randy Liner, Technical Director.

Friday, May 10, 2013

May Edition Of SGN Scoops Now Available!

We are proud of the May issue! In fact, it’s not even summer yet, but this issue sizzles!
Aaron and Amanda Crabb spice up the cover, and their interview will most definitely melt hearts! Also in this issue, catch the latest from Red Roots, the Pine Ridge Boys, and Mark Bishop.
Get the scoop on Devin McGlamery and also Greater Vision’s new music projects, and catch the Younger Perspective with Adam Brown.
Get to know Christian Country’s rising star, Abby Paskvan, and the West Coast’s Keepers of the Faith. You heard the news about the upcoming Cathedral Reunion, but get the inside scoop from Ernie Haase, Mark Trammel and Scott Fowler.
Dr Jeff Steele delivers a word of encouragement, Lou Hildreth honors Tim Riley and Jeff Hawes honors his mom.
Catch up on the latest Creekside Gospel Music Convention plans, see who made the top ten list for Diamond Awards and see what songs are topping the charts.
As always….digital, free and good! The scoop is nestled inside a beautiful magazine and is now available in in two formats. You choose- PDF or flip-style and please share with friends, family and fans.
Download your copy for free here!

The Perrys & McKameys come to Huntsville, AL next week, plus other dates!



Ernie Haase And Signature Sound: Live DVD Taping Tickets On Sale May 10

From EHSS email newsletter of May 9, 2013:

Hello friends!

Ernie here - HAPPY, HAPPY THURSDAY! I hope your day has been good so far!

Recently, I told you about our new DVD LIVE RECORDING on AUGUST 17, 2013 in PADUCAH, KY and I have to tell you, I was blown away with how many people sent in messages of excitement and their plans to be there. Honestly, if everyone that wrote in comes to the taping, we are going to have to turn some people away!

With that being said, guess what tomorrow is?


MAY 10 @ 10:00 AM CST!

If I were you, I would not waste any time grabbing your tickets!

The night will not be complete without YOU so please, grab your tickets while you can!

Again, tickets go on sale tomorrow May 10th at 10 AM CST. Go to to purchase yours!

Get 'em while you still can - this is a night that will go down in EHSS history!

Love you all,


Copyright © 2013 Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
P.O. Box 2288
Stow, OH 44224

The Talleys Invite You To Gatlinburg Gathering 2013

From The Talleys Email Newsletter Generated on May 9, 2013

Gatlinburg Gathering 2013


I invite you to join Abraham Productions for the Gatlinburg Gathering 2013 on its new dates – Tuesday, July 3 through Saturday, July 6 ending with a special Sunday Morning worship service on July 7 at 9:00 AM.

In addition to spectacular gospel music, the largest July 4th Midnight Parade honoring the men and women of our military will happen in Gatlinburg on Wednesday night at Midnight. Fireworks, the Midnight Parade, and all the major groups in Southern Gospel Music – who could ask for more?

We have secured hotel rooms within walking distance of Gatlinburg Convention Center for less than $100 per night! See all the details below.

Make your plans right now to join us July 3-7 in the Great Smoky Mountains of Gatlingburg, TN for the “Vacation you need with the music you love!”

See you there!!!!

The Talleys


**Mention that you are attending GATLINBURG GATHERING**

Reagan Resorts Inn

938 Parkway (0.1 miles from Gatlinburg Convention Center)


Standard Room – Two Doubles $99.99 + taxes/fees per night
Amenities: Trolley stop ,covered free parking, outdoor pool, wireless internet, guest laundry, coffee maker and mini refrigerator

Four Seasons Motor Lodge

756 Parkway (0.26 miles from Gatlinburg Convention Center)


Standard Room – Two Doubles $99.99 + taxes/fees per night
Amenities pet friendly, free parking, outdoor and indoor pool, coffee maker, mini refrigerator , hair dryer, iron and ironing board, cable television and safe

Clarion Inn

1100 Parkway (.40 miles from Gatlinburg Convention Center)
Rate: $195-$245 + taxes/fees per night
Amenities: Wireless internet, private balconies, refrigerator, microwave, enclosed heated pool, exercise facilities

The Edgewater At The Aquarium

402 River Road (.41 miles from Gatlinburg Convention Center)
Rate: $119.00 + taxes/fees per night
Amenities: Hot/Cold Complimentary Breakfast, indoor/outdoor heated pool, micro-fridges, private balconies with mountain views, wireless internet, handicap accessible, exercise facilities, coffee maker, hair dryer, on the Trolley route

Glenstone Lodge
504 Historic Nature Trail (0.27 miles from Gatlinburg Convention Center)
Standard Room – Two Doubles $99.00 + taxes/fees per night
Amenities: Trolley Stop, free parking, indoor and outdoor pool and hot tub, onsite restaurant, coffee maker, hair dryer, refrigerator (not all rooms)

Royal Townhouse of Gatlinburg

937 Parkway (.23 miles from Gatlinburg Convention Center)
Standard Room $79.95 + taxes/fees per night
Amenities: rooftop swimming, mini fridge, coffee maker, free Wi-Fi

Sleep Inn

335 East Parkway (.50 miles from Gatlinburg Convention Center)
Amenities: Trolley Stop, indoor pool, parking, continental breakfast

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Popular Group Asks For Fans' Help

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — May 8, 2013 — Larry Strickland, owner of Palmetto State Quartet, has announced a major change for the legendary quartet. It was announced today that the popular vocal ensemble will undergo a name change in the coming weeks. The change comes at a time when Strickland sees the group evolving. “We feel that this is the perfect time to make a name change since we have had vocal changes in our group recently" stated Strickland. “The talent and sound that has come together is exciting! We still have the close harmony, but also this group can deliver unique, modern vocal arrangements for our time. We've spent months writing new material, working in the studio and can't wait to premier our new music to radio and our fans!"

So, what’s the new name? “Well, we don’t really know,” says Strickland, with a laugh. “We need some help, so we are going to our friends and fans, the ones who come to our concerts, to ask for their input. ”

Beginning today, May 8, 2013 through May 29, 2013, fans can submit their suggestions for the new name of the group to The brand-new name will be announced on June 3, 2013. The winning entry that is chosen will receive the following as a “thank you” from Larry Strickland and members of the group:

$500 Cash Prize
Front Row seats to any upcoming concert
Meet-and-Greet before a concert
The first copy of the new CD, autographed
Autographed Picture

The group is currently in the studio recording their new project and a tour will be launched in conjunction with the recording release. “These are greatly exciting times,” says Larry. “I love Gospel Music and I am looking forward to the next phase of this group!”

Palmetto State Quartet is booked exclusively through BSA/Beckie Simmons Agency. Beckie Simmons states "This is the perfect time for the name change with this group. We are behind them 100% and looking forward to taking this journey with Larry Strickland for the future!" For further information call 615-595-7500 or visit

Greater Vision Radio Broadcast Alert


Tonight at 10pm (Eastern) and again on Saturday at Noon (Eastern), you can listen to a special edition of "Daniel Britt & Friends" featuring interviews with Chris, Gerald, and Rodney, and songs from the new "For All He's Done" CD!

"Daniel Britt & Friends" can be heard on the Enlighten Channel on Sirius/XM Radio (Channel 65) and on Dish Network Satellite receivers (Channel 6065).

If you don't have your "For All He's Done" CD, click here.

A New Home for Gospel Music!

If you have a Sirius/XM Radio in your car, the Sirius/XM App on your "SmartPhone", A Dish Satellite Receiver on your TV, or access to the Internet in your home, you can listen to Gospel Music every minute of every day on a channel called "Enlighten." Earlier this week, Enlighten moved to its new, permanent home on Sirius/XM Channel 65 and on Dish Network Channel 6065.

Praisefest Niagara Falls Only 2 Weeks Away!

Two weeks from today, we'll kick-off the first-ever Praisefest Niagara Falls in Niagara Fall, Ontario! At the time of this writing, there are still some Single-Session seats available, but you need to act quickly to reserve yours!

Join Greater Vision, Legacy Five, The Hoppers, Triumphant Quartet, Dr. David Jeremiah, Tim Lovelace, and some of Ontario's favorite Gospel Artists for this very special Memorial Day Weekend event at one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world... Niagara Falls!

Click here for more information.

King's Heralds Receive Unexpected Greeting In Philippines

Portland, TN (May 9, 2013) The oldest actively performing Gospel group in the nation, The King's Heralds returned to the Philippines for the first time in over 30 years. The group performed a concert for a special youth Congress in Mindanao.

Talented tenor, Don Scroggs stated “The Heralds always have had a special place in our hearts for missions and make as many trips to foreign countries as we can to help missionaries on their home front”.

Jeff Pearles, bass singer extraordinaire, chimed in, “Music seems to be a language that is universal and reaches in to the hearts of young people everywhere. We were so well received with a crowd of over 30,000 young people that our hearts were pounding as we took the stage”.

Some of those young people waited in their seats for over 12 hours prior to the concert to assure that they got a front row seat. The group performed many of the songs they have become noted for over the past 87 years of ministry; however, the audience was especially receptive to the newer Southern Gospel selections.

After the concert, about 5000 members of the audience wanted to meet the quartet and have pictures with them. The crowd was so excited about the King’s Heralds appearance, that security had a difficult time organizing the crowd so the pictures could be taken in an orderly fashion. After several announcements by security for the crowd to organize themselves, armed security guards had to escort the quartet out the backstage door to a vehicle waiting to transport them back to their hotel for their own safety. Pearles said, “It was the first time in all my years of singing that I was concerned for our personal safety."

Savvy arranger and baritone Russell Hospedales agreed, “When I felt the crowd begin to press in around us on all sides, I began to become a bit uncomfortable. I guess I'm not cut out to be a Rock Star.”

Consummate lead singer, Joel Borg says “Seeing the reaction of those young people was very humbling for us and while the degree of enthusiasm for the quartet was a bit unexpected, we felt bad for the people who wanted pictures that never got one.”

Scroggs said “Those young kids were excited to hear about Jesus. We are looking forward to a return trip next year."

More information about the King's Heralds is available at , , or by E-mail at .


About The King's Heralds
The King’s Heralds have shared their music with thousands, including the Christian Booksellers Association, the National Association of Religious Broadcasters, the Protestant Health and Welfare Association, the Greater Pittsburgh Charismatic Conference and the Baptist World Alliance. The King’s Heralds have been regular guests on “Praise the Lord” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and on the “It Is Written Telecast”. In addition to maintaining an extensive touring schedule, the group also shares their musical talents with patients and their families through a hospital ministry and have witnessed to hardened inmates with a prison ministry.

Mercy's Well Weekend News, In Concert May 18th with The Jonathans

From Mercy's Well email newsletter of May 9, 2013:

Happy Thursday to you! We hope and trust you have had a great week thus far, but if you haven't, do not fret - the weekend is in sight! If you were to read through the entire book of Psalms, you would find the ending to be very refreshing and exhilarating. Psalms 146-150 (often called the "Hallelujah Psalms"), have one common theme - praising God. He is worthy of our praise, and we have much to praise Him for! If you can't find anything to praise Him for, perhaps we can help...

We had a great weekend close to home, which started Sunday morning in Greensboro. Pastors Rodney, David, and everyone else at Rocky Knoll Baptist were so welcoming. We were able to hear the testimonies of two men who had come to know the Lord earlier that week - what a blessing! Our Sunday evening service was in Petersburg, VA, where we witnessed a woman come forward and pray with the pastor to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior! On Tuesday evening, we had the privilege of singing at a "Music Revival" service in New London, NC. God's presence was definitely felt, and before we even began the invitation hymn, a 14 yr-old boy - the pastor's own grandson - was walking down the aisle in tears, ready to receive Christ as His Savior and Lord!

Please know our hearts on these events...we give ALL of the praise, honor, and glory to God for what He is doing! It is a humble privilege to be used by God to present His message, and we strive to be faithful in the task we have been called to. It would not be possible without your prayers, so thank YOU - and keep up the good work!

SPECIAL CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT: We are just over a week away from our Spring Concert of Music and Praise! On Saturday, May 18, make plans to join us and our friends, The Jonathans, at Balfour Baptist Church in Asheboro, NC. Remember, there is NO ADMISSION CHARGE, but a love offering will be received. The concert will start at 7:00 PM. We hope to see you there!

Have a blessed weekend!

Serving Him,
Brad, Greg & Kyle
Mercy's Well

May 5, 10:30 AM - Unity Wesleyan Church - Trinity, NC
For more information: (336) 434-6380

Brad Davis Performs For Dave Ramsey Entreleadership Master Series Event

Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment/BlueGrass Valley Records) May 8th, 2013 – The Lampo Group, founded by popular author, national radio host and financial advice guru Dave Ramsey, recently held one of their most prestigious events in the Nashville area, The Entreleadership Masters Series. To display their Nashville hospitality they wanted to provide a flavor of some of the city's renowned music style for their elite conference attendees and Brad Davis was the artist of choice. Davis is known for inventing a unique guitar style called 'double-down up' and showcased his musicianship and vocals for listeners at the event.

The Entreleadership Masters Series offered by The Lampo Group caters to entrepreneurs and business owners desiring to take their business and leadership teams to the next level in principles of business growth. Dave Ramsey has grown his business from his living to an organization of over 350 team members. Dave is known for his popular best-selling book, Financial Peace, and his nationally syndicated radio show, The Dave Ramsey Radio Show. Churches across the nation have adopted the Financial Peace curriculum offering classes and instruction at a local level for those interested in improving their personal financial management. The Entreleadership Masters Series is geared toward the business side of financial management and success.

Brad Davis' debut project, 'Walk On Faith', releases this month on the Mansion/BlueGrass Valley Record label with the debut single, "Road To Emmaus", already beginning to climb charts across the country.

For more information regarding Brad Davis, Dave Ramsey or BlueGrass Valley Records:

Tune-in Alert May 12th 7:30am, Busy Weekend For Back Home

South Pittsburg, TN (May 8, 2013) It's going to be a busy weekend for Back Home fans.
“Whiskey Stained Glass" the heart-wrenching video performed by outstanding vocal duo, Back Home, will be aired Sunday, May 12th at 7:30AM CST on TNN which broadcasts The NASHVILLE COUNTRY REVIVAL program hosted by Bill Traylor of Mansion Entertainment.
Diana Thomas of Fresh Well Media stated “This is the most emotional and transparent concept video Fresh Well Media has done to date. This video will change your life”.
The video is from the song “Whiskey Stained Glass” on the 'God Doesn't Listen To The Odds' album, which also features the chart busting song "Tell The Mountain (About Your God)”.
In addition to the video broadcast, starting the day before on Saturday May 11th Back Home will be performing at Jeff and Sheri Easter's Homecoming in the Lewis Family Homeplace, Lincolnton, GA.
Jimmy Layne said smiling “Jeff told us he really loved the song, 'Tell The Mountain (About Your God)' and that was going to be one of his request for us to sing Saturday. I think that song , which happens to be doing very well on the charts, is the reason Jeff and Sheri invited us to sing at their Homecoming”.
Information about Jeff and Sheri's Homecoming can be found at .
Also performing will be Jason Crabb and Jeff & Sheri Easter. An offering will be taken for The Home Place, a non-profit organization supported by Jeff and Sheri.

You can reach Back Home at,, or
E-mail them at .

About Back Home
Back Home is a husband and wife team who not only are great singers, but also inspiring songwriters. Jimmy and Jennifer are no strangers to the music industry. Twenty-six year veterans of vocal session work, they are two of the most sought after background singers in the country and gospel music industries. On any given night you can find Back Home sharing their love for good music, the gospel and their love for the One who has allowed them to live their dreams and sing for Him with audiences and churches all across America.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Diamond Awards Round 2 Voting Is Open

SGN Scoops is excited about a record- breaking voting participation in this year’s Diamond Awards nominations. We are officially moving on the the second phase of the voting process. Please participate in this round by choosing up to three favorites per category. Round 2 voting ends June 25, 2013.

Remember to share the link with friends, fans and family and on all social media outlets.

AND… Make plans to join us for the Diamond Awards in Pigeon Forge on October 29th. For more information, visit:

Congratulations to all of the top ten nominees! The Diamond Awards- where the FANS choose the nominees and winners! Vote Here and vote today!

Derrick Selph To Leave Brian Free & Assurance

It is with sadness that I must inform everyone that Derrick Selph is leaving BFA and coming off of the road. He has been such an amazing part of this ministry for almost 10 years, and he will be greatly missed. As many of you know, Derrick and his wife Jennifer are expecting their second child, and he feels that he needs to be at home more. He will be greatly missed because we truly are family but we all want him to do what he feels he needs to do in this situation.
We are currently taking applications for the baritone position. Please send all applications to:
P.O. Box 1909
Douglasville, GA 30133
Or you can email me an audio clip, bio and picture to:
Derrick will be with us a few more weeks and we truly wish him and his family the best God has to offer. We love you Derrick, Jennifer and Lydia.

Beelers Unveil New Website

Knoxville, TN (May 7, 2013) The Beelers of Knoxville, TN are proud to unveil their new website . Known for their close family harmony, the Beelers now have a nice looking home on the internet for fans to keep up with them.
Robin Beeler Cumbie stated “Our new website is totally awesome. It looks beautiful, has a great photo gallery and an easy to use store where fans can purchase the Beelers CDs and T-shirts, including the new CD which will hopefully be out in June”.
Continuing the excitement Tina Beeler Moody said “Other great features of the new site include our calender of appearances and links to connect with us on FaceBook and Twitter”.
The Beelers recently became a 501C non-profit organization and tax deductible donations may now be made to them through the new website.
Cory Beeler added “So many exciting things are happening for us right now. We have our new website, we're finishing our new recording with Glen Bates and BSA Records, and our new single “When A Man Dies” is soaring up the chart. We are just grateful to God for His blessings to us”.
You can get in touch with or book The Beelers at, , , or E-mail them at
The Beelers are represented by the Beckie Simmons Agency.

About The Beelers
Cory is an incredibly anointed songwriter (it’s just in his blood), singer and musician, as well as preacher of the Word. Cory also plays guitar, harmonica and piano.
Robin is the middle sibling whom God has blessed with incredible vocal and arranging abilities. Her talents also include piano and a comedy character they call “Sham”, who will “keep you in stitches”. Husband, Steve, travels with the group as road manager/sound man.

Tina, the first born of The Beelers, is the mischievous one of the family, but also is the Rock! Because their mother died when Cory was just a young boy at the time, Tina not only assumed the role of “big sister”, but also became part Mother. Tina is an incredible singer with a contagious smile and helps “hold it all together”.

The Beelers have been singing their family style of harmony since childhood. Their first radio single is a song written by their Dad, Ray Beeler, “When A Man Dies”, immediately following the death of their mother. Their debut project is entitled, “Common Ground”, a great song penned by Cory Beeler plus several songs by producer and songwriter, Glen Bates, on BSA World Records.

Adam's Call Is Giving Away Their Song

Nashville, TN (May 6, 2013) This new young trio is on their way to making a name for themselves in the Gospel music arena, as they unselfishly share their future hit song with the world by offering it as a free download.
Who is this outstanding, break the mold, new group? Adam's Call, from Nashville, TN, is all about thinking out of the box to reach the most people they can with the greatest message in the world. Formed a mere six months ago, Adam's Call is getting the attention of young and old alike.
Founder and manager, Bobby Davenport said “In this day and age it sounds a little crazy to be giving away our music, but this song “You Will Deliver” needs to be heard by people of every persuasion.
We know that He will deliver you from any situation you are in. If it's drugs, sickness, poverty, or depression, our God is able to deliver you.”
One fan was heard saying “It is so refreshing to see a young group like Adam's Call willing to make such a sacrifice to spread the Gospel by GIVING their song away.”
Get your free mp3 download copy of “You Will Deliver” from the Adam's Call webpage at .
You can reach Adam's Call at, or by E-mail at

About Adam's Call
Adam's Call is a fairly new mixed trio singing with a great Southern Gospel/Country blend. It's rare to find a group with a true heart, talent, and a passion for great songs, and great music. Adams Call doesn't cloud great songs with over produced music, but lets the words and harmony be the foundation that makes for a unique, yet anointed sound in an age of ordinary. Great Group, Great Songs, Great Message.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Back Home to Donate CD Proceeds to World Missions

Cleveland, TN (May 6, 2013) Jimmy and Jennifer Layne, also known as “Back Home,” from Nashville, Tennessee, have committed to donate a portion of the profits from their new CD to the Marcelly’s Dream project with Church of God World Missions.

In a ceremony attended by the staff of World Missions, led by General Director Tim Hill, the Layne’s announced their intentions at the International Offices earlier this week. The CD, titled, “Live It,” contains original music, mostly written by Jennifer Layne. They will donate $5.00 from each CD sold.

Jimmy Lane stated "Marcelly's Dream is all about getting Bibles into the hands of kids, and putting Bibles into every child's hand is something we can really support. It's something we believe in" . Marcelly's Dream also attends to the practical needs of children around the would, such as medical and educational supplies.

“The inspiration for ‘Live It’ came from the fact that so many people don’t take their testimony beyond the walls of the church,” Jennifer stated. “Everyone needs to put legs on your faith!” The songwriter also noted that “missions is about everywhere” and likened it to World Missions recent action to add the USA and Canada as a mission field.

Jimmy Layne stated that his wife wrote eight of the songs on the CD and was, “hearing from God,” when she did so. Jimmy continued “Our main objective is to present real life songs…we live it!”

The website contains full information about the Layne’s and their ministry, as well as a way to purchase the CD through mail or via iTunes download. For more information about the Marcelly’s Dream Project, visit


About Back Home
Back Home is a husband and wife team who not only are great singers, but also inspiring songwriters. Jimmy and Jennifer are no strangers to the music industry. Twenty-six year veterans of vocal session work, they are two of the most sought after background singers in the country and gospel music industries. On any given night you can find Back Home sharing their love for good music, the gospel and their love for the One who has allowed them to live their dreams and sing for Him with audiences and churches all across America.


Phil Cross is Guest Co-Host, “Song of a Lifetime” Videos Featured

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN MAY 2, 2013:Harmony Road will feature songwriters, the stories behind their songs and inspirational performances during a special 2 week “Song of a Lifetime” series. Award winning songwriter and “Song of a Lifetime” producer, Phil Cross is special guest co-host. This weekend’s program is the first of the series and includes stories and performances by Cross, Mark Bishop, Weston Hinson Group and more. Songs include gospel classics such as “When I Get Carried Away”, “Call Me Gone” and “I Can’t Even Walk, Without You Holding my Hand”.

Performances are from special “Song of a Lifetime” programs at the National Quartet Convention, and the intimate, acoustic video series featuring many top Gospel Songwriters. Hosted by Les Butler, the program originates from Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse in Monteagle, Tennessee. More information about The Smokehouse can be found at Song of a Lifetime DVD’s can be purchased from Harmony Road at, under the “Shop Harmony Road” tab.

Harmony Road can be found each Sunday morning at 8 Eastern time on TNN/The Nashville Network and other outlets. For more times and stations, including online streaming, go to Go to for TNN stations, and for WalkTV affiliates. Other team members include Southern Gospel Musician Cody McVey providing special interviews and insights, as well as Roger Spears, Producer and Randy Liner, Technical Director.

Dixie Melody Boys Claim Numerous Top Honors At SGM Fan Awards

(Friday May 3, 2013)- SongGarden Music artists, The Dixie Melody Boys solidified their rise back to the top of Southern Gospel at last night's Southern Gospel Fan Awards held in Pigeon Forge, TN. The SGM Fan Awards are presented by the Christian Voice Magazine and honor the best in Southern Gospel music as chosen by the fans. The night was filled with great performances by the Dixie Melody Boys, Palmetto State Quartet, the Hemphills, Phil Cross, the Diplomats and many more.

The Dixie Melody Boys received the most Top 5 Nominations of any group with eleven nominations including Favorite Album, Song and Video. Hall of fame member Ed O'Neal took home the Favorite Bass Singer award for the second year in a row. Steven Cooper won the Favorite Baritone award. "We are so happy for Steven. As many know, he will be stepping down soon so to have the fans honor him and his five years with us this way is wonderful." said Ed O'Neal.

Mike Rogers, who has been with the group just under a year was also honored by being nominated in the Top 5 for Favorite Lead Singer and Young Excelling Artist. Matt Felts won the Favorite Tenor Award having made the Top 5 two years in a row. "Just to be on the list with men like Michael Booth, David Phelps, Brian Free and Jeff Hawes is a huge honor. These men are my heroes. I am so grateful that God has allowed me to sing for him." said Matt Felts. Ending the night on a high note, the Dixie Melody Boys won Favorite Male Quartet for the second year in a row.

The last two years have shown the Dixie Melody Boys are riding high again with no signs of slowing down. To learn more check them out at

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Jonathans and Mercy's Well to Appear in Asheboro, North Carolina

SPECIAL CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a special night of Praise and Worship to be held Saturday night, May 18, 2013 at Balfour Baptist Church in Asheboro, NC. Mercy's Well will be appearing with The Jonathans, out of Bremen, GA.
The Jonathans: Parker Jonathan, the group's founding member, sang with The Kingsmen for 13 years in the 90's and early 2000's before moving to Georgia with his wife Paula. In addition to Parker and Paula, The Jonathans are comprised of Eric Dunson and keyboardist Jacob Pitts.
Mercy's Well: Consisting of Brad Strider, Greg Gainer and Kyle King, Mercy's Well has been performing for over 15 years out of Greensboro, NC. One of Gospel music's top male trios, Mercy's Well latest single, Beautiful Terrible Cross has been climbing the charts of Christian music.
Make plans to attend, and bring a friend! Concert begins at 7:00pm. NO ADMISSION CHARGE, but a love offering will be received.