Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adam's Call Is Giving Away Their Song

Nashville, TN (May 6, 2013) This new young trio is on their way to making a name for themselves in the Gospel music arena, as they unselfishly share their future hit song with the world by offering it as a free download.
Who is this outstanding, break the mold, new group? Adam's Call, from Nashville, TN, is all about thinking out of the box to reach the most people they can with the greatest message in the world. Formed a mere six months ago, Adam's Call is getting the attention of young and old alike.
Founder and manager, Bobby Davenport said “In this day and age it sounds a little crazy to be giving away our music, but this song “You Will Deliver” needs to be heard by people of every persuasion.
We know that He will deliver you from any situation you are in. If it's drugs, sickness, poverty, or depression, our God is able to deliver you.”
One fan was heard saying “It is so refreshing to see a young group like Adam's Call willing to make such a sacrifice to spread the Gospel by GIVING their song away.”
Get your free mp3 download copy of “You Will Deliver” from the Adam's Call webpage at http://adamscall.com .
You can reach Adam's Call at www.facebook.com/AdamsCallMusic, http://adamscall.com or by E-mail at office@adamscall.com

About Adam's Call
Adam's Call is a fairly new mixed trio singing with a great Southern Gospel/Country blend. It's rare to find a group with a true heart, talent, and a passion for great songs, and great music. Adams Call doesn't cloud great songs with over produced music, but lets the words and harmony be the foundation that makes for a unique, yet anointed sound in an age of ordinary. Great Group, Great Songs, Great Message.

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