Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mercy's Well News: Weekend Recap and Memorial Day Reminder

From Mercy's Well email newsletter of May 23, 2013:

As we reflect on the events of this past week, our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by the storms in the Midwest, especially the town of Moore, OK. While we as Christians realize and recognize that material possessions are not to be sought after and idolized, it is still extremely devastating to lose everything you own in just a matter of moments. For many families, the loss was more than material, and we pray for peace and comfort for the families of those killed in the storm. Continue to remember this community in your prayers, as the road to recovery will be lengthy. Be praying about ways you can help by donating money, bottled water, or even your time to help those who are hurting today. May we be the hands and feet of our Lord, Jesus.

Our weekend was a true blessing. Thanks to all of you who were able come out Saturday night to see our concert with the Jonathans - we enjoyed sharing the stage with them! Sunday morning was a return visit for us to Woodhaven Baptist Church in Apex, NC. It had been about 6 years since our last trip to Apex, so it was good to make some new friends in addition to sharing some new music with their congregation. We were also blessed to see God's people responding to His call to make a difference in our world. We saw ten families choose to sponsor a child through Compassion International - ten children whose lives are now changed, forever! It was truly amazing to be a part of that morning's worship.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, we pray you and your loved ones stay safe as you travel - to the beach, to the mountains, or to your neighbor's backyard. Please take time to remember those men and women who gave their lives fighting for our country...we owe them ALL a great thanks.

Have a blessed weekend!

Serving Him,
Brad, Greg & Kyle
Mercy's Well

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