Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Promise Trio Releases New Radio Single

Nashville, TN (May 30, 2013) Daywind recording artists The Promise Trio has released their brand new single to radio through the Daywind Records Compilation Disc.
The first original release for The Promise Trio “Repair The Old Altar” was penned by Kyla Rowland and produced by Marty Funderburk.
Group spokesperson Debra Peele stated “We are so excited about this song. Kyla is such a great songwriter and the message of this song is so powerful, everyone needs to hear it.”
The Promise Trio Baritone, Rick Blessing said “I believe this song is going to touch the hearts of everyone who hears it, so I am praying that DJs will give the song a listen and then play, play, play it.”
The Promise Trio also noted that they are a top 10 Diamond Award nominee in the category of the "Sunrise Award" for a new group.
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About The Promise Trio

For centuries Christians have sung praises to our Heavenly Father at important events. In Luke 2:13-14 we find that they sang praises on the announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ and Matthew records in chapter 26 that the Apostles sang during the last supper. The Promise Trio keeps this tradition alive by singing the praises of our Savior in churches and concerts across the land.

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