Monday, May 6, 2013

Back Home to Donate CD Proceeds to World Missions

Cleveland, TN (May 6, 2013) Jimmy and Jennifer Layne, also known as “Back Home,” from Nashville, Tennessee, have committed to donate a portion of the profits from their new CD to the Marcelly’s Dream project with Church of God World Missions.

In a ceremony attended by the staff of World Missions, led by General Director Tim Hill, the Layne’s announced their intentions at the International Offices earlier this week. The CD, titled, “Live It,” contains original music, mostly written by Jennifer Layne. They will donate $5.00 from each CD sold.

Jimmy Lane stated "Marcelly's Dream is all about getting Bibles into the hands of kids, and putting Bibles into every child's hand is something we can really support. It's something we believe in" . Marcelly's Dream also attends to the practical needs of children around the would, such as medical and educational supplies.

“The inspiration for ‘Live It’ came from the fact that so many people don’t take their testimony beyond the walls of the church,” Jennifer stated. “Everyone needs to put legs on your faith!” The songwriter also noted that “missions is about everywhere” and likened it to World Missions recent action to add the USA and Canada as a mission field.

Jimmy Layne stated that his wife wrote eight of the songs on the CD and was, “hearing from God,” when she did so. Jimmy continued “Our main objective is to present real life songs…we live it!”

The website contains full information about the Layne’s and their ministry, as well as a way to purchase the CD through mail or via iTunes download. For more information about the Marcelly’s Dream Project, visit


About Back Home
Back Home is a husband and wife team who not only are great singers, but also inspiring songwriters. Jimmy and Jennifer are no strangers to the music industry. Twenty-six year veterans of vocal session work, they are two of the most sought after background singers in the country and gospel music industries. On any given night you can find Back Home sharing their love for good music, the gospel and their love for the One who has allowed them to live their dreams and sing for Him with audiences and churches all across America.

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