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News from Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

Hey Friends, Ernie Here!

We're really excited to be coming to these following cities this weekend. Come and see the new and exciting EHSS!

August 18th, 2011 - Nampa, ID - Nampa First Nazarene
August 19th, 2011 - Kelowna, BC Canada - Evangel Church
August 20th, 2011 - Chilliwack, BC Canada - Chilliwack Alliance
August 21st, 2011 - Chehalis, WA - SW Washington Fair Grounds

I wanted to share a couple of things with you.

First, StowTown Records (Wayne & I) are proud to announce our junior release, The Collingsworth Family’s new recording called “Part of the Family.”
This project releases on September 6th, 2011
*Only during the pre-sale period this product is $12.95 instead of the regular price of $15.95 (We wanted to do FREE SHIPPING but can't with our web store so thus the price point)
However this is a pre-sale offer and is only valid until midnight eastern on September 6th, 2011.
You will receive your product on or before the release date of September 6th, 2011 and all order containing pre-sale product will be held in their entirety until the pre-sale product ships.
This talented family has been turning so many heads and countless hearts that we (Wayne and I) feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to partner with them in exposing their gifts to you.
If you can imagine the Von Trapp Family (The Sound of Music) on steroids then you’ve got The Collingsworth Family.
They are Mom and Dad and four sweet kids making harmonies that are unmatched in the Gospel music world today. Wholesome, sincere and talented are three words that best describe the Collingsworth Family.

Many of you who are on this email list are new. Each night, we have hundreds sign up to be on our list and to that we say thank you and hello to all our new E-Team readers.
So, let me remind all of you old friends, and the new friends, that our very own Doug Anderson has recorded his first solo CD. It’s called “Dreaming Wide Awake.” It is the sophomore release from StowTown Records and it is full of Doug’s great voice and heart. Pick it up and enjoy it over and over again.

In closing, I’d like to share a personal story/devotional and a perspective.

On Doug’s solo CD, there is a song that has moved me lately to see things a bit different. The song is called, “I’ll Take What’s Left.”

Let me explain.

Most of you do not know this, but I have been fighting knee problems for the past few years. Nothing major, just a torn meniscus in the right knee that took way longer to heal after a minor surgery in 2007. And most recently, I have been dealing with the same thing in my left knee. I’m waiting till Christmas to get this fixed. So, no running outside, no jumping off stages (l think that may have been the tipping point) and no more (wait for it …. listen to the sobs from your tenor boy here) NO MORE BASKETBALL.

The other day we were singing in Arnold Park, IA and the facility had a brand new basketball floor and I could not play with the guys. I know it is not the end of life and not worthy to compare to major problems, but indulge me a bit here.

So, I took my iPod and went for a walk. A mile into the walk I was next to the beautiful Lake Okoboji Resort. A cool breeze was blowing and sailboats were at full mast. Kids were playing on the beach and some of the loveliest little cottages lined the streets. I was touched by what I saw. I thought, “I wished I could have played ball today, but man I’m glad I saw this part of God’s creation.”

The next week I’m home with Lisa we decided to buy some new bikes. Not the kind Lance Armstrong would ride. No, these are built for slow, long rides. Lisa and I went on a trail right behind my house that used to be an old railroad track. I think the odometer said 20 miles after our long relaxing ride. What a great time! We saw things that were practically in my backyard that I have never seen before in the 20 plus years of living there. And the best part is that I was with my baby.

On the way back, we passed some boys playing basketball and I thought, “That would have been me playing ball at the park with guys I don’t even know.” I then began to think of the chorus Doug’s new song. Here it is …..

I’ll Take What’s Left

“I’ll take what’s left
What broken and shattered
I’ll find the pieces you have lost
I’ll take what’s left
No matter where they’ve scattered
I’ll take you just the way you are
There’s no need to spend another day
Feeling like you do
I’ll take what’s left and MAKE IT NEW.”
(Words and Music by Wayne Haun & Joel Lindsey)

I took what was left, went with it and look what God gave us; He wove us both a beautiful day. If I had my way, I’d been playing basketball.

I’m sharing this with you not to tell you that God made my knee to hurt or to receive any pity. What I am saying is this:

God creates. God created everything out of nothing.

All that we see, and things we choose not to see He made out of darkness and nothingness.

Remember the little boy in the Gospels who had just a few pieces of bread and fish? What did Jesus do with that? He took what was left and fed thousands. People make the point of the story to be all about the miracle, but the major point of the story, to me, is that Jesus took what he had left.

God knows what broken pieces you have to offer Him. You think it is not much, but God sees potential to create. Do you really think God stopped creating after day 6? NOPE! He is still the creator and He is taking broken pieces of lives and making something new everyday.

The point is this, BRING WHAT’S LEFT TO HIM!

What little finances you have left. What little love you have left in your heart. The shattered pieces of your hopes and dreams. The fragments of trust that have been broken by abuse and neglect. The rusty and dusty talents that have lain dormant for years. Don’t concentrate on what you’ve lost. Bring to Jesus all that you have left and watch Him create something fresh and new.

My mentor Bill Gaither says to me all the time, “Ernie, life is a series of losses. The longer you live, the more you loose. Learn to lose with Grace.”

Bill is not talking about sports here. He is talking about the game of life. The older we get, the more our bodies slow down. The more people we know and love the more possibilities of loss of relationship to death and/or separation. The older we get, the more possibilities for careers to end.

But either we believe God is still the creator and can make something beautiful with what we have left or, by our actions and our continued efforts of filing our lives with counterfeit gods we are saying, “God is not in the business of creating anymore.”

Each day I live, I want to give God what I have left: my voice, my writing, my laughter, my ability to entertain, my love, my heart, my money, my all. And guess what? Each day I live all those things are decaying and slowly leaving its toll on me. But I am excited to see what God will create from what’s left. I’ve got to believe this or I’ll go crazy. I have to continue to choose, and remind myself each day, that God is creating and making something new that is a portal to His glory.

To my fellow brothers and sisters, let’s put God on display and give Him what’s left. Can you feel hope rising within? I hope!

Oh What A Savior,

News From Legacy Five

Check out the latest news from Legacy Five ...

"It Happened On The Way To The Concert"
"It Happened On The Way To The Concert" Comedy DVD now available: As you all know, Scott Howard is a funny, funny, man who LOVES to tell stories! I have been traveling with him for nearly 12 years and every week I hear him telling someone a story that I have never, ever heard. He is FULL of hilarious stories. So Scott and some fellow great story tellers got together and recounted some very funny "road life" stories. You will laugh non-stop as you listen to Scott Howard, Connie Hopper, Tim Lovelace, Aaron Wilburn, Les Beasley, Gordon Mote, Ed O'Neil, Tracy Stuffle and Archie Watkins tell these funny stories on this two hour two DVD set. Buy Now!

Only 10 Days Away!
Our Rocky Mountain Retreat in Estes Park is only 10 days away and just a few tickets remain. You have two options for this great time of fellowship and music nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Either the all inclusive package which includes lodging and two concerts, OR "Concert Only Tickets" if you do not need the lodging. For all inclusive packages, click here. To get concert only tickets, call the Legacy Five office very soon at 931-486-0020. Don't wait....this event is August 28 and 29. Bring your cameras....the views are breath-taking!

Coming Soon: New CD & DVD
We have been very busy lately recording A New Video and a Brand New CD. Both will be available in a few weeks. "California Live" DVD. This DVD will feature the live performance of a recent concert at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El, Cajon, California, Where Dr. David Jeremiah is the pastor. Songs featured are "I'd Like To Say it Again", "My Soul Is Firmly Anchored", "When They Found Nothing", "Newborn Feeling", Piano Solo by Trey Ivey", Life Will Be Sweeter Someday", "I Can Hardly Wait", "Just Stand", "Thankful For The Change", "Holy Is Thy Name", and the powerful Anthem, "We Shall See Jesus."

Our new CD, "A Wonderful Life," is the brand new recording by Legacy Five and features 12 great songs.
Songs include:
1. Wonderful Life
2. God Had A Hand In It
3. Ask Me Why
4. Nobody Ever Loved Me Like God Does
5. There's Only One Well
6. Just Because Of You
7. God Cares For Me
8. Living In The Palace
9. Destination Known
10. I'm Still Amazed
11. For What Earthly Reason
12. God Is Still In America

On The Road . . .

08/19TempleTXTemple College 7:30PM
08/20SilsbeeTXSilsbee High School Auditorum5:00PM
08/21Mt. PleasantTXFirst Baptist Church6:30PM
08/26El RenoOKHeaston Community Church7:00PM
08/27BransonMOSilver Dollar City3 Shows
08/28Estes ParkCORocky Mountain Retreat / Stanley Hotel 6:00PM
08/29Estes ParkCORocky Mountain Retreat / Stanley Hotel 10:00AM
08/29ArkonCOArkon Foursqure Church 7:00PM

'Til We Meet Again,
Scott, Howie, Cuz, Trey and Augustus


The Boxcars, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, The Gibson Brothers,
Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, Lonesome River Band,
Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers Lead List

Nashville, Tenn….IBMA is proud to announce the nominees for the 22nd annual International Bluegrass Music Awards, scheduled for Thursday, September 29, 2011 at Nashville, Tennessee’s historic Ryman Auditorium. Also announced at the press conference were this year’s inductees to the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame - bluegrass ambassador and leader of one of the most awarded bands in the history of IBMA, Del McCoury and pioneering bass player and guitar stylist George Shuffler – and the five recipients of the Distinguished Achievement Award: Greg Cahill, Bill Knowlton, Lilly Pavlak, Geoff Stelling and Roland White.

The Entertainer of the Year category includes the two bands who have received the title the past five years: Dailey and Vincent (2008-2010) and The Grascals (2006-2007). The Boxcars, The Gibson Brothers and Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers are all first-time nominees for the prestigious award which recognizes excellence in all aspects of the entertainment field—including recorded and in-person performance, public acceptance, attitude, leadership and overall contributions to the image of bluegrass music.

The Boxcars, a band that features the talents of Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, John R. Bowman, Keith Garrett and Harold Nixon, lead in all categories with IBMA Award nominations for Entertainer of the Year; Instrumental Group of the Year; Album of the Year (The Boxcars, self-produced for the Mountain Home label); Gospel Recorded Performance (“In God’s Hands,” written by John Benjamin Rochester); Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year (“Jumpin’ the Track,” written by Ron Stewart); Emerging Artist of the Year; Banjo Player and Fiddle Player (Ron Stewart) and Mandolin Player (Adam Steffey).

With nominations for both Entertainer of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year, The Boxcars join the rarified company of acts like Dailey & Vincent and Cherryholmes, who emerged and rose straight to the top in the eyes of their peers the same year. They’re not an overnight success, of course. Adam Steffey is the reigning and seven-time IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year. Ron Stewart, the only musician in the history of the IBMA Awards who has been a frequent finalist in two instrumental categories, was the Fiddle Player of the Year in 2000.

Rural Rhythm recording artists Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out have been nominated in eight categories including Vocal Group of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year (Moore) and Mandolin Player (Benson). Their other nods are testimony that the group plays well with others, including: Album of the Year—for their role in the multi-artist recording The All-Star Jam: Live at Graves Mountain (Rural Rhythm); Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year (“Sailing On,” recorded by Russell Moore and Dale Ann Bradley); Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year (“Ground Speed,” featuring IIIrd Tyme Out mandolinist Wayne Benson in The Rural Rhythm All-Stars); Recorded Event of the Year (“Graves Mountain Memories,” recorded by the Rural Rhythm All-Stars featuring Russell Moore with several other artists); and another Recorded Event of the Year (“Lonesome River,” recorded by Lou Reid & Carolina featuring Russell Moore). IIIrd Tyme Out is a perennial fan favorite, with seven crystal trophies on the mantle for Vocal Group of the Year. Moore is the current Male Vocalist of the Year, an award he also received in 1994 and 1997.

IBMA Emerging Artists of the Year in 1998, The Gibson Brothers (Eric and Leigh) took home trophies for Song of the Year and Gospel Recorded Performance at the 2010 Awards. After a year of radio chart-topping success and a strong touring schedule, the Compass Records recording artists are back with seven nominations for 2011: Entertainer of the Year; Vocal Group of the Year; Album of the Year for Help My Brother, produced by Eric & Leigh Gibson and Mike Barber for Compass; two Song of the Year nods for “Help My Brother” (written by Leigh Gibson) and “Walkin’ West to Memphis” (written by Chris Henry); Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year for “He Can Be Found,” written by Ella Barrett & Faye Cunningham; and Male Vocalist of the Year (Leigh Gibson).

Much to the delight of bluegrass fans everywhere, Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas are back on the tour bus in 2011. Their new album, Paper Airplane (Rounder Records) is currently at the top of Billboard’s Bluegrass Album sales chart. Alison and the guys are nominated in seven categories including: Female Vocalist (Krauss); Male Vocalist (Dan Tyminski); Banjo Player (Ron Block); Bass Player (Barry Bales) and Dobro Player (Jerry Douglas). Alison is also a finalist for Song of the Year (“I’ll Take Love,” collaboration with Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley written by Louisa Branscomb) and Recorded Event of the Year for the same song from the Compass Records album I’ll Take Love, from the pen of Louisa Branscomb.

Members of the Lonesome River Band have five IBMA nominations, including Album of the Year for their participation on The All-Star Jam: Live At Graves Mountain on the Rural Rhythm label. They received two nods for Instrumental Recorded performance of the Year for “Pretty Little Girl,” on the album, Still Learning (Rural Rhythm), and also for band members Sammy Shelor, Brandon Rickman and Mike Hartgrove’s work on “Ground Speed,” by The Rural Rhythm All-Stars (Rural Rhythm). LRB has a Recorded Event of the Year nomination for the song, “Graves Mountain Memories,” recorded by the Rural Rhythm All-Stars (including Sammy Shelor and Mike Hartgrove) on The All-Star Jam: Live at Graves Mountain album; and band leader Sammy Shelor is nominated for Banjo Player of the Year, an award he received four consecutive years from 1995-1998.

Movie star, comedian, author and proud banjo geek at heart Steve Martin has released his second album on the Rounder Label, Rare Bird Alert , with touring band mates The Steep Canyon Rangers. Martin and the Steeps also have nominations in five IBMA categories: Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year (Rare Bird Alert), Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year (“Rare Bird Alert,” written by Martin), Best Liner Notes for a Recorded Project for Rare Bird Alert (Martin – writer, Rounder), and also Best Graphic Design for a Recorded Project for the same album (G. Carr and Salli Ratts – designers, Rounder).

The following have received four award nominations each: Blue Highway, Dale Ann Bradley, The Grascals, Carl Jackson, Mark Newton and Lou Reid & Carolina.

A complete list of nominees follows. For additional information on the Hall of Fame inductees and the recipients of the Distinguished Achievement Award, go to

The International Bluegrass Music Awards are voted on by the professional membership of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), which serves as the trade association for the bluegrass music industry. The IBMA Awards Show is the centerpiece of the World of Bluegrass Week September 26 – October 2 in Nashville, Tenn., which also includes the IBMA Business Conference and Bluegrass Fan Fest.

For more information on World of Bluegrass week, including tickets to the International Bluegrass Music Awards, go to, join us on Facebook, or call 615-256-3222 (1-888-GET-IBMA).

The IBMA Awards will be broadcast live on Sirius XM Satellite Radio (Bluegrass Junction, Channel 61) and also will be syndicated to more than 300 U.S. markets and 14 foreign networks thanks to the sponsorship of Martha White, Deering Banjos, the International Bluegrass Music Museum, “Bluegrass, Moonshine & The Birth of NASCAR – The Movie,” Compass Records and the Academy of Bluegrass. Program directors and station managers may sign up to be affiliates by calling (615) 256-3222 or emailing


Del McCoury
George Shuffler
Greg Cahill
Bill Knowlton
Lilly Pavlak
Geoff Stelling
Roland White


The Boxcars
Dailey & Vincent
The Gibson Brothers
The Grascals
Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers

Blue Highway
Dailey & Vincent
The Gibson Brothers
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out

Blue Highway
The Boxcars
Sam Bush Band
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
The Infamous Stringdusters

Darin & Brooke Aldridge
Balsam Range
The Boxcars
Sierra Hull & Highway 111
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers

Jamie Dailey
Leigh Gibson
Russell Moore
Dan Tyminski
Josh Williams

Dale Ann Bradley
Sonya Isaacs
Alison Krauss
Claire Lynch
Rhonda Vincent


“Help My Brother,” The Gibson Brothers (artists), Leigh Gibson (songwriter)

“I Am Strong;” The Grascals featuring Dolly Parton (artists); Jamie Johnson, Susanne Mumpower-Johnson, Janee Fleenor (songwriters)

“I’ll Take Love,” Dale Ann Bradley with Alison Krauss & Steve Gulley (artists), Louisa Branscomb & Dale Ann Bradley (songwriters)

“Trains I Missed;” Balsam Range (artists); Walt Wilkins, Gilles Godard, Nicole Witt (songwriters)

“Walkin’ West to Memphis,” The Gibson Brothers (artists), Chris Henry (songwriter)


The All-Star Jam: Live At Graves Mountain; Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, The Crowe Brothers, Lonesome River Band, Mark Newton, Lou Reid & Carolina, Carl Jackson, Audie Blaylock & Redline, Carrie Hassler with Brand New Strings (artists); Mark Newton & Carl Jackson (producers); Rural Rhythm Records (label)

Almost Home, Larry Sparks (artist), Larry Sparks (producer), Rounder Records (label)

The Boxcars, The Boxcars (artists), The Boxcars (producers), Mountain Home (label)

Help My Brother, The Gibson Brothers (artists), Compass Records (label), Eric & Leigh Gibson and Mike Barber (producers)

Rare Bird Alert, Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers (artists), Tony Trischka (producer), Rounder Records (label)

Trains I Missed, Balsam Range (artists), Balsam Range (producers), Mountain Home (label)

“God’s Front Porch,” Lou Reid & Carolina (artists), Dennis Duff (songwriter), Lou Reid (producer), Rural Rhythm Christian (label)

“He Can Be Found,” The Gibson Brothers (artists), Ella Barrett & Faye Cunningham (songwriters), Eric & Leigh Gibson and Mike Barber (producers), Compass Records (label)

“In God’s Hands,” The Boxcars (artists), John Benjamin Rochester (songwriter), The Boxcars (producers), Mountain Home (label)

“Prayer Bells of Heaven;” J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson & Paul Williams (artists); J.F. Lowe & H.W. Ward (songwriters); Ben Isaacs (producer); Mountain Home (label)

“Sailing On,” Russell Moore & Dale Ann Bradley (artists), Rick Lang (songwriter), Jesse Brock & John Miller (producers), Rural Rhythm Christian (label)


“Goin’ Up Dry Branch,” Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper (artists), Buddy Spicher & Jimmy Martin (songwriters), Jeff White & Michael Cleveland (producers), Rounder Records (label)

“Ground Speed;” Rural Rhythm All-Stars: Sammy Shelor, Carl Jackson, Brandon Rickman, Wayne Benson, Mike Hartgrove, Mike Anglin (artists); Earl Scruggs (songwriter); Mark Newton & Carl Jackson (producers); Rural Rhythm Records (label)

“Jumpin’ the Track,” The Boxcars (artists), Ron Stewart (songwriter), The Boxcars (producers), Mountain Home (label)

“Pretty Little Girl,” Lonesome River Band (artists), Public Domain, Lonesome River Band (producers), Rural Rhythm Records (label)

“Rare Bird Alert,” Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers (artists), Steve Martin (songwriter), Tony Trischka (producer), Rounder Records (label)

“Graves Mountain Memories;” Rural Rhythm All-Stars featuring Carl Jackson, Mark Newton, Audie Blaylock, Lou Reid, Russell Moore, Carrie Hassler, Sammy Shelor, Mike Hartgrove, Wayne Benson, Mike Anglin (artists); Mark Newton & Carl Jackson (producers); Rural Rhythm Records (label)

“I Am Strong,” The Grascals featuring Dolly Parton (artists), The Grascals (producers), Cracker Barrel/BluGrascal Records (label)

“I’ll Take Love,” Dale Ann Bradley featuring Alison Krauss and Steve Gulley (artists), Louisa Branscomb & Missy Raines (producers), Compass Records (label)

“Lonesome River,” Lou Reid & Carolina featuring Russell Moore (artists), Mark Newton & Carl Jackson (producers), Rural Rhythm Records (label)

“Prayer Bells of Heaven;” J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson & Paul Williams (artists); Ben Isaacs (producer); Mountain Home (label)

Terry Baucom
Kristin Scott Benson
Ron Block
J.D. Crowe
Sammy Shelor
Ron Stewart

Barry Bales
Mike Bub
Missy Raines
Mark Schatz
Marshall Wilborn

Hunter Berry
Jason Carter
Michael Cleveland
Stuart Duncan
Ron Stewart

Mike Auldridge
Jerry Douglas
Rob Ickes
Randy Kohrs
Phil Leadbetter

Cody Kilby
Tony Rice
Kenny Smith
Bryan Sutton
Josh Williams

Wayne Benson
Sam Bush
Sierra Hull
Ronnie McCoury
Adam Steffey

Katy Daley; WAMU’s Bluegrass Country; Washington, D.C.
Chris Jones; Sirius XM Satellite Radio; Nashville, Tenn.
Tim White; Song of the Mountains; Marion, Va.

The 31st Annual Bluegrass & Chili Festival; September 2010; Claremore, Oklahoma
Silver Dollar City’s Bluegrass & Barbecue Festival; May 2010; Branson, Missouri
Wintergrass Youth Orchestra Gala; February 2011; Bellevue, Washington

Ralph Berrier, Jr; author of If Trouble Don’t Kill Me (Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc.)
Tim Stafford & Caroline Wright, authors of Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story (Word of Mouth Press)
Juli Thanki; freelance writer for The 9531 and The Washington Post, Senior Editor of District Noise

Ricardo Alessio (designer), City of Refuge, Abigail Washburn (artist), Rounder Records (label)
G. Carr & Salli Ratts (designers), Rare Bird Alert, Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers (artists), Rounder Records (label)
Albert J. Roman (designer), Daybreak, Sierra Hull (artist), Rounder Records (label)

Colin Escott (writer), A Mother’s Prayer, Ralph Stanley (artist), Rebel Records (label)
Geoffrey Himes (writer), The Rounder Records Story, Various Artists, Rounder Records (label)
Steve Martin (writer), Rare Bird Alert, Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers (artists), Rounder Records (label)

Christmas Time's A-Coming - Celebrate With A SKAGGS FAMILY CHRISTMAS Volume Two, In Stores September 27

Christmas Time's A-Coming - Celebrate With

10-Song CD, With Bonus DVD Included, In Stores September 27

Special Holiday Tour Begins November 28

Nashville, TN (August 17, 2011) -- Christmas time's a-coming, and holiday music fans will find a special treat when A SKAGGS FAMILY CHRISTMAS VOLUME TWO hits stores nationwide on September 27. The new disc comes with a bonus DVD filled with 26 performances of traditional seasonal favorites and new compositions that are sure to become holiday treasures.

For Skaggs, a 14-time Grammy® winner, the FAMILY CHRISTMAS projects are a true labor of love. "We released Volume One back in 2005 because our fans asked us for it," Ricky recalls. "We didn't know if we'd ever do another one, but we've been hearing from our fans and they're ready for more Christ­mas songs, so here's Volume Two. It was a joy to create and we're excited to share it." Ricky, his wife Sharon and their children (Luke and Molly) are joined by Buck and Cheryl White, and Cheryl's daughter, Rachel Leftwich, part of the Skaggs' extended family and members of a celebrated musical clan in their own right. Also featured are world-renowned Kentucky Thunder and The Nashville Strings.

The 10-song CD features both studio and live recordings, and the disc kicks off with the upbeat bluegrass arrangement of "Christmas Time's A Coming," which segues smoothly to showcase Sharon White Skaggs and her sister, Cheryl, trading lead vocals on the bright, acoustic, "Light of the Stable." An a capella version of "The First Noel" finds Ricky singing lead, while the signature vocals of the White sisters excel on the high and low harmonies. Heavenly voices rise in praise on the classic seasonal favorite, "Silent Night," which also features a poignant mandolin and soaring strings. Molly Skaggs shines on "What Songs Were Sung," proving she's more than worthy to carry on the families' traditions, while brother Luke burns up the fret on his own composition, the intricate instrumental, "Flight To Egypt." The modern "Reunion Song" features a deceptively-simple sing-along melody, and Ricky not only triumphs on the lead vocal, but also plays Guitars, Mandolin, Gut String Solo and Dan Electro. Skaggs' lightning-fast finger pickin' guitar lick jump-starts "Children Go" and the vocal interplay between the family members (Ricky, Buck, Sharon and Cheryl) should leave listeners breathless. A haunting, original arrangement and expressive vocals by Luke, Molly and Rachel highlight "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel," and the disc closes with a classical instrumental interpretation of "Joy To The World."

As a bonus, A SKAGGS FAMILY CHRISTMAS LIVE (DVD) is included with the purchase of the CD. The DVD features the family's heartwarming holiday concert, recorded live in Nashville at the historic Ryman Auditorium. The three generations have taken this special show on the road for the last eight years, and the tradition continues this year, with the troupe performing at a variety of venues throughout the holiday season, including:

11/28/11 Brooks Ctr. for the Perf. Arts / Clemson, SC
11/30/11 The Paramount Theater / Charlottesville, VA
12/01/11 Music Center at Strathmore / N. Bethesda, MD
12/02/11 Tennessee Theatre / Knoxville, TN
12/10/11 Honeywell Center / Wabash, IN
12/11/11 Niswonger PAC of NW Ohio / Van Wert, OH
12/17/11 Smokey Mtn. Performing Arts Center / Franklin, NC
12/22/11 Schermerhorn Symphony Center / Nashville, TN

"We started singing these songs in our living room all those years ago, with no idea that we would ever take A Skaggs Family Christmas to so many places," explains Sharon. "We've performed everywhere from churches to symphony halls to the National Tree Lighting Ceremony in Washington D.C., where we sang for President George W. Bush. The recording process, the performing and traveling has been so much fun! It has been such a blessing to share all of this as a family."

Explore the history of the Skaggs Family and more at

Ed Crawford and Jym Howe Announce Retirement of 'The Mystery Men' Name

The owners of the name 'The Mystery Men' have decided to retire the name of the popular quartet.

Ed Crawford and Jym Howe have announced that after October 2011, neither owner will use the name 'The Mystery Men' or 'The Mystery Men Quartet' to identify their respective musical groups.

The name ‘The Mystery Men’ has been in use in the gospel music industry since 2002.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heavens Highway Continues Winning Streak at Radio with New Single

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (June 23, 2011) – Powerful Country/Southern Gospel group Heavens Highway continues their winning streak at radio this month. The group’s new single, “God Has a Champion,” has become their lastest to be one of the most added songs at Southern Gospel radio.

“God Has a Champion” ranked #7 on the upcoming September 2011 edition of the Singing News Magazine’s Top 10 New Releases Chart. That particular chart highlights the biggest new singles to hit Southern Gospel radio during the reporting period.

“We are so excited to see that radio has gotten behind this song,” mentioned Heavens Highway’s David Timms. “Southern Gospel radio has been so kind to us, and we are so grateful for the response we have seen all over the country at radio.”

“God Has a Champion” is the debut single from the group’s much-anticipated Homeland Entertainment debut album – Revived. The single was written by Dove Award-winning songwriter Gerald Crabb.

The group’s four previous singles have also had strong runs at Southern Gospel radio. “Longing to Go” broke the Top 40 on both the Singing News Magazine Top 80 and Top 40 Chart. “When God Makes a Promise,” “Set Me Free From Me,” and “Back On Top Again” were all regular charting singles on the Top 40 Weekly Chart.

Heavens Highway’s debut for Homeland Entertainment will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information on Heavens Highway, visit their website at . You can also visit the band on MySpace at .

About Heavens Highway
Heavens Highway is one of the most powerful Country/Southern Gospel Groups in North Mississippi. Heavens Highway ministers to literally thousands each year in churches and benefits. For over seven years, their primary goal is to see lost souls saved and the lonely, hungry and misguided people of this world find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Burman Porter Back On the Road with the Dove Brothers

David Hester Comes off the Road

BLADENBORO, N.C. – (August 16, 2011) –The Dove Brothers are excited to announce the return of Burman Porter to the mutli-award winning group. Porter, the original bass vocalist for the group, will rejoin the group at the first of September after the departure of long-time bass vocalist David Hester.

Hester is leaving the road to go home and be a full-time grandfather.

McCray Dove of the Dove Brothers said, “It’s really that simple. We have been nothing but happy with David in the group. He was just ready to start planning his retirement and watch his grandkids grow up. David has been an essential part of our team, and we will miss him greatly.”

McCray continued, “Burman is one of the best bass singers in this industry, and we are ecstatic that he is coming back on the road with us. We know that our friends and fans are going to enjoy seeing him back with us.”

McCray unofficially announced the return of Porter at last week’s Grand Ole Gospel Reunion where the original Dove Brothers (consisting of McCray Dove, Eric Dove, Burman Porter, and John Rulapaugh) performed a reunion set. That line-up of the group won Favorite Traditional Male Quartet in the prestigious Singing News Fan Awards in 2002.

The group has since been at the forefront of Gospel music with their cutting edge blend of traditional Southern Gospel and modern country sounds. The group’s brand new Sonlite Recordings album, simply titled Live, will release on September 20, 2011.

According to (formerly, the Dove Brothers were named the most played artist of 2010 at Southern Gospel radio. Due to the group’s #1 hits “Hold On” and “If I Knew Then,” the Dove Brothers ranked #1 on the site’s Top 20 Most Played Artists of 2010 list. In addition, the Dove Brothers’ #1 hit, “Hold On” (which was penned by McCray Dove), was named the #1 Song of the Year according to the site’s Top 100 Songs of 2010 list. The quartet’s other #1 single, “If I Knew Then,” ranked at #10 on the list as well.

More information on the Dove Brothers can be found at

About the Dove Brothers
Voted Favorite Male Quartet of The Year by the Southern Gospel Music Association and the Singing News Fan Awards, the Dove Brothers’ high energy presentation and progressive arrangements reflect a tangible link to the good old days of gospel music. Their peers regard them as a class act representing the industry with dignity and respect. Their latest recording for Sonlite Records is entitled Unshakeable and spawned off the #1 hits “If I Knew Then” and “I Recall.”


Here's a little something to whet your appetite!

New music from THE ISAACS is coming soon.

Pictured above is their brand new cover.

More information on a release date to follow from The Isaacs.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Nashville, TN (August 5, 2011) - DOUG ANDERSON is the featured artist on this week's edition of THE GOSPEL GREATS WITH PAUL HEIL. Paul talks with Doug to find out more about his debut solo project, the solo concerts he's been doing and the special charity work he and his wife are doing in their hometown.
Paul says: "I especially appreciated the testimony stories he's been receiving about his current radio single, "Jesus Is Holding My Hand." There was the woman for whom that song was a great comfort during her surgeries and the impact that it has on soliders serving in Afghanistan."
Tune-in to The Gospel Greats on a radio station near you this weekend. To find a station in your area, go to

HELP IN A TIME OF NEED for Beyond The Ashes...

Nashville, TN (August 4th, 2011) – There are so many precious servants of GOD with so many needs. In turn, all of us, even those who are in need themselves, can do something to help someone else. It may be prayer. What a valuable commodity that is...! It may be a donation to a financial need that is bigger than people, but not too big for God.

For those who hadn't heard, group members and road crew of the vocal trio, were awakened in the middle of the night this past weekend by a bus fire, while parked and asleep for the night in the WALMART parking lot in Marshfield, MO. The bus, an MCI tour bus, and its contents are severely damaged, but everyone in the bus miraculously escaped without injury. The group has learned that, while the bus itself is insured, all of the contents were not. This presents an overwhelming financial loss and creates a hinderance in their ability to continue ministering as they had before this fire. With that, would you consider what you are able to do to help Beyond The Ashes get beyond this loss and be able to reach more hearts with the love of Jesus through their music and ministry. Maybe you can pray. Quite possibly you can give (even a small amount or maybe a large amount). Whatever you can do, we are appreciative of your help and enocuragement. To bless this group by helping with the financial need visit their website and click the link to donate via PAYPAL.

Here are more details to the incident last weekend:

Close friend and ministry advisor, Dusty Wells, was traveling with the group. He expressed that he awoke to the smell of smoke. He feels sure that God woke him from His sleep. He was able to get everyone safely off the bus. Road manager, Rob Estep, immediately called 911. The fire department arrived quickly to extinguish the fire and check on the health of the bus' occupants.

Anthony Facello (group's founder and tenor singer) shares, "We are grateful beyond words for GOD's protection over us through this very scary and emotional experience. We have, once again, seen His Hand of faithfulness to us. Certainly the name of this group, Beyond The Ashes, takes on a more powerful meaning than ever today. Although we know we face serious challenges as a result of the physical losses associated with this event, we are overwhelmingly glad to be safe and well, and we are trusting God through this trial. Please remember us in prayer as we work through the details of the situation. A special thanks to every one for your words of encouragement and your prayers."

Again to donate to BTA's fire recovery fund, you can visit their website and click the link to donate via PAY PAL.

To learn more about Beyond the Ashes, visit You can also visit their My Space at or follow them on Twitter (@beyondtheashes1) or Facebook (

Thank you for your prayers and consideration.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heart To Heart Wins a 2011 Songwriter of the Year Award at Gospel Music Association/IMMERSE-Nashville for "See a Rainbow" on Hope Street Music

Heart to Heart, featuring Sharon and Jerry Mays, were awarded a 2011 Songwriter of the Year award during ceremonies at the Gospel Music Association/IMMERSE-Nashville event on July 27-30 for their original song,
“See a Rainbow.” The awards ceremony followed a week of competitions with several hundred entries in songwriting; and Heart to Heart was the only group of singers/songwriters at this event who held up the banner for Southern and Country Gospel Music from around the world.

Heart to Heart won 2010 Duo & Vocal Group of the Year, GMA/IMMERSE-Nashville and was just voted 2011 Diamond Awards and ICGMA Top 5 in June. Their song, “See a Rainbow” on Hope Street Music has reached No. 2 on the Country Gospel Top 100 Charts and is playing on radio everywhere. Their newest release, “Rock of Ages, Roll On” is moving up the charts on Triplestrand Productions as is their song “That’s Why I Cry” on Hope Street.

Sharon and Jerry are originally from Malden and Parma, MO and are now based in Branson, MO. They often say “these awards are not fireplace furniture but tools to help open doors to reach more people for the Lord.” They also say they have “the best Boss in all eternity!” “We travel all the time but we love our home town family and friends and it’s always a blessing to get home for hugs and smiles.”

Heart to Heart are regularly featured artists at the Night Light Theater (owned by the Barbara Fairchild family) and Branson Radio Live with Karen Berka. All other times, they tour nationally to serve churches, festivals, theaters and civic events. Their desire to not only work with churches but to reach folks who might not enter a church building, has taken them to some interesting venues such as opening for The Kentucky Headhunters and Nashville Country Acts. Heart to Heart brings the Gospel with a little doo-wop and comedy to the stage in a way that the audiences love. The industry is definitely taking notice as they share their unique harmony blend, energy on stage and style variety with audiences everywhere.

For tour schedule and more information about Heart to Heart, check out their website at, email or call 417-576-5188.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eighth Day Lands First #1 on Singing News Top 80

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – (August 1, 2011) – Popular Southern Gospel trio Eighth Day earned a career high this week as news hit of the group’s latest single reaching the #1 position on the Singing News Top 80 chart – the industry’s most watched and respected radio report.

The song, “May I Never Get Over the Cross,” will reach the #1 position on the upcoming September 2011 issue of the chart.

“This is a total God-thing,” mentioned Eighth Day’s Scott Robinson. “We are in awe of the response that this song has received since we released it to radio. The truth of the lyrics has been resonating with people all over the world. We are so grateful that God put this song in our hands. We are moved by the song, and we are so excited to hear that so many other people have been moved by the song as well.”

This ministry-oriented single has been making waves at radio since it’s release several months ago. In addition to cracking the top 5 on the Singing News Top 80, earned a career first last month as the smash-hit single reached the #1 spot on the Top 40 Weekly Chart – the Southern Gospel industry’s most watched weekly radio report. The song went #1 for the week of May 2, 2011 and continued to hold the #1 spot for three more weeks. The four week run at #1 has been bested by only one other song this year (The Dunaways’ “When There’s No Hope, There Is Grace”) and remains Eighth Day’s most successful song to date.

“May I Never Get Over the Cross” was released to radio earlier this year through Spin-N-Motion Promotions. It is the group’s fifth single from their SGN Music Award nominated project Everything Holy. All five singles from that album have reached the Top 40 on both the Singing News Top 80 and Top 40 Weekly Chart. The song was penned by Robert Arthur and Monty Lane Allen.

Eighth Day was recently honored with news that they were named as one of the 20 most played artists of 2010. According to (formerly, Eighth Day ranked #14 on the Top 20 Most Played Artists of 2010 list – in between mainstays and hit makers The Isaacs and The Bowling Family. The list was compiled by the Top 40 Weekly Chart year-end figures.

More information on Eighth Day can be found at

About Eighth Day
Eighth Day is a popular trio based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina. The group has quickly established itself as one of the top new talents in Gospel music today. Their fresh and progressive sound has been described as a little bit country, a touch of bluegrass, and a whole lot of Gospel!

The Freemans To Host Legends On the Sea (A Reunion Cruise) This Coming January

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (August 1, 2011) – Southern Gospel favorites The Freemans will be hosting a unique cruise featuring many classic names from Gospel music’s varied history.

Set to take place January 16-21, 2012, the “Legends On the Sea (A Reunion Cruise)” will feature such performers as The Classic Hinsons (featuring Ronny Hinson, Larry Hinson, Chris Freeman, and Bo Hinson), Rambo McGuire (remembering The Rambos with special guest Buck Rambo), The Steeles, The Shepherds, The Singing Cookes, and hosts The Freemans.

The special cruise will also feature a New Artist Showcase. Artists set to perform on that showcase include Heavens Highway, Chris Hester, The Bilderbacks, Deep Water Band, and The Williamsons.

Darrell Freeman of The Freemans said, “This is such a unique opportunity for all of these artists to get together. We are so excited about hosting such legendary names and voices in the industry on this cruise. If you’ve loved the music of these legends, then you won’t want to miss out on this cruise!”

The cruise will stop in Nassau, Bahamas and Key West and departs from Jacksonville, Florida. The price of the cruise includes cruise fare, food, all taxes, gratuities, receptions, and concert tickets.

For brochures, pricing and complete itinerary visit .

The Freemans recently scored their latest #1 single with the lyric driven and poignant song “The Father & the Son.” Penned by celebrated songwriter Dianne Wilkinson, “The Father & the Son” spent four consecutive weeks at #1 on the (formerly Top 40 Weekly Chart – the Southern Gospel’s most watched and respected weekly radio report.

“The Father & the Son” is the debut single from The Freeman’s much-anticipated new recording – Evidence. Four years in the making, Evidence is truly The Freemans’ most transparent and emotional release to date. Evidence features songs that were chosen in response to four pivotal years for the group, which were mired with multiple family deaths and extremely personal losses for individual group members. Those events took the group on an emotional journey that resonates throughout the new recording.

Evidence is now available at concert events and on The Freemans’ website.

To visit the newly designed website of The Freemans, visit You can also visit the group’s MySpace at The group’s Fan Facebook is located at .

About The Freemans
The Freemans are one of Southern Gospel’s most celebrated and critically acclaimed groups. History, experience and spiritual wisdom are three attributes that can be used to describe the foundation of the Freeman ministry. Deeply rooted with family, the Freemans’ experience spans 30+ years. Now in their 20th year of ministry, the Freemans still perform at approximately 250 dates a year, and continue to experience tremendous success.