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Retro Reality Check: O Come Let Us Adore Him

Reality Check for December 2008
By Lorraine Walker

O Come Let Us Adore Him

A blanket of darkness covered them in the little cave, the cool air warmed by the heat of the animals that slept nearby. The rough wood caught her sleeve as she lay him down in the horse’s trough. He felt the separation from his mother and his little arms waved about as he opened his mouth to cry…

Clouds covered the light of the sun as they stood on the hill, cool air sweeping over the soldiers standing guard. The rough wood of the cross chaffed her hand as she looked up at him and sobbed. He felt the separation from his Father, and with his arms stretched open wide, he opened his mouth to cry…

Glorious light burst forth from the sky and appeared to be emanating from the figure astride the horse. Riding behind as a member of His army, she lifted her eyes to the glorious sight of her son, the Victorious One, and the Conquering Saviour. Her hand gripped the rough leather of the bridle and her voice joined the rest of the host as she praised her Returning King. He who would forever be One with His Father and Holy Spirit, had come back to earth to wage the last great battle. His arms raised in victory as they opened their mouths to cry…

“Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns!”

The Source of All Light was then seated on the Throne and everything was made new. They fell on their faces before Him and felt neither heat nor cold, rough nor smooth, as their beings were filled with worship for the One who is Forever Faithful. There would never again be separation from Him and His arms opened wide toward them as He opened His mouth to cry…

“It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.”

This Christmas may we pause to worship the One who always was, is, and always shall be. The first Christmas He came as a helpless child. The next time He returns to this earth, He will come as the King of Kings. May we, like Mary, ponder this in our hearts as we celebrate His birth.

First published by SGM Radio on December 2008.
Reality Check By Lorraine Walker

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Retro SGM Radio: Front Line Christmas Gift - Shelly Bush

Frontline Christmas Gift
From SGM Radio December 2007
By Lorraine Walker

“As she lays her head down this Christmas night, she prays her Daddy will be all right. He’s in a land where there’s no Christmas, only violence and fear…wish he was here”…so begins the poignant song by Shelly Bush, entitled “Frontline Christmas Gift”. “Daddy” is on the frontlines, and both he and his family wishes he was home. Shelly’s sweet, expressive vocals let the emotion of the song touch the heart, but the message is also unmistakable. It’s the struggle all those serving their country face; that of leaving everything they hold dear at home, to go overseas and fight to preserve that home.

Shelly Bush, a Missouri native, went from a college degree in Criminal Justice to a singing career in Nashville, Tennessee. Shelly is a member of the Country Music Association and was recently signed by the United States Entertainment Force. The USEF is an organization dedicated to serving the soldiers returning home from the front, the wounded in hospital, the veterans who have served, and the children who have been left behind. This organization not only handles Shelly’s management, but also works toward a goal that is close to Shelly’s heart.

“I have not had a chance to make it overseas as of yet”, said Shelly recently in an interview with SGM Radio. “My mission right now is to rally those here in the United States because we are at war here at home more so then overseas. We are living in a country that is being divided by our own people, and I feel my mission must start here in the States first.”

Shelly continues, “I know a lot of people who are currently serving in a combat zone overseas, and I poor out my heart to them for giving so much for the name of freedom. II look forward to the day I can go there to perform for them. If they can't come to one of my shows back home here in States because they are serving overseas, then I will go to them and perform. Right now they feel I need to be at home working on bringing our county back together that is being divided by our own people.”

“Frontline Christmas Wish” is a song that reminds all of us what the troops leave behind as they go to serve their country. Shelly says, “I recorded this song because I wanted to remind not only my fans, but anyone who listens to "Frontline Christmas Wish" that we must not forget about our troops. They are giving so much for the name of freedom, yet we are here at home being divided by those who have forgotten what "We The People" really means. Here we have thousands of families who has a loved one somewhere overseas, be it a combat zone, or a country where there is no threat of war. We all wish for them to be home for Christmas, but we also have to be reminded that without the support of our military, any country can take advantage of us if we did not have our troops serving somewhere in the world.”

Shelly has a message for those voicing the anti-war sentiments in Hollywood. “I invite them all to come join the United States Entertainment Force and the cause to help in supporting our men and women serving to protect our freedom to live. The United States Entertainment Force is a coalition of the worlds top managers, artist, agents, record labels, publicist, celebrities, radio personalities, television, news paper, magazines, industry executives and many more. These are people who have come together as one under the United States Entertainment Force name.”

“We are here to serve the men and women by helping them find jobs right away upon returning home from over seas. We are here to provide support to the men and women who lie somewhere in a wounded warrior hospital by bringing their families to them. We are here to serve the men and women who have given some much in the name of freedom. Most importantly, the children that are being left behind by those who are serving so they can live to grow up knowing they have a safe home to live in. Stop your complaining and start donating! If you are not apart of the United States Entertainment Force as of yet, you need to join right away! You can join by logging onto .”

This strong-willed lady also has a message for those on the frontlines. “"Thank you so much for serving this great country we live in! Without you to protect us, who would there be? I miss every last one of you, and please come home safe!"

Joseph Bourgeois, A&R Promotions Director of the USEF, explains the mission of the organization. “Our men and woman who are giving so much to preserve our freedom to live by leaving an arm and/or leg in a combat zone need all the support we can give back. One of our missions is to help by putting smiles on their faces by making it possible to bring their families to them no matter where they may lie in a hospital bed. While we are walking around spending time with our families for the holidays, a lot of our soldiers are sitting in a hospital somewhere all alone. The USEF is dedicated to making it possible by to bring families and loved ones to our wounded soldiers where they are having to spend months in a hospital somewhere far from home.”

Shelly Bush what her plans were for the Christmas holidays. “I am going to be spending time with my family during the holidays, because this coming year I plan to spend a lot of my time helping to raise money for our troops.”

The USEF is an organization led by a gentleman of faith who gives God the glory for all their endeavors. Jerry Payne has been quoted as saying, “I may be the president and founder of the USEF, but our Lord Jesus Christ is the CEO of the United States Entertainment Force!!!” Shelly Bush echoes this sentiment as well.

“God gave me a talent, and I plan to use this talent He gave me to help all those in need. The United States Entertainment Force is making this possible for me to do. I come to you today because not only do our troops need support, but also our children of this country who are being left behind need our help as well. Please log onto and make a donation for this cause. All the money donated, that's 100% of the monies raised, goes toward the four missions stated in the website.”

If you haven’t heard this single, please call your country or gospel station to request “Frontline Christmas Wish” by Shelly Bush. Find out more about Shelly at .

First published by SGM Radio in December 2007
By Lorraine Walker

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Godsey and Associates debuts “I Want To Be That Man” by Brian Free and Assurance

The music video to Brian Free and Assurance’s newest single “I Want To Be That Man” off the Nothing But Love project premièred November 27. It is being aired to the group’s YouTube channel which can be accessed at
Subscribers of the Brian Free and Assurance email newsletter will be getting an early preview of the video. Fans can subscribe at the band’s official site
“This video helps tell the story along with the song of how a man is influenced by his father’s relationship with the Lord and of the things that really matter in life.” said Brian Free. Singing scenes were filmed on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville on a cold Tennessee November day. Heather Krull, who has worked on several productions including the remake of Footloose featuring Julianne Hough, was on the scene to get the guys ready for hair and makeup. The setup crew created a well lit scene featuring the Nashville skyline as the backdrop.
The cinematic story unfolds to a busy man (played by Clay Harris) with little time for his family and his father (played by Alan Godsey) who deeply cares for his son and prays for him daily. Viewers watch as slowly the prayers break barriers and the son “takes a stand and leads his family as he holds the father’s hand.” It’s heartwarming.
“I was moved when I heard I Want To Be That Man,” said producer Scott Godsey. “I knew people were going to be touched by this song. BFA was great to work with and I hope many people will be encouraged by this video.” Godsey and Associates is a production company serving clients with high quality video presentations to share with their audiences.
The song was written by Ricky Free and Lee Black. Ricky, son of Brian Free, traveled as drummer with BFA for nine years, but is now a full-time studio musician, producer, and writer.
For more information about Brian Free & Assurance:
For more information about Godsey and Associates
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Premier of

All the acoustic music that's fit to pin premieres on new website:

(PORTLAND, OR -- Nov 30, 2012) -- A new website has been launched that features news and events in the acoustic music arena. John Hart, founder of, launched the site October 27, 2012 at

The news site is designed to allow anyone connected with acoustic music in some fashion to become an author and post images and text. New authors must first register then log-in and post at will. Instructions on how to post are on the site. Understanding that folks in the acoustic music business are busy and may not have time to post, the information can be sent directly to, and the editor will post it.

Artist, labels, festival managers, pr folks, radio stations, and anyone else connected with acoustic music, such as folk, old-timey, and bluegrass, are invited to register and post news, events, reviews, etc. "In this age of discovery by searching, it makes sense to have more than one search result for any given news story or press release you may have, in order to reach a broader audience" Mr. Hart said. "Post on your own blog or website, then add it to AcousticMusicPinboard. Each post is picked up by the major search engines, giving more exposure to the story."

In addition to free posting by those folks in the acoustic music business, the site will solicit articles from established freelance writers familiar with the acoustic scene. has been designed in the style of the popular site, Images and summary text appear on the main page. A single click on any headline reveals the full story.

AcousticMusicPinboard is a sister site of, an organizational member of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), and a signatory to ASCAP and BMI.

John Hart
503-946-8890 (PT)
Facebook: NewFolkRadio
Twitter: #newfolkradio

Bus for Sale

We got another bus and don't need two. If you or someone you know is looking for a comfortable ride, please let me know.

This would make a great starter bus.
Selling for $25,000.00. OBO

Here is a video of our bus:

The bus runs great. There are approximately 23,000 miles on the remanufactured engine.

Please call with any questions. 850-725-9917 / 850-232-3786
From Doug Moesta

End of the World? All Aboard!

From the EHSS newsletter of November 29, 2012:

As we quickly approach the end of the Mayan calendar (12-21-12) causing people to wring their hands thinking it is the end of the world, let me give you some good ol’ country wisdom. I’ve been raised to think this way: live like you’re gonna meet your maker today and plan as though you have a 100 more years.

So, unless the Lord returns and says “All Aboard” (or something like that), let’s plan ahead and talk about another “All Aboard” moment of less drama and importance: The 2013 EHSS Cruise to the Caribbean. We are in the last week of sales. There are only a few cabins left and if you were thinking about going or maybe giving this as a Christmas gift to one of your family members, friends or pastor, then the time to purchase is NOW!

So, HEAR YE, HEAR YE! The end is near!

Next week, (Tuesday, December 4th, 2012), will be the last day you can reserve your cabin. It may not be the end of the world, but it is the last chance you will have to be a part of the first ever EHSS Cruise.

We would love for you to go so……. ALL ABOARD!

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS or call 877-392-9710. Operators are standing by to take your call.

So, if we are still here after December 21st, we will see you on the cruise.

Either way - Anchors Away!

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Our mailing address is:
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
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Merry Christmas From Mercy's Well

From Mercy's Well newsletter of November 29, 2012:

We are less than 48 hours away from the month of December, and it certainly feels like it today! A thin coat of frost covered the ground this morning, and the temperature gauge was reading about twenty-seven degrees. Time to bundle up!

The cold weather didn't ruin our fun last weekend, as we had two great INDOOR services on Sunday. Our morning was spent with Pastor Jimmy and the congregation of Unity Baptist Fellowship in Sophia, NC. This was our first Christmas concert for this year, and we were debuting nine new songs! By God's grace, we remembered almost all of the words and almost all of our staging moves (wasn't perfect, but still a good first run)!

By Sunday night, we were ready for our Christmas dinner/concert. So much preparation and hard work went into making this night a success, and it was it was so good to see everything and everyone come together as planned. We had a great night of food and fellowship - thanks to all of you who were able to attend! We truly appreciate your support and encouragement of our ministry!

If you were unable to join us in person, don't worry! You can still share in the excitement this Christmas season by getting our new CD - BETHLEHEM SKY. It makes a great gift for you or your loved ones, so head on over to our online store and order your copy today. You can also download the entire album from iTunes and start listening instantly!

Have a blessed week!
Brad, Greg & Kyle
Mercy's Well

December 2, 10:45 AM - Union Grove Baptist Church - Albemarle, NC
For more information: (704) 982-9749

Jubilee Christmas is Here!

From Greater Vision's email newsletter of November 29 2012:

It's finally arrived! The Jubilee Christmas Tour begins this weekend! We are really excited about these upcoming concerts with the Booth Brothers and Legacy Five, and we hope we're going to be close enough to your area for you to attend one. However, since it's impossible for us to be everywhere, we will be recording a "live" DVD during the Sunday December 9 concert in Branson, MO! We'll also be recording a 2nd DVD at a "bonus" evening concert, featuring the songs from the "Jubilee 3" recording! We've had so many requests for a "Jubilee 3" DVD, we had to figure out a way to get it here's our chance! The "Jubilee 3" DVD will be released in the Spring, but you'll have to wait until next fall to see the "Jubilee Christmas" DVD.

Check out the other information in this week's Update... including an almost unbelievable CD/DVD Christmas Special!

The Gift Of Music!

Two Great Special Offers For YOU!

The "Jubilee Christmas" CD is one of the most-anticipated CD releases among Gospel Music lovers this year, and you can order yours TODAY!
The first-ever Christmas recording from the "Jubilee Gang!" This new CD features the Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, and Legacy Five at their very best! The guys have brought together many of your favorite "timeless" Christmas Classics, along with several brand-new, soon-to-be Classics, written by Chris Allman, Jim Brady, Rodney Griffin, Gerald Wolfe, and more!

If you order your "Jubilee Christmas" CD before Saturday December 1, you will receive FREE Shipping, saving you almost $4! Click on the CD cover for more information or to order now. If you prefer to order by phone, call (423) 586-4952.

Music makes a great gift, and this very special DVD / CD combination is a great way to introduce your friends and family to Gospel Music, or to complete your personal collection!

"Jubilee!" DVD - The Jubilee Gang's first DVD, recorded LIVE in Nashville, TN! This DVD features The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, and Legacy Five on stage together for live concert at the famous Opryland Hotel. You'll laugh and sing along with the guys as they perform songs from the original "Jubilee!" recording.
"Jubilee 2" DVD - The second DVD in the "Jubilee!" series, this DVD was recorded during a Live concert at Trinity Music City! It features the entire Jubilee Gang, plus special guests, The Mark Trammell Quartet. This DVD also included special "bonus cuts" from all the Artists.
"The Ones That Got Away" CD - Rodney Griffin has written more than 400 songs, many of which have become well-known recordings by some of Gospel Music's most-loved Artists. This recording features Greater Vision, performing songs written by Rodney Griffin, and made popular by other Artists. A unique recording, indeed.
"20 Years: Live In Texas" CD - There are very few places where Greater Vision has performed every year, for as long as they've been traveling. Temple, Texas is one of those places. Since Temple, TX Promoter, Tony Watson, was the first promoter to schedule Greater Vision for a concert, they chose Temple as the location for their 20th Anniversary, live recording! This 2-disc set features Greater Vision performing the songs they've become known for, during their first twenty years of ministry. The recording also includes new material, put together especially for this recording. 21 songs in all.

A $70 Value for only $30 (A $40 savings!)
*This special price is good for orders placed before Friday December 7, 2012 or while supplies last. Quantities are limited. Price does not include shipping charges.

This Week...

Thursday - Plain City, OH SOLD OUT
Friday - Plain City, OH SOLD OUT
Saturday - Lancaster, PA (Jubilee Christmas) SOLD OUT
Sunday - Nashville, TN
Monday - Winston-Salem, NC (Jubilee Christmas)
Tuesday - Knoxville, TN (Jubilee Christmas)
Friday (12/7) - Tyler, TX (Jubilee Christmas)
Saturday (12/8) - Tulsa, OK (Jubilee Christmas)
Sunday (12/9) - Branson, MO (Jubilee Christmas)
Monday (12/10) - Van Buren, MO (Jubilee Christmas)

Click here for tickets or more information about the Jubilee Christmas Concerts. A Jubilee Christmas Concert would be a great way to introduce your family and friends to the Gospel...Especially those who would never otherwise attend a Gospel Concert or Church Service.
To see our complete Concert Schedule, click HERE.

As you can tell, we're going to cover a lot of ground over the next several days, and we're really excited about the concerts on this trip. From our Annual two-day visit to Plain City, OH, to our first-ever concert in Van Buren, AR, we're praying the Lord would be glorified, and that someone will come to know Christ as a result of the Gospel they hear during these concerts.

As always, thank you for your prayers and your friendship. You are a blessing to us!

Reserve Your Seats Now!

Tomorrow is the deadline for 2012 Attendees to retain their seats for the 2013 Great Smokies Praisefest. After tomorrow, the remaining seats will be released for new reservations. Get your name on the list for seating today by calling (910) 458-3539. Click on the flyer image for more information about our "flagship" Praisefest Event! A trip to Praisefest would make a great gift!

Greater Vision | P.O. Box 1172 | Morristown | TN | 37816-1172

Inspired Design for Your Holidays

Inspired Design for Your Holidays
Creating a Beautiful Home by Embracing Family, Traditions and Love
Dallas/Fort Worth—Nothing says “Home for the Holidays” like a warm entryway, spiced cider in the kitchen and lovely décor around the Christmas tree. Drawing from a rich family history and her own collection of acclaimed designs, California-based interior designer Roxanne Packham has joined with her teenage daughter, Hannah, to create Inspired Design (Inspired Design Publications, 2010), an idea-provoking book filled with stunning photographs, treasured family traditions and a plethora of truly inspirational tips for creating a warm and welcoming home, not just throughout the holiday season, but every day to follow.

Whether seeking unique ways to entertain for the upcoming holidays, celebrate with friends, begin new family traditions or showcase the family history, talents and passions in the home’s interior design, the Packhams have shown the way. In doing so, they have utilized the beautifully structured pages of Inspired Design to reveal the classic truth that any home is made more beautiful when it is filled with love, joy and the determination to make those who enter it feel welcomed.
Decorating for the holidays can be daunting, whether it is in preparation for family or for a spouse’s office party. Roxanne offers simple DIY ideas for making your home welcoming and comfortable for guests. Hannah offers, from a daughter’s perspective, ways of getting the entire family involved in holiday preparations while teaching your children the art of hospitality. With today’s busy, high-tech lifestyle, these are important lessons we often overlook.

With a desire to celebrate the beauty of home and family, the mother-daughter duo has skillfully melded their own family memories and candid observations with photos of impeccably designed interiors to remind the reader of the home’s power and ability to change lives. Their purpose is straightforward: “To inspire you to create a home that touches the soul of those within, as well as all who walk through the doors.”

Inspired Design is far from being just another photo-rich book on interior design. Instead, it is a beautifully rich hospitality book focused as much on what visitors entering the home will feel as on what they might see. Once their collaboration on the book was finished, this mother-daughter duo knew they had found their calling. To continue the work they had begun, Roxanne and Hannah founded, an organization devoted to inspiring teenage girls, mothers and others to find and follow God’s plan for their lives. Along with funding, sales of the book go straight to Heart of Hope (a ministry that advocates for orphans and at-risk children in Romania) and other selected charities. The Packhams’ unified mission is to change lives one heart at a time.

Author Bios:

Founder of and author of Inspired Design, collaborating with her beloved teenage daughter in both projects, Roxanne Hughes Packham is an acclaimed California-based interior designer whose designs have graced homes from San Diego to San Francisco. She also is the National Design Contributing Editor for WHOA magazine. Born into a family of gifted artisans six generations back, including renowned silversmiths Allan Adler (her grandfather) and Porter Blanchard (her great-grandfather), Packham is a graduate of the University of Southern California, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and the Paris Fashion Institute, as well as an attendee of the Sorbonne, Cité Universitaire in Paris. She enjoys spending time with her family: Scott, Justin and Hannah and parents, Linda and Bill. A graduate of Oaks Christian High School, Hannah Packham is a freshman literature major at Westmont College. She is a pole vaulter for the Westmont track team and is enjoying her time at college. She wrote Inspired Design and started Inspired 31 with her mother, Roxanne. Her hobbies include reading, cooking and running, and she is excited for what God has planned for her in college and beyond.

Merry Christmas from Heart To Heart

First of all, we, Sharon and Jerry Mays, Heart To Heart, would like to wish each and every one of our friends and loved ones a blessed and joyful Christmas season. May each day be filled with love and a remembrance of just WHO Christmas is all about. Jesus is the reason for the season! Let's have some Marvelous Mondays, Touching Tuesdays, Wonderful Wednesdays, Terrific Thursdays, Fantastic Fridays, Super Saturdays and Sweet Sundays knowing just how blessed we all really are.

So much has happened with Heart To Heart lately that I'd better get started to try to catch you up!

In 2012, we were honored to be awarded both AGAPE Duo of the Year and Country Gospel Music Association Duo of the Year! We have a brand new CD entitled "Pieces To Peace" and two songs from that project (Pieces To Peace and Brand New Man) have topped charts at No. 1. Pieces To Peace has remained in the Top 20 on several major charts for six months at this writing! Please call your radio stations to request these songs. If the stations don't have them, tell them they can download Pieces To Peace from Hope Street Music Country Gospel Connection and Brand New Man from RadioActiveAirplay.

We have published a book entitled Country Gospel Music USA with Heart To Heart, written by Denis McMillian, telling the story of Country Gospel Music and providing valuable information about Heart To Heart and some other groups in the industry. The best thing is part of the proceeds of the sale of our book go to help families of our Military Fallen Heroes. We have also made a DVD with, count them, 11 videos, filmed live at the Night Light Beacon of Branson Theater (where we perform regularly) in Branson, MO. We also sing regularly at the Treasure Lake Resort in Branson, behind the IMAX. Next season, we will be at the Night Light every 2d Friday night starting in March and will have our Treasure Lake schedule shortly. The Ole Time Gospel Hour at the IMAX in Branson has asked us to return there next season too!

Our radio program, " Branson Gospel Groove" is going gangbusters and more and more stations are asking to be a part. Right now, you can catch our show on on Fridays at 10:00 a.m.; on Tues. at 7:00 p.m. and Thurs. at 2:00 p.m., on Sundays and (check schedules for times). After the first of the year, we will also be airing on more stations and will get dates and times to you. Interviews are coming up with some well known Christian artists such as Lynda Randall (solo and on Gaither tours); Three Bridges, Allan Frizzell and Jeanne Mohr and Stoney Ferguson with Living Praise Ministries.

Heart To Heart hosted the MO/Mid-South Gospel Singing Convention for the 5th year in Malden, MO this year with over 27 of the Mid-South's finest Gospel artists providing Gospel music and Christian comedy for two nights in September. We had great attendance and hope all were blessed by this event. They tell us this is the largest indoor event to be held in Southeast Missouri and for sure in Malden. Awesome! This was just one week after we returned from attending and singing at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky as part of the Christian Voice Magazine team! The NQC was a wonderful experience and we look forward to going back next year.

We are excited to be working on some tours for 2013 to include singing for the National Christian Motorcycle Riders Assoc. in Chanute, KS in March and the Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Festival in Tyler, TX in April. We are also working on a northern tour for next summer so heads up, give us a call!

Now, here are some really great testimonies we have received. We are absolutely humbled that God is allowing us to be a tool for Him to touch hearts and souls and hopefully be a spark of light in this sometimes dark world.

1. After a recent H2H concert at a small church in Illinois, a woman came to Sharon and asked her to repeat the lyrics of "Pieces To Peace." She said the song had so blessed her and that she and 23,000 other postal workers had been fired that week to cut costs, leaving many without jobs or income. She said she had a way to get our song to those people so that their hearts could be touched and them uplifted. The song says basically when you think the world is tearing your life to pieces, you can find peace with just an honest prayer to God. Praise God!

2. A radio station manager in Australia who manages five stations over there contacted our record label, Hope Street Music, to tell them they loved our song "Pieces To Peace." We sent a thank you to the station and they replied that they would like to use our song as their program theme song to be played before each show. They told of a lady who was severely ill and could not walk who called the station when she heard the song to tell them how much it inspired her. Two months later, this lady WALKED in to the station! That was not us but a God Thing. Glory!!

3. At a recent concert in Springfield, MO during our song for the alter call, we glanced down and when we looked up, almost everyone in the entire church had come forward for prayer! We couldn't even get to the equipment to turn the song off so we just tucked the microphones under our arms, let the tracks play, and took hands two at a time to pray with those folks for as long as it took. What a Spirit filled evening and again, humbling to us to have been there as God moved.

4. We've had many folks tell us that when they felt like they just couldn't do anything well enough or didn't feel good enough, our songs "David" and "Brand New Man" and "Good Good God" (co-written by H2H and Tina Sadler) would lift their hearts.

5. We sang our own song "I Will Stand By You" at a missions benefit in Branson a few weeks ago and Eric Hinson of the famous Hinson Revival (remember Ronnie Hinson and The Lighthouse and Kenny Hinson?? (his uncles)) came to us to tell us he wanted to record this song on his next project! We have a lot of respect for Eric and know that he can get to people that we won't meet; and we appreciate his confidence in our songwriting to record this song. Thank You Lord!!

Our Christmas Celebration Tour with Doug Thornton just started this past Sunday and we dates scheduled between now and Christmas as follows: 11/25 Mt. Zion Walker General Baptist Church, Bloomfield, MO; 12/2 Stokelan Drive Christian Church, Malden, MO (AM Specials) then First Christian Church, Jackson, TN PM Service; 12/4 Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson, TN PM Banquet; 12/6 Union University, Jackson, TN (PM Banquet), 12/7 & 8 National Toys For Tots Event, Civic Center, West Plains, MO Evening Event; 12/9 First Christian Church, East Prairie, MO Evening Service; 12/16 First Baptist Church, Fordland, MO Morning Service, 12/16 Johnson Chapel, Senath (Octa), MO Evening Service; 12/21 BIG SHOW, Night Light Beacon of Branson Theater, Branson, MO 8 pm; 12/22 BIG SHOW, Treasure Lake Resort, Christmas On the Park Concert, behind IMAX, Branson, MO 5:30 p.m. 12/23 Bell City General Baptist Church, Bell City, MO Evening Service. Whewwwwwww! Uh, then we have Christmas Eve and Christmas, pack up and Heart To Heart heads for the Rio Grand Valley to start our Winter Texan Tour! Our first show down there is December 30 and we are there until about February 20, 2013.

MEANWHILE, there are a couple of things we need you, our faithful HEARTS to do to help us: (1) Keep calling those radio stations and email the on-line ones to request Heart To Heart music. "Pieces To Peace," "Brand New Man," "I Will Stand By You" and "David" are on the play boards right now. (2) PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT to vote for Heart To Heart for AGAPE Duo of the Year by going to to place your vote. You can place a vote for each valid email you have. THEN go right on over to and vote for us for CGM Fanfest Duo of the Year and SGM Fanfare Duo of the Year. NOTE: You will also see us in several other categories and we would appreciate your votes in all of them! If we can get in the Top 10, then the Top 5, we may have a chance to win the awards for 2013. WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Get all your friends involved to vote and share these websites with your email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media contacts. These award opportunities are tools for us to be able to open more doors to serve more people for The Lord. WE CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU!!

Please keep Heart To Heart in your prayers. As you know this economy has been hard and our income is often greatly insufficient to meet our expenses. We are driving an older vehicle with close to 200,000 miles on it and pray it stays together. We have an older bus/RV but it still needs some work. Having said that, our ministry is our calling and our passion; and we trust that our needs will be met. If you would like to sponsor Heart To Heart with a monthly donation or a one-time gift, it would be a true blessing to keep this ministry going. We are working hard to try to touch lives and would love to have you be a real, working part of the Heart To Heart Ministries. Please email or call us if you feel that you can sponsor us and be a part of our ministry by calling 417-576-5188 or emailing We will be a 501c3 as of the first of the year and your donations will be tax deductible. We can set it up with your bank for automatic withdrawals and, if you are present, we can easily do a credit card transaction to get you hooked up. Anyone who gives at least $25 per month will get a free CD of their choice. If you give at least $100 per month, you will receive free 2 CDs, our brand new video, our new book and a set of our handcrafted "music biz guitar pick and pewter charm earrings. We will fix you up a free gift for any one-time special donation of $50 or more as well. Heart To Heart is a full-time gospel and family music ministry with no other means of support, unlike many of the groups who have some other income to defray expenses. PLEASE HELP US IF YOU CAN SO THAT WE CAN REACH OTHERS.

Churches and Community Events, Theaters, Schools and Private Gatherings, give us a call or email so that we can schedule your special activity. We are scheduling NOW for 2013 and 2014 so it's not too early to call. We want to get you your best date for your Heart To Heart concert or to lead your worship service. We are also available for a combination of public speaking and ministry in song so if you have a seminar, business gathering, women's or men's group or convention where we might help you, just let us know. Contact Jerry Mays with Heart To Heart at 417-576-5188 or OR ON KEY PROMOTIONS at to book your event today!

Catch Heart To Heart and Doug Thornton at one of the Christmas Celebration Tour dates if you are in the area. For our Winter Texan Friends, we'll see you in a few weeks! If you haven't made your reservations yet to stay at the Comfort Suites on South Padre Island this year, give Dave Mejorado, their manager a call and tell him Heart To Heart sent ya! They will treat you like royalty and that's where we stay when we are in the Valley and sing there several times. See you there! Got a couple of new pics and articles attached for ya. You are part of our ministry and we love you. Peace Out. Shalom!
God bless.

Jerry and Sharon Mays
"The Heart & Soul of Branson"
2012 National AGAPE Fan Awards Duo of the Year
2012 Country Gospel Music Association Central Fan Awards Duo of the Year
2011 Country Gospel Connection Choice Awards Int'l. Duo of the Year
2010 National Duet & Vocal Group of the Year - GMA/IMMERSE - Nashville
Grammy & Dove Award Nominees
Diamond Awards CGMA & ICGMA Top 5
Multi Award-Winning Songwriters
Hosts "The Branson Gospel Groove" Radio Show
Feature Writers, Country Gospel Connection Magazine
Regularly Featured Artists on The Branson Stage


"Powerful Gospel & Family Music, Always With
Heart & Soul!"

Thursday, November 29, 2012




An All-Star Line Up of Musicians Whose Contributions Over the Years Have Benefited Special Olympics

Hosted by Award-Winning Actress and Singer Vanessa Williams

Premieres Saturday December 8 and Sunday December 9, 2012 at
9:00 PM (ET) Exclusively on GMC TV

Los Angeles, Calif. – November 27, 2012 — GMC TV, America’s favorite channel for uplifting family entertainment, presents the original GMC World Premiere Music Special “A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years of Bringing Joy to the World,” a landmark documentary that celebrates a quarter-century of star-studded Christmas albums in support of Special Olympics. Hosted by award-winning actress and singer Vanessa Williams, the show features new performances by Francesca Battistelli, Martina McBride, Jordin Sparks, Train, Lauriana Mae, Grayson Sanders and Jono, memorable musical highlights from the past 25 years and interviews with many of the artists and others who have made the series the most successful music fundraising series of all time. “A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years of Bringing Joy to the World” premieres exclusively on GMC TV, Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

“A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years of Bringing Joy to the World” is an in-depth look at the people and moments that have made the series such an astronomical success including interviews with Jimmy and Vicki Iovine, who produced and conceived the first album in 1987, as well as members of the Shriver family – Maria, Tim, Bobby and the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver - who founded Special Olympics in 1968.

Other artists featured in the special include, BB King, Bob Seger, Colbie Caillat, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Darius Rucker, Darlene Love, Eric Clapton, Hootie & the Blowfish, John Mellencamp, Jon Bon Jovi, Madonna, No Doubt, Randy Travis, Ronnie Spector, Run-DMC, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Wonder, Sting, The Pointer Sisters, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tracy Chapman, Train, U2, Whitney Houston and Wyclef Jean.

“We are extremely proud to be the network home of this extraordinary documentary, which weaves together the inspirational stories of Special Olympics and the ‘A Very Special Christmas’ album series—the most successful continuous charity effort in the history of the music industry,” said GMC TV Vice Chairman Brad Siegel. “From the opening note, audiences will be mesmerized by the show-stopping performances from a who’s who in the music world and inspired by the extraordinary efforts of the athletes. I’m sure viewers will find ‘A Very Special Christmas’ to be the most unique, inspiring and fun Christmas special of the year.”

Added Tim Shriver, Special Olympics Chairman of the Board and CEO: “Over the past 25 years, seven ‘A Very Special Christmas’ albums have generated over $109 million in royalties and investment proceeds for Special Olympics and its athletes, making it one of our largest single sources of funding. We are extremely excited that GMC TV is telling the story of this remarkable effort that has changed lives and celebrates the music and musicians that have made it all possible.”

“A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years of Bringing Joy to the World” also features an exclusive performance by platinum recording artist Jordin Sparks performing the Christmas classic, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” backed by a choir. “I grew up listening to the ‘A Very Special Christmas’ albums, which always include some of my all-time favorite artists singing the Christmas songs I love,” said Sparks. “I’m truly thrilled to be a part of this anniversary celebration and to support Special Olympics.”

“I am deeply honored to serve as host for this delightful musical special chronicling 25 years of ‘A Very Special Christmas,’” said Vanessa Williams. “I am very passionate about Special Olympics and have had the pleasure of recording songs for two of the albums, including one recorded live at the White House, which remains a highlight of my career.”

Created by Jimmy and Vicki Iovine and Bobby Shriver, along with Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss, the “A Very Special Christmas” series has brought together top musical artists, who donated their time and talent, as well as publishers and record labels, which gave their consent and waived royalties. Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Sting, Run-DMC, Madonna, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Wyclef Jean, Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, Mary J. Blige, Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman are just a few of the artists who have recorded songs for the series, including, music videos and three television specials filmed in Los Angeles and at the White House in Washington, DC.

Recalling the time in 1987 when U2 was first approached to participate in the original “A Very Special Christmas” album, Bono said: “When Jimmy Iovine came to us with this idea and I discovered the kind of people who were at the heart of the project, I knew it was something we couldn’t turn down.”

This year, for first time in the series’ history, two albums were released simultaneously. “A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years Bringing Joy to the World” features songs performed by Christina Aguilera, Francesca Battistelli, Michael Bublé, Cheap Trick, Vince Gill, Jewel, Amy Grant, Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, One Republic, Rascal Flatts, Train, Martina McBride, Jordin Sparks Lauriana Mae, Jono, Grayson Sanders and the Wonder Girls. The second album, “A Very Special Christmas: Bringing Peace on Earth,” features songs by Christian artists Meredith Andrews, Chris August, Francesca Battistelli, BarlowGirl, Big Daddy Weave, Building 429, Jason Castro, Group 1 Crew, for KING & COUNTRY, Dara Maclean, Jamie Grace, Mark Schultz, Natalie Grant, NEEDTOBREATH, Point of Grace, and Sidewalk Prophets. Both albums were released on October 16.

GMC TV presents “A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years Bringing Joy to the World” Hosted by Vanessa Williams. Executive produced by Sandy Shapiro and Peter Wheeler. Co-executive produced by Duane Tudahl. Music Producer is Tisha Fein. Editors are Tudor Applan, Andrew Ciancia and Duane Tudahl. Music Consultant is David Wild. Studio Shoot directed by Rex Humbard.


Special Olympics is an international organization that unleashes the human spirit through the transformative power and joy of sports everyday around the world. Through work in sports, health education and community building, Special Olympics is addressing inactivity, injustice, intolerance and social isolation by encouraging and empowering people with intellectual disabilities, which leads to a more welcoming and inclusive society. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the Special Olympics movement has grown from a few hundred athletes to nearly four million athletes in 170 countries. With the support of more than one million coaches and volunteers, Special Olympics is able to deliver 32 Olympic-type sports and more than 53,000 competitions throughout the year. Visit Special Olympics at Engage with us on: Twitter @specialolympics;;, and

GMC TV ( is America’s favorite network for uplifting music and family entertainment. The Parents Television Council ™ has twice awarded its Entertainment Seal of Approval™ to GMC TV for being “an authentic family-friendly cable network.” The network presents original and acquired movies, series, stage plays and music specials. GMC TV also provides gMovies, the first faith-friendly streaming movie service. The GMC TV brand is reflected in “Uplift Someone,” the network’s successful pro-social initiative. GMC TV can be seen in more than 58 million homes on various cable systems around the country, as well as DISH Network on channel 188, DIRECTV on channel 338 and Verizon FiOS on channel 224. Follow GMC TV on Facebook and Twitter at and

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Los Angeles, Calif. (November 28, 2012)- The critically acclaimed Annie Moses Band made its Grand Ole Opry debut this past Fri., Nov. 23 at the historic Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville. The performance was in support of its latest fall release, Pilgrims & Prodigals, and the compilation project, Annie Moses Band Ultimate Christmas Collection, which is currently available in stores.

Friday’s performance aired on 650 AM WSM Radio and Sirius XM Channel 56. During the show, the band performed its show-stopping rendition of the holiday classic “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” one of the many timeless carols featured on Annie Moses Bands’ Christmas project. The band’s first radio single, “Blush,” was also performed to coincide with Pilgrims & Prodigals, which features an eclectic fusion of music including classical, jazz, folk, and Celtic. After receiving a standing ovation, the group returned to the stage for an encore performance of its high energy version of “Jingle Bells.”

Famous for its holiday renditions, the group’s Ultimate Christmas Collection is a five-disc package comprised of an instrumental project, the band’s chart topping studio album and the record breaking PBS CD/DVD special. The album highlights three classic projects from the Annie Moses band that include Christmas Bright & Beautiful, This Glorious Christmas, and Christmas with the Annie Moses Band live CD/DVD. New to fans is a digital release, Christmas Comes Softly, which features instrumental arrangements of holiday favorites.

To coincide with Ultimate Christmas Collection, the band will embark on a seasonal tour beginning in Bellville, Ill. on November 29. Sponsored by Holt International, the tour will feature 17 performances from the compilation. Holt International is a non-profit organization that supports special needs children in countries overseas who are awaiting adoption.

For more information on Annie Moses Band and the holiday tour, please visit

About Annie Moses Band
The Annie Moses Band is made up of six siblings with their parents Bill and Robin spearheading the lyrics and arrangements. As a whole, the family has earned numerous awards and achievements that testify to the depth of each member’s artistic ability, while collectively creating a blend of captivating styles of classical, jazz, folk and even frisson of Celtic. The group consists of highly trained experts with most of them having graduated from the prestigious Juilliard. In addition to its PBS specials and tour dates, the band hosts a Fine Arts Summer Academy, which is an intensive program in the summer for young musical artists that allow them to put their technique to work with on-stage performing experience.

SGNScoops Great Gospel Giveaway!

SGN Scoops is thrilled to announce their Great Gospel Giveaway! The winner will receive the children’s book, “Where Does God Live” by Phillip W. Rodgers. Endorsed by Jason Crabb, this book about the promise of Heaven is part of Rodgers’ Discovering God Series. The Discovering God Series is a beautiful collection of story books that teach young children about God. The winning copy of “Where Does God Live” is autographed by the author and illustrator, Phillip W. Rodgers.

The Great Gospel Giveaway Question is: How many years of combined experience in Gospel Music does Canton Junction have?

Canton Junction is the cover feature for the November issue of SGN Scoops Magazine. Download your copy today and find the answer to the contest question. Email your answer to the Contest Question to by Midnight EST, December 4, 2012.

Send in your correct answer today for a chance to receive this beautiful book just in time for Christmas gift giving. One response per email address only.

For more information about Phillip W. Rodgers, The Discovering God Series, visit:


Ontario Quartet Receives Top Honour From Gospel Music Association Canada

St. Catharines, Ontario (November 28, 2012) - The Torchmen Quartet from St. Catharines, Ontario were please to accept the 2012 Covenant Award for Southern Gospel Album of the Year at the recent Gospel Music Association Canada event held in Burlington, Ontario. The nominated recording, Step Up, was arranged by Roger Talley and features songwriters Rodney Griffin, Jim Brady, Dave Randall and Richard Ash.
The Southern Ontario male quartet were also nominated for Southern Gospel Song of the Year for their song, "We Sing About A Saviour", written by former member Dave Randall.

”Even though we do what we do to serve the Lord and touch people for Him with our music and words, it is appreciated to be recognized for all the time and work we put in to produce a product,” said Mike Moran, The Torchmen’s manager and baritone singer. “We just pray the Lord will continue to use our products to lift up His name. I wish I had the space to tell you some of the letters and comments we have received over the years from people that the Lord has blessed through our music. We are grateful for the privilege of singing for Him.”

The Gospel Music Association of Canada partnered with Crossroads Television System (CTS) for GMA Canada Week 2012 and the 34th Annual Covenant Awards held at the Crossroads Centre in Burlington and broadcast later on CTS. GMA Canada Week ran from November 4 through 7, 2012, featuring concerts, workshops, showcases and the Covenant Awards. More information on GMA Canada can be found at .

The Torchmen Quartet have been singing for over 40 years, becoming Canada’s premier Southern Gospel Quartet and raveling across North America. The Grammy-nominated Torchmen Quartet have been recipients of numerous awards, including the 2010 Covenant Award for Southern Gospel Song Of The Year and the 2007 Southern Gospel Album Of The Year. Current group members include Mike Moran, Jon Hisey, Sandy McGregor and Jeff Tritton. More information on The Torchmen Quartet can be found at .

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'Fatherless'--First Novel From Dr. James Dobson--Futuristic Thriller Torn From Today's Headlines

Dobson, Co-Author Kurt Bruner Take Readers to a Suspense-Filled Future Threatened by Problems Torn From Today’s Headlines

NASHVILLE – Nov. 27, 2012 – Set in the future but torn from today’s headlines comes Fatherless (FaithWords/Hachette Book Group, Jan. 15, 2013), a relentlessly-paced, faith-based, dystopian thriller from Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner. Launching Jan. 15, the first in a three-book series, Fatherless weaves characters readers will care about into colliding plotlines drawn from key issues facing America now.

Fatherless marks the first fiction work from noted psychologist and radio host Dr. James Dobson. Author of the groundbreaking works The Strong-Willed Child, Bringing Up Boys and Bringing Up Girls, Dobson’s books have sold more than 25 million copies worldwide.

“Often the best way to communicate vital truths is to weave them into a story,” Dobson said. “The New Testament parables offer a great example of that. Fatherless takes the demographic realities of today, combines them with our nation’s economic, moral and ethical drift and imagines a future 30 years from now that’s at once familiar and frightening.”

In the page-turning Fatherless, it’s 2042, and a long-predicted tipping point has arrived: For the first time, the elderly outnumber the vigorous young creating an untenable economic and moral situation. How will a debt-crippled nation pay for the health care needs of a growing number of seniors living longer? As laws change allowing the elderly to end their lives, they become viewed as financial liabilities, as do the disabled. Jaundiced eyes turn toward any couple with more than two children, making monetary problems worse. Caught in an intensifying battle between competing cultural agendas is reporter Julia Davidson—a journalist seeking to revive a flagging career; influential young Congressman Kevin Tolbert, a Christian facing his own dilemmas; and a supporting cast of engaging characters who find themselves deep in an ominous conspiracy. In the dystopian tradition of 1984, Brave New World and The Hunger Games, Fatherless projects the headlines of today into the desperate choices of tomorrow.

“What happens in a world where growing up with the protective love of a father becomes the exception rather than the norm? What happens when the very old outnumber the very young?” Dr. Dobson asks. “Demographers tell us the decline in marriage and parenthood is fueling an unprecedented drop in fertility. The global population soon will begin to decline. We already see, in places such as Japan and Russia, that economic turmoil always accompanies dwindling population as the few young and healthy are burdened with the ballooning aging and feeble. The best projections show America on a trajectory to tip downward in a few short decades. This book is a fictional account of what current demographic, sociological and cultural shadows portend. But it’s also a celebration of God’s design for families.”

With a Jan. 15, 2013, publication date, Fatherless is available for pre-order now, and it will be followed by additional books in the series, Childless (summer 2013) and Godless (2014).

Dr. James Dobson is known around the world for his commitment to encouraging godly families. Author of more than 80 books, Dr. Dobson currently heads Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, a nonprofit ministry and radio program. For 14 years, he was an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine and was on the attending staff of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for 17 years. He earned his doctorate in child development from USC. He founded and is chair emeritus of Focus on the Family.

Follow @DrJamesCDobson and @DobsonTrilogy on Twitter.

Connect on Facebook:

Sharron Kay King Set to Embark On Annual Christmas Tour

BYRON, Ga. – (November 26, 2012) – 2012 Absolutely Gospel Music Award nominee Sharron Kay King is set to embark on her annual Christmas tour in support of her Christmas recording Ribbons & Bows and brand new mainline project This Story of My Life.

Kicking things off this Sunday in Fayetteville, Georgia, Sharron will highlight songs from her critically acclaimed Christmas recording Ribbons & Bows. Sharron will visit 12 stops on her much-anticipated tour where she will also debut material from her new recording This Story of My Life.

“My Christmas tour is always one of my favorite things about being on the road,” mentioned Sharron. “These songs mean so much to me, and people have always enjoyed hearing my stories about Christmas. It’s such a wonderful time of year, and I’m just so happy to be able to touch people with my music and my story.”

The dates and venues for Sharron’s tour are listed below:

12/01/12 – The Summit Church – Fayetteville, GA
12/02/12 – Impact Church – Atlanta, GA
12/03/12 – Biven’s Chapel United Methodist Church – Brookside, AL
12/04/12 – New Zion United Pentecostal Church – Philadelphia, MS
12/07/12 – Emeritus at Trillium Park – Conway, AR
12/09/12 – Living Word Chruch – Greenville, TX
12/09/12 – Church of the Nazarene – Pittsburg, TX
12/16/12 – Means Memorial United Methodist Church – Andrews, TX
12/20/12 – Coronado Baptist Church – El Paso, TX
12/21/12 – First Baptist Church – Wimberely, TX
12/23/12 – Cowboys For Jesus Christian Fellowship – Fichers, TX
12/30/12 – First United Methodist Church – Lawton, TX
12/31/12 – First Baptist Church of Ardmore – Ardmore, TX

For more information on the tour and how to purchase Sharron’s Christmas recording, visit

Sharron recently scored another Top 40 single from her critically acclaimed release Don’t Stop Believing. The song, titled “Look Up,” became the fifth consecutive single from the album to debut on the Top 40 Weekly Chart – the Southern Gospel industry’s most watched and longest running weekly radio report.

“Look Up” was written by Eric Horner and was just released to Southern Gospel radio through Eddie King & Crown Communications. “Look Up” is the final single from Don’t Stop Believing as Sharron recently put the finishing touches on her new record titled This Story of My Life. This Story of My Life is Sharron’s first studio-recording in over five years. This Story of My Life was produced by Mike Pillow (Ricky Atkinson & Compassion, Naomi Sego, Ann Downing).

Sharron wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 12 tracks including the title cut. Other writers and co-writers included award-winning writers Steve & Annie Chapman, John Robinson, Becky Wright, Chris Binion, and Sharron’s son-in-law Sean Anderson.

Sharron has been singing and speaking at ladies retreats and recovery groups more frequently this year due to her amazing testimony of God’s redeeming power and grace. For information on how you can book Sharron at your church or event, visit

Sharron was honored earlier this year to see her name among the 10 nominees for Fan Favorite Artist of the Year in the highly-respected Absolutely Gospel (SGN) Music Awards. This is the second time in her career that Sharronhas been nominated for an Absolutely Gospel Music Award. She was previously nominated in 2007 in the Country Album of the Year category for her The Road I Know project.

More information as well as booking information on Sharron Kay King can be found at Fans can visit Sharron on Facebook at .

About Sharron Kay King
Sharron Kay King is a talented singer/songwriter based out of Byron, Georgia. Sharron’s last release, Don’t Stop Believing, spawned off the #1 fan favorite “God’s Been Good.” King was a 2008 Top 5 finalist in the Singing NewsFan Awards for Favorite Horizon Individual and a 2009 Top 10 finalist for Favorite Soloist.

NQC for Under 20 Bucks!



Each year, thousands of concert goers flock to Louisville, KY for the annual National Quartet Convention. While there, Southern Gospel music fans are treated to night after night (six total) of exciting and heart-stirring performances from over 100 of their favorite groups. For the twelfth year in a row, Crossroads in conjunction with NQC’s Board of Directors, brings you NQC Live Volume 12 a collection of some of this year’s greatest moments, on DVD, with a bonus CD included free!

Experience the excitement that comes from being among the thousands of music lovers as they cheer on groups like The Hoppers, The Talleys, Tribute Quartet, Greater Vision, The Collingsworth Family, The Kingdom Heirs and many more!

Tell Me Why Kingdom Heirs

Homesick Angel Tribute Quartet

There Is No Other Name Crist Family

A Pile Of Crowns Greater Vision

Living In The Palace Legacy Five

Little Bit Of Sunshine Jeff and Sheri Easter

I Won't Trade My Crown Down East Boys

I Played In The Band Booth Brothers

Broken People Mark Bishop

I Can Trust Jesus Collingsworth Family

Surely Goodness & Mercy Talleys

There Is A Fountain Kim Hopper, Kim Collingsworth and TaRanda Greene

The Old White Flag Triumphant Quartet

The King Is Coming Mark Trammell Quartet

I Sing The Mighty Power Of God Hoppers

Joy Has Come Karen Peck and New River

Leaning On The Everlasting Arms Channing Eleton

I'll Fly Away (with Over The Moon) Josh Singletary

Bonus features from the showcases Hymns For the Ages, A Touch of Christmas, Strings & Keys and Laugh Out Loud.

NQC Live 2012 will be available at Crossroads, and in stores everywhere December 18, 2012 .

John Hartford News

Pre-order re-release of Aereoplain and Morning Bugle today at
All orders will ship on release date: December 4th, 2012

JOHN HARTFORD: Aereo-Plain/Morning Bugle—the Complete Warner Bros. Recordings

Two of the finest and most significant country /folk albums of the ‘70s, John Hartford’s Aereo-Plain and Morning Bugle are being re-issued by Real Gone Music—with Aereo-Plain/Morning Bugle—the Complete Warner Bros. Recordings. It’s a two-CD, 35-track set that includes four unreleased tracks on each album. Liner notes are by music critic Andrew Vaughan and the Hartford family has generously contributed photos from John’s private collection.

In the early ‘70s John Hartford, fresh from TV stardom and enjoying the fruits of writing one of the most popular songs of all time, “Gentle on My Mind” changed the face of country music. in 1971 and 1972 he was responsible not just for two of the finest folk and country albums of the era but for a new style of bluegrass, a style that would become known as Newgrass.

In 1971 Hartford recorded the seminal Aereo-Plain album alongside bluegrass great Vassar Clements on fiddle, master-craftsman dobro player Tut Taylor, gifted guitarist Norman Blake and Earl Scruggs’ son Randy Scruggs on bass. The sound was fresh, innovative and spawned a hoist of imitators. Indeed Sam Bush of the New Grass Revival said later, “Without Aereo-Plain, there would be no ‘newgrass’ music.”

As with most musical pioneers, the album was a commercial disaster at which point Hartford went even more eclectic on the 1972 follow up, Morning Bugle.

This time Hartford just used two musicians Norman Blake again on guitar and a jazz bass player, Dave Holland to complement his banjo (and occasional overdubbed guitar and fiddle). The country-jazz feel and Hartford's esoteric baffled the public even that Aereo-Plain had but critics and musicians were effusive in their praise. Now, some forty years on these recording are regarded as acoustic music classics and this collection is essential listening for anyone who cares about not just John Hartford but for the beauty and power of acoustic music.

New John Hartford Book Coming Soon!

We are looking for pictures and stories

Nashville based music critic and author Andrew Vaughan, whose work includes the best selling book, The Eagles: An American Band, is working with the Hartford family on a very special book that will tell the story of John’s pioneering work in the early ‘70s with the groundbreaking Aereo-Plain and Morning Bugle albums. The book will feature never seen pictures and photographs, behind the scenes details of the recording sessions and interviews with those who were there. As Andrew researches and writes John’s story he’d love to hear from anyone who may have early ‘70s stories of John, photos, even memories of concerts and festivals. You can contact Andrew at

Destination: Bean BlossomSecond Annual Memorial Festival, May 31-June 2

Plans are in full swing for the 2nd Annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, Thursday, May 31 through Saturday, June 2, 2012. Once again, the festival is set for Bill Monroe Memorial Park and Campground in Bean Blossom, Indiana. Special thanks to the one-and-only John Hotze for his work organizing the festival and scheduling a who’s-who of artists to perform, with Jamie Hartford on the bill.

After last year’s successful event there will now be at least 10 shows each day on both stages. They will start at 11:00 or 12:00 and run until about mid-night. There will also be plenty of informal jam sessions around the campfires.

To find out more and purchase tickets go to the festival website.

Artists confirmed so far include: Great American Taxi, Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, Jamie Hartford & Friends, Bawn In The Mash, Betse Ellis of the Wilders, Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, John Bultman & friends, Branded Bluegrass, Chicago Farmer, ClusterPluck, Deep Fried Squirrel, Flatland Harmony Experiment, Goldmine Pickers, Heathen's Halo with Worley Boys, Henhouse Prowlers, The Indiana Boys, Johnson's Crossroad, Eric Lambert & Friends, Ray Lawrence JR, The Lulus, Lexi Len Minnich, Ma Crow, New Old Cavalry, Colin O'Brien, The Rootdiggers, Ryan Spearman & Kelly Wells, Wayward Roots, Whipstich Sallies, Whiskey Bent Valley Boys, White Lightning Boys, Wil Maring & Robert Bowlin, Woodstove Flapjacks,

Worley Boys with Heathens Halo

For more details and ticket information, visit THIS LINK.

John Hartford featured in New Bluegrass Documentary

Hartford fans should look out for screenings of a new bluegrass documentary, The Porchlight Sessions. Producer Anna Schwaber has lovingly told the story of bluegrass through its fans and musicians and John Hartford, naturally, figures prominently.

Anna explains: “John Hartford's musical legacy is depicted through archival footage, rare photographs, stories, and a musical performance to honor his music and influence. John's scene includes stories from Steve Martin, Missy Raines, and Jeff Hanna. Yonder Mountain String Band perform a tribute song.”

There will be screenings around the country and a DVD will be available soon. Anna says: “People can see the film either in film festivals (upcoming in January), through the Kickstarter rewards (pre-release DVDs will ship out by the end of the year), and through events we are holding around the country that we are scheduling. If anyone is interested in scheduling another screening, then they can also reach out to us about hosting an event in their town.”

So sign up for the film’s newsletter and follow on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news. You can get all the necessary links at

About Us

The John Hartford Office was created by his kids, Jamie and Katie, to carry on their father’s passion for music and for the river. We are committed to furthering his rich legacy of music, performances, stories and adventures at Please visit us to learn more about the man and his music.

2nd Generation Special Guest at The Freemans' Christmas Banquet

2nd Generation is excited to announce that we will be the special guest at the 2nd annual Freemans Christmas Banquet will be on Friday, December 7th at 7:00 PM at Robbins-Sanford Grand Hall, 118 N Spring St, in downtown Searcy, Arkansas!

Chris Freeman will prepare some of her favorite holiday foods and all of the Freemans will serve you dinner and perform a Christmas concert. Tickets are $25 and children 10 and under are $12. Tickets must be purchased in advance by November 30th, 2012 by calling Rowland Promotions at 501-729-0474. Call TODAY!! Please bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the Jesus Lifted Up Ministries food bank and/or a toy to be donated to the Toys for Tots Foundation along with a portion of the ticket sales!!

Larry and Jana Hinson AND 2nd Generation will be making a special appearance this year! We hope to see you at this special event!!!!

Make plans to attend this fun filled night with 2nd G, the Freemans, & Larry & Jana Hinson. You may contact us for more information. Hope to see you there.

Brenda & Elaine
2nd Generation

Greater Vision Announces Jubilee Christmas!

From Greater Vision's email newsletter of November 23, 2012:

"Jubilee Christmas" Scheduled For Release!
After months of anticipation, the brand-new "Jubilee Christmas" CD is scheduled for release on December 1st!
"Jubilee Christmas" will be available for the first time, at the SOLD-OUT Jubilee Christmas Concert in Lancaster, Pennsylvania! If you have tickets, and are planning to attend the kick-off concert for the Jubilee Christmas Tour, we know you'll want to be one of the first to pick up a copy of the new CD! However, if you can't attend the concert, or any other other concerts on the Jubilee Christmas Tour, you can pre-order your CD today, and receive FREE Shipping! Click here and order a "Jubilee Christmas" CD for yourself, and extras to give as gifts!

This unique recording features The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, and Legacy Five, performing some of your all-time favorite Christmas songs, as well as some new, soon-to-be-classic Christmas songs written by writers such as Chris Allman, Jim Brady, Rodney Griffin, Marty Funderburk, Gerald Wolfe, and more! This new recording is a "must-have" addition to your Christmas Music collection.

Order your CDs before Saturday December 1st to take advantage of the FREE Shipping offer!

*"Jubilee Christmas" CD orders placed before Saturday December 1, 2012 will receive Free Shipping, and will be shipped no later than Wednesday December 5.

The Jubilee Christmas Tour Kicks Off Next Week!

12/1 Lancaster, PA SOLD OUT
12/3 Winston-Salem, NC
12/4 Knoxville, TN
12/7 Tyler, TX
12/8 Tulsa, OK
12/9 Branson, MO "Live" Video Taping!
12/10 Van Buren, AR

Click here for more Concert Information!

Greater Vision's Annual Christmas Special...

Watch this space in next week's Email Update for information about an incredible DVD / CD offer from Greater Vision! Music makes a great gift, and the titles we've chosen for this year's Special are a perfect way to introduce your friends and family to Gospel Music, as well as being a great way to complete your own collection, and enjoy a significant savings!

Supplies will be very limited on these titles, so be sure to check your email next Wednesday for the details of our special offer.

As Rodney drives us toward Florida tonight, we've been sharing Thanksgiving stories, laughing, and talking about the days ahead... as usual. We are constantly reminded of how blessed we are, to have such wonderful families, and to be able to travel and share the "Good News" with people all over the world. Your prayers and your friendship play a very large role in what we do, and just in case we haven't told you lately... we are thankful for YOU!

Have a blessed weekend!
Gerald Wolfe
Greater Vision

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rhonda Mitchell-Frye Receives Coveted Lou Hildreth Award

EHA-Nashville} SGNScoops Editor in Chief, Rhonda Mitchell-Frye, of Ringgold, GA took home the coveted Lou Hildreth Award presented at the Diamond Awards Ceremony last week during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention.

The multi-talented, minister, speaker, performer, and worship leader who is known for her servant’s heart, is no stranger to the Southern Gospel arena. She is multi-awarded for her songwriting talent and performances with NACMI in several catergories, including; “Most Promising Album of the Year,” “Most Promising Songwriter of the Year,”and ”Horizon Female Vocalist of the Year.”

Rhonda’s heart for the ministry is evident as Associate and Worship Pastor at Rock Pointe Church and as she teaches “Mini-Music”-a preschool music/movement program. Rhonda’s music ministry includes a diverse and progressive program that appeals to Southern Gospel, Praise and Worship, and Contemporary music fans.

Lou Hildreth notes, “At the 2012 Diamond Awards, a very special young lady was presented the ‘Lou Hildreth Award’ in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the gospel music industry. It is my privilege each year to designate the recipient of this award, and Rhonda Frye, the dynamic young Editor-In-Chief of SGN Scoops, is without question the right choice. Rhonda demonstrates her love for Gospel music in total dedication to the artists and the industry. She has made excellent progress in broadening the interest in Gospel music, our shared passion, and keeps expanding the influence. It was indeed a special thrill to present the “Lou Hildreth Award” to the fabulous Rhonda Frye.”

Rhonda Frye notes, “I am so honored and humbled to have received the ‘Lou Hildreth Award.’ Lou has been a true example of what it means to dedicate one’s life to this amazing and blessed music. I am dedicated to carrying this torch forward and holding up the standard that Lou has set before us. Lou cannot be duplicated, but she can certainly be a role-model for all of us who aspire to carry out God’s plan in Gospel Music!

Contact Rhonda: For more info on Lou Wills-Hildreth
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Critically Acclaimed Band Launches Online Pledge to Encourage “Blush Beliefs”

Los Angeles, Calif. (Nov. 20, 2012) – On November 25th, Billboard charting Annie Moses Band will debut the music video for their first radio single “Blush” on Great American Country television (GAC). Great American Country is the leader in country music entertainment, and delivers to viewers the widest variety of country music, its artists and the lifestyles they influence. To coincide with the music video debut, Annie Moses Band has launched a pledge titled “Blush Beliefs,” where listeners can show their support for the values behind the song. “Blush” was originally released on the band’s album, Pilgrims & Prodigals, which hit stores this past September.
The music video was directed by award-winning filmmaker, David Kiern, inside of Tennessee’s glamorous Rippavilla Plantation. Though Rippavilla is a historic mansion infamous for its ghosts, the band saw it as a perfect backdrop for the radio single which marries a nostalgic message to a modern edge.
“Blush” is a song that aims to question our culture’s cynicism and to speak a timeless truth with powerful relevance. The band recognizes that almost everyone in our society has been hurt by broken relationships, and that individuals turn to cynicism rather than a belief in values that create and nurture loving and long-lasting relationships. The song’s message communicates the group’s desire to return to a time when a wounded heart was not an inevitable experience.
“I hope ‘Blush’ reminds people of a time when faithfulness and kindness, dignity and innocence were not the stuff of fairytales, but the values that bring love to everyday life,” says Annie Wolaver, lead vocalist and violinist of the band.
To launch its “Blush Beliefs” campaign, Annie Moses Band is calling likeminded “Blush” listeners to act through On the site, visitors will find the music video and a corresponding pledge. From there, viewers can log in through Facebook and align with the campaign which promotes messages of truth, faithfulness, kindness and more.
Pilgrims & Prodigals is a two-disc CD/DVD package that is a collection of songs that explore the timeless theme of roaming and redemption. The album is centered on the idea that everyone in the world is going somewhere and features 13 diverse tracks, eight of which were written or co-written by members of the group. When sampling the project listeners can expect to find a blend of classical, jazz, folk, and Celtic stylings.
For more information on Annie Moses Band and “Blush” please visit: To view the music video and align with the “Blush Beliefs” campaign, please go to


The popular television show, America’s Got Talent, announced they are looking for Choirs and singers to audition for the eighth season of the show. All those who are interested can submit a video to the executive producers of America’s Got Talent. For more information, visit:

Morning Glory Entertainment and C&C Music Group Presents “Gospel BootCamp” featuring Gerald and Adam Crabb

Morning Glory Entertainment and C&C Music Group will present a Gospel Boot Camp for Gospel musicians, singers and groups.

Adam Crabb, soloist and member of the popular, The Crabb Family will teach “Music Business 101.” Students are expected to learn the basic ins and outs of being an unsigned artist and how to establish a career and music ministry. Adam will also share advice on how to connect with audiences during performances.

Accomplished and multi-award winning songwriter, Gerald Crabb will teach his well known class, “Advanced Songwriting and Publishing.” Students are expect to learn how to perfect the craft of songwriting, formulate a hit song and operate as a songwriter/artist.

Gospel Boot Camp will take place on Saturday, January 5, 2013 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Nashville, Tennessee. For cost and registration information, contact Alisa Asbury at 706-226-9729.

Mercy's Well Christmas CD Available for Pre-Order


It's an exciting time around Mercy's Well headquarters. We have just completed what we believe is a Christmas CD for EVERYONE! It's been 4 years since we released "December" and that CD contained some of the greatest Christmas hymns ever penned!

The new CD, BETHLEHEM SKY, takes a little different approach as MOST of these songs are BRAND-NEW. Of course there's a nice dose of familiar Christmas songs and carols like "I'll Be Home For Christmas", "Angels We Have Heard On High", "Caroling, Caroling" and the powerful, "I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day".

We are so excited to share this collection of songs with you, our special friends. As an email list subscriber, you have the opportunity to purchase it before it's available to the public. Orders will be processed the week after Thanksgiving...just in time to listen to it ALL DECEMBER LONG!

PRE-ORDER today using the link below or click the graphic above:

Don't be a scrooge...add BETHLEHEM SKY to your collection today! :)


Brad, Greg & Kyle
Mercy's Well

G-Movies: Fun Entertainment for the Entire Family

NAPLES, Fla., Nov. 20, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- G-Movies are here! Sky Angel would like to announce the launch of G-Movies to its services, as a separate category in the On Demand section. The G-Movies library will give subscribers free access to over 150 titles rated PG-13 or lower. Some of the great titles offered are Pahappahooey, a bible-based animated series; Much Ado About Middle School, a teen drama; and the Left Behind series, starring Kirk Cameron.

This new category of high quality movies will be available on both TV services, Sky Angel and FAVE TV, as well as on Sky Angel's international Faith Everywhere service that's now available for viewing on your computer or iPad®.

"G-Movies is a great addition to the Sky Angel and FAVE TV services," said Thomas Scott, President and COO of Sky Angel. "Families now have another way to spend time together watching wholesome programming."

Charles Humbard, President and CEO of GMC TV also shared his excitement about the G-Movies channel and how it's an extension of the gmc brand. "The GMC TV brand is committed to providing quality faith-friendly family entertainment and we are pleased to extend that brand promise to G-Movies which allows consumers to have access to our highest rated faith-friendly family movies whenever and wherever they want to watch them. We welcome Sky Angel and FAVE as a distribution partner of G-Movies On Demand and applaud their efforts to provide their subscribers with quality programming that reflect the family values they cherish," said Mr. Humbard.

Sky Angel offers subscribers two services: a traditional TV service, FAVE TV, available in the U.S. with more than 80 television and radio channels of inspirational and family-friendly programming, Video On Demand and the Faith Everywhere service which is offered worldwide with more than 35 inspiring television and radio channels, Video On Demand and other features viewed via personal computers or iPad®. To learn more and to subscribe, visit or call 1-855-432-8388.

About Sky Angel:
Sky Angel® is a Christian-owned multi-channel distribution service with inspirational and family-friendly television and radio programming. Visit Sky Angel online at

About GMC TV:
GMC TV ( is America's favorite network for uplifting music and family entertainment. The Parents Television Council(tm) has twice awarded its Entertainment Seal of Approval(tm) to GMC TV for being "an authentic family-friendly cable network."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

THE ROYS Sound "Last Call" For January Cruise on Carnival's Sensation

Sign Up Today To Secure Your Spot On Danny Stewart's Bluegrass Cruise Four-Night Bahamas Sailing

Nashville, TN -- THE ROYS are sounding "last call" for Danny Stewart's Bluegrass Cruise on Carnival Cruise Line's spectacular ship, Sensation, January 20-24. Brother/sister Lee and Elaine Roy are thrilled to be a part of this grand adventure and are urging their fans to sign up now to reserve their cabins. The cost ($499) includes luxurious shipboard accommodations for two and all food and beverages except for carbonated and alcoholic drinks. The vessel departs from Port Canaveral, Florida, and ports of call include the exciting islands of Freeport and Nassau.

Fans can reserve their spot HERE. The process is easy: just go to THE ROYS' site, click on the CRUISE tab, complete the form and submit with your deposit. Bluegrass lovers won't want to miss this seafaring festival which includes jam sessions, workshops and fun for the whole family. Joining Lee and Elaine will be Bluegrass favorites Dave Nichols Band, The Spinney Brothers, Nu-Blu and Ernie Evans & The Florida Bluegrass Band.

THE ROYS will be ready to kick back, sun, socialize and entertain. The duo has enjoyed a successful 2012, performing at Fairs and Festivals across the U.S. sharing the stage with George Jones, Ricky Skaggs, Dailey & Vincent, John Rich, Rhonda Vincent, Doyle Lawson, Neal McCoy, Janie Fricke, The Oak Ridge Boys, Lonesome River Band and Chris Young.

Their debut CD for Rural Rhythm Records, LONESOME WHISTLE, earned them a spot on BILLBOARD'S Top 50 Bluegrass Albums of 2011 Chart and gave them two hit singles: "Coal Minin' Man" and "Trailblazer." Their current disc, NEW DAY DAWNING, debuted at Number 2 on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums Chart in early September and two weeks later had risen toNumber 1 on Amazon's Bluegrass Best Sellers list. In October, Lee and Elaine were named Inspirational Country Music's Bluegrass Artist of the Year (2012). THE ROYS were previously honored with that award in 2011 and dubbed the organization's Duo of the Year in 2010 and 2009. The duo's popularity has led to recent television appearances on CBS, FOX, RFD-TV, TCN and PBS and a strategic partnership with Team RealTree™ Outdoor Energy Drink.

All the latest on Lee and Elaine can be found online at

For additional Bluegrass Cruise information, go to or email