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Retro SGM Radio: Coastal Media Acquires SGN Scoops (2009)

First Published by SGM Radio in September 2009
Coastal Media Group Acquires SGN Scoops and the Diamond Awards
By Lorraine Walker

Rob Patz of Coastal Media Group recently announced the acquisition of SGN Scoops magazine and the Diamond Awards program. SGN Scoops will introduce Southern Gospel’s first all-digital, downloadable magazine on September 14, 2009. The Diamond Awards recently held their spectacular 2009 program at the inaugural Branson Gospel Music Convention in July. Together, these two entities enrich and enlarge the cutting-edge Southern Gospel promotional powerhouse of Coastal Media Group.

Coastal Media Group (CMG), began in 1993 and encompasses SGM Radio, a website of Southern Gospel feature stories, monthly columns and CD Reviews. The website, is also host to two internet radio stations. Syndicated radio program, The Southern Styles Show with Rob Patz, is also part of the CMG family. After more than fifteen years in the industry, CMG and Rob Patz decided to take on a new challenge.

“We decided to acquire SGN Scoops magazine and the Diamond Awards because we have a passion for the future of Southern Gospel in the digital media field,” says Rob. “It is another great way to promote Southern Gospel and to be a part of the new things that God is doing through technology.”

“SGN Scoops will be available monthly in a magazine format that readers can download to their own digital devices. They can read the magazine wherever they are; even print it out if they prefer. This will be the first all-digital Southern Gospel magazine and we are thrilled to be on the cusp of what is happening in our industry.”

The staff of SGN Scoops will include Kelly Burton as editor-in chief, Rob Patz as publisher and several contributing writers such as Evie Hawkins, Jimmy McMillan, Jerry Kinkel and Lorraine Walker. There will also be writers with experience in other fields who will be on staff to lend their perspective on the industry.

“I’m really excited about working with Kelly,” says Rob. “She brings a fresh approach to this medium. There are people in life that you just know when you meet them that you will work well together. Kelly is great to work with and shares my vision for this new facet of ministry.”

Kelly Burton says, “It has always, and I mean from childhood, been a dream of mine to write and edit professionally. I have dabbled in doing that for years and this opportunity seemed like a gift from God just for me. I am so excited to have an outlet to use the gift and passion He has given me, and SGN Scoops is an established magazine that only stands to grow in readership and scope. I'm very grateful to publisher Rob Patz for showing faith in me and for not minding that our phone calls often take place while I'm cooking dinner and settling my kids!”

CMG promises a new look and design for the magazine, one which can already be seen on the website . The website itself features breaking news from the industry and features exclusive to SGN Scoops.

“I want SGN Scoops to showcase what is exciting, challenging, and wonderful about the world of gospel music; not just the music itself, but the people who make it, the topics it covers, the inspiration behind it,” says Kelly. “There are so many stories to tell. There are so many artists who are multi-faceted in their ministries and jobs. Southern Gospel is not just a late-night TV concert or a random event; it is filled with talented and dynamic people who I'd like to see introduced to more than the traditional core audience. We want Scoops to be interactive, engaging, relevant, and evangelistic. Lord, help us as we strive for that!”

CMG acquired SGN Scoops and the Diamond Awards show from Allen Smith who began the magazine in 1996 as an email newsletter. Allen obtained the awards show in 2003 and has worked hard to present the program as a fan-based, ministry-focused event each year. Rob Patz assures fans that the Diamond Awards will be back at the Branson Gospel Music Convention in 2010.

“Branson is a great venue with a beautiful facility, one of the nicest that I’ve been a part of,” says Rob. “The Diamond Awards were amazing this year and a sweet time of fellowship. We hope to take the program to greater heights in the coming years and to make it even more of a ‘can’t miss’ event. We want to increase the level of ministry and entertainment. We want to continue to encourage and recognize the artists. Most of all we want the audience to worship God while they fellowship with each other.”

“The purpose of the Diamond Awards is to reward those who are called to ministry. The Awards are fan-based, fan-voted, fan-driven. It allows people to thank the artists in a way that is outstanding and to show their appreciation in a way that is tangible. The Diamond Awards aren’t just ‘another awards show’. They truly are the fan reaching out with love and encouragement to those that work so hard, using their talents to share the word of God.”

Coastal Media Group is proud of SGN Scoops Magazine and the Diamond Awards and the new directions being planned for both entities. The CMG mission statement is to “use emerging technology to spread the Gospel throughout the world”. With the addition of these new members of the CMG family, that mission is certainly being fulfilled.

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