Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2nd Generation Aim For New Level

“New Level”
From 2nd Generation's email newsletter of November 2, 2012

On September 19, 2012, Brenda and I went to campmeeting at Harvest Assembly of God church in Oak Grove, Arkansas. The campmeeting had been tremendous that week. The speaker that night was Luke Holter. An evangelist who had the gift of prophesy. As the service was drawing to a close Luke looked at me and asked me to come forward.

He started out by saying I was God’s song bird. I would sing a new song. Then he started talking about there was a transition coming along with a new level. He said he kept seeing “we” and asked, “is there a “we” and is “we” with you. I told him yes, and pointed to Brenda, my sister. He called her up along side of me. He never asked what we did. He proceeded to speak a word over us.

The word he gave us that night was amazing and overwhelming, to say the least. But, we know God and believed the words spoken. You may not believe in this type of ministry or think he knew who we were and what we did. 2nd Generation had never met Luke Holter in our lifetime. When we left we didn’t understand the transition he was talking about that we would go through, but, now we do.

On October 26, Josh Adams chose to resign from 2nd Generation. There’s the transition. As many of you know, we have been down this road before. Many groups can testify that at times the road gets long, and many times frustrating. But God has called us into this and He will see us through. Those words that night on September 19th were words from God we fully believe. He knew where we were, and He knew what was ahead for us. The words spoken by Luke Holter confirmed that.

2nd Generation was birthed in our heart’s and (Brenda and I) soul’s in March 2005. We knew beyond all doubts, all frustrations that He had called us onto this path, and in times of discouragement He would not leave us nor fail.

In the beginning of this ministry we promised God that we would do our best, and with His direction, to live our lives in a way that would never bring reproach upon Him or the ministry of 2nd Generation. We feel that as ministers of the gospel through song we are responsible for the witness we have among men. We have placed a high standard for our ministry. Brenda and I live by that standard and anyone who is a part of 2nd Generation now or in the future is expected to abide by those same standards.

The word tells us to “study to show ourselves approved”. That is what we are trying to do. We desire to for our lives to be approved by God, not man. We are standing and believing in the words Luke Holter spoke that night. He also prophesied that we would go to a new level. To not worry about the dates, the calls would come, and they are. That God would be our “PR”.

We are excited about the future and the new level that God is taking us to. We will continue with our schedule and are scheduling for 2013. We will be singing as a duet for the present time and as the song says….let it BE (Brenda and Elaine). Thank you for your prayers. Brenda and I are looking forward to great and mighty things from God. Life is great because God is good!!

Brenda & Elaine
2nd Generation Ministries

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