Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Retro SGM Radio Liberty Quartet (Jan 2008)

Liberty Quartet Bio
Liberty is a professional Southern Gospel group based on the West Coast with a full-time
concert schedule. The members of Liberty are Royce Mitchell, bass; Dan Gilbert, lead;
Doran Ritchey, baritone/piano; and Keith Waggoner, tenor. Liberty averages 50-70,000
miles a year ministering in approximately 200 performances for church services, large
conventions including the Great Western Quartet Convention and the Gospel Music Fan
Festival in Canada, nursing homes, prisons, and other ministries. Liberty goes wherever
the Lord directs. While featuring everything from high-energy performances to moments
of contemplation, Liberty always leads the congregation in an incredible concert of
worship. Their ministry bridges all generations, bringing enjoyment to traditional venues
as well as contemporary.

1. What is your favorite thing to do with snow?
Doran: build snowmen with my kids
Keith: snowmobiling, snowball fights, and building gargantuan snow forts with my
Dan: ski on top of it
Royce: eat it

2. What other genre` of music would you sing if you weren't singing Southern Gospel
Doran: Christian Contemporary / Worship music
Keith: CCM or maybe a little country
Dan: Christian contemporary although I'm beginning to wonder if I'm getting to old for
it to look right. I might look like an old guy trying to look young (Keith here: “Um, yes,
Dan, you would”)
Royce: is there another genre of music?

3. What is your favorite way to enjoy an Idaho potato?
Doran: Mashed with lots of butter
Keith: As part of a loaded potato soup (with cheese and bacon bits, of course)
Dan: Idaho potatoes, lots and lots of butter, sour cream, cheese, chives, bacon bits,
topped off with salt a pepper. Yum Yum
Royce: sweet potato pie

4. If someone invites you to go shopping, what will your reply be?
Doran: When?
Keith: Uh, are we going to be stopping by Best Buy or the Christian bookstore? If not,
you’re on your own.
Dan: Shopping, Ill always find a way to make anything fun, the other night my wife

asked me to go with her. I just had a little surgery on my foot so I used one of those
electric scooters (refer to "old" statement in question 2) I terrorized her at every
opportunity, and had a great time. I'm not so sure she'll be inviting me back anytime soon.
Royce: Only if it’s Walmart
5. What are you, as a part of Liberty Quartet, looking forward to in 2008?
Doran: Our group continuing to progress in our presentations, recordings, and seeing
more souls won to Christ.
Keith: Continuing to creatively (and with an emphasis on quality) present music,
concerts, and media that uplifts Christ.
Dan: I feel like we are on the verge of seeing what God has had planned for Liberty
Quartet for a long time. We have learned a lot and have grown confident in the group that
we are and the role that we play in ministry. Liberty is a very unique group that presents
a combination of humor and music that people seem to really appreciate. Christians need
to have fun and show the joy of the Lord through laughter and we help people to do just
Royce: continuing to impact the world for Christ while maintaining a high standard in
our music, stage presentation, and especially our lives (on and off the platform)

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