Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beyond The Ashes' Bus Catches Fire In The Night

Nashville, TN (July 30, 2011) – Group members and road crew of vocal trio, Beyond The Ashes (BTA) were awakened in the middle of the night by a bus fire, while parked and asleep for the night in the WALMART parking lot in Marshfield, MO. The bus, an MCI tour bus, and its contents are severely damaged, but everyone in the bus miraculously escaped without injury.

Close friend and ministry advisor, Dusty Wells, was traveling with the group. He expressed that he awoke to the smell of smoke. He feels sure that God woke him from His sleep. He was able to get everyone safely off the bus. Road manager, Rob Estep, immediately called 911. The fire department arrived quickly to extinguish the fire and check on the health of the bus' occupants.

Anthony Facello (group's founder and tenor singer) shares, "We are grateful beyond words for GOD's protection over us through this very scary and emotional experience. We have, once again, seen His Hand of faithfulness to us. Certainly the name of this group, Beyond The Ashes, takes on a more powerful meaning than ever today. Although we know we face serious challenges as a result of the physical losses associated with this event, we are overwhelmingly glad to be safe and well, and we are trusting God through this trial. Please remember us in prayer as we work through the details of the situation. A special thanks to every one for your words of encouragement and your prayers."

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