Friday, February 6, 2015

On shelves now, a book about intellectual suicide . . . and Jesus


WHAT: The Politically Incorrect Jesus—Living Boldly in a Culture of Unbelief
U.S. society may specialize in unbelief but Muslims, Jews and Christians dominate the news feeds and it’s safe to say . . . well, hold on: What is it safe to say?

In a world trying to determine “where the lines are,” author Joe Battaglia injects--ready for this?—Jesus into the conversation. As fresh as today’s news aggregate, as timeless as Truth, if there’s an edge, Joe’s there: where religion turns deadly and arrogant, where Christian views get suppressed, and where society turns schizophrenic, Jesus speaks into those issues. From more than four decades in journalism and broadcasting, a seasoned communicator and politically incorrect thinker gives believers short, readable chapters long on common sense. We’re overdue.

SYNOPSIS: If you find yourself unsure of what it’s socially safe to say, consider Jesus: admired and ridiculed, revered and rejected, dismissed and embraced. And most of what He taught and stood for ignored both political correctness and personal safety. In The Politically Incorrect Jesus, author Joe Battaglia--former journalist and communications specialist--says to us that to assent to the latest acceptable language and moral ideology--to give up on what we know to be true--is intellectual suicide.

The church also has its own version of political correctness, Joe warns, and we are not safe from circumspection, as well, because we are the church. If you’re tired of spiritual slumber, and ready to honestly question the intellectual and spiritual inconsistencies of our times--and your life--you’re prime for Joe Battaglia’s The Politically Incorrect Jesus.

WHO: Joe founded and heads Renaissance Communications, a media company that specializes in reaching the faith-based marketplace. Renaissance’s impressive client list includes Dr. Steve Brown and his nationally syndicated Key Life Radio Network, AFFIRM Films/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Provident Films and Feed The Children.

Also, Joe is executive producer and general manager of Keep the Faith radio program, in 200-plus markets nationally and abroad. His first book was A New Suit for Lazarus. Joe studied journalism at Boston University and graduated magna cum laude. He co-founded and is board president of the non-profit CharityOne; he’s a partner at BigOyo Inc., an intellectual property and content distribution company.

What’s safe now for Christians to think and say? If you have to ask, you’ll love the answers with Joe Battaglia about The Politically Incorrect Jesus.

PUBLISHER: BroadStreet Publishing

RELEASE DATE: Feb. 2, 2015

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