Monday, June 22, 2009

Accused of Love

We had a special song night at our church on Sunday. Three of the church choirs – children’s choir, senior’s choir and our regular Sunday morning choir – joined together for an evening of music. It was lovely and uplifting. It was also cool to see so many people of all different ages and races join together to lift up the name of Jesus in song. When they were all on stage together at the end of the evening it was easy to see how this group was representative of the body of Christ. We are all so different, yet when we work together for a main goal, the result can be sweet harmony. Harmony in the Body can only be achieved through the love we show for each other.
The Bible says that others will know we are Christians by our love. Someone reminded me the other day that the members of the early church did not come up with the name of ‘Christian’ but were actually ACCUSED of ‘being a Christian’ because they followed Christ. Their actions gave them away and they were persecuted because of the One they followed. They were accused of loving others like Jesus and therefore bore His name.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if our love for each other were so obvious that we too would be ‘accused’ of being Christians? That the label of ‘Christian’ wasn’t something that people picked up and put down as society or surroundings dictated? That it wasn’t something that was ‘in name only’ but a real description of who we are as a Church?
My prayer is that I too will be ‘accused’ of being a Christian. Do I have that kind of love?

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