Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scott Johnson, Three Bridges, In need of Prayer

Chattanooga, TN- Scott Johnson, the gifted and talented lead singer for Homeland Recording artist Three Bridges has developed complications following knee surgery. On Friday August 21 Scott was admitted to the hospital for a surgical procedure to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament of his left leg. One week after surgery, Scott began to experience flu like symptoms of high fever and chills. Scott notified his Doctor of the symptoms and asked if it could be a possible reaction to the procedure, whereupon he was advised that he had probably contracted the flu and was advised to treat the symptoms accordingly. On Thursday September 3rd, though still feeling weak and feverish, Scott accompanied Three Bridges on a five day series of programs in Texas. During the entire trip Scott continued to experience great discomfort, high fever and flu like symptoms. Upon returning to Chattanooga, he waited until Tuesday the 8th to contact his surgeon to advise him of his condition and since then Scott has been re-admitted to the hospital where he has now undergone two additional surgical procedures and the last of which was to completely undo everything that had been done in the initial surgery. As of this news report Scott continues to run a high temperature and experience post traumatic surgical symptoms. Elliott McCoy and Eddy Bolton of Three Bridges would like to ask that all of our fans and believing brothers and sisters of the Faith continue to petition the Great Physician for a complete healing touch. Scott is truly one of the finest young men we have ever known, states McCoy and Bolton. We know that God has his hand on Scott and his beautiful family.

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