Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Open Letter From 2nd Generation

Extravagant Faith

Hello Friends - We started this journey almost 6 years ago, and we are now FULL TIME Ministry. We go to churches basically on love offering basis, because we feel that is what God has instructed us to do and we want to minister in every church where God opens a door BIG or Small....

As everyone knows, times are tough for everyone. Churches are hit hard, people are hit hard, ministries are hit hard but we have to keep going. God has not uncalled us, and we can't just sit down and quit because of tough times. That is actually when God likes to work his best. We have been using the statement, "EXTRAVAGANT FAITH" for a couple of years now, and we really have to remind ourselves of that at this time.

The ministry is in need of several things and it is going to take EXTRAVAGANT FAITH on our part. God doesn’t need us to have EXTRAVAGANT FAITH, but we need it sometimes. So we are having EXTRAVAGANT FAITH for some needs that we have for 2nd Generation Ministries, Inc.

2nd Generation is in need of upgrading our sound system. We have used the same equipment for the last 5 years and need a few upgrades. We need new items such as mics, subwoofer, or a brand new sound system would be wonderful. We also need to get back in the studio to record a new project. God has provided us with some AMAZING songs, and we can't wait to present them to you all. 2nd Generation is also in need of finances to take care of radio, publicity, etc. We would also love to be able to pay off our Suburban and be a "debt free ministry". God says that he will supply all of our needs and we will never be forsaken. We are standing on that.

We know that God has called us to do what we do. We travel into a different city or state every week, different churches, but we are seeing the same thing everywhere. And that is that people are hurting. People need to be encouraged. They need to rebuild their faith. They need to get back the Joy of the Holy Ghost. Pastors need it more than anyone at this time, and we believe that we are called for such a time as this to go into the world and tell people that Jesus Christ is the only answer. He is our provider. He is our help in the time of trouble.

We need help to keep this ministry going on Love Offering basis. We are believing that at least 100 people give an offering of at least $100 dollars into 2nd Generation Ministries. There are many that can do more and many that can do less. But we know that God will provide at least 100 that can give at least $100.

2nd Generation is now a 501(C)3 non-profit organization and anything you give into the ministry is tax deductible also. We trust that you will pray about what God would have you do to help us stay on the road and continue the call that God placed upon our lives.

There may be some that will say why ask people. Because God is our provider but he provides through you. The Gospel is FREE but the pails to carry it in cost money. We consider ourselves as missionaries that sing and present the Gospel in song. We are serious about what we do & we love what we do. We thank you for sowing a seed into our ministry and giving someone else the opportunity to hear Gods word.

There is a great song that will be on our project titled, "It Was A Gospel Song". The song talks about a Gospel song is what brought someone to an altar. Songs and singing are very important, and we are so thankful that God has chosen us to present his word. If you feel led to give a gift you may do so by clicking on "Donate Here" on our website. Or you can mail your gift to the address on the contact page. Keep looking up for his return is near.

Thank you for giving. May God bless each of you! We will see you soon.

Brenda, Elaine & Rocky
2nd Generation

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