Sunday, October 30, 2011

Keith Waggoner Southern Gospel Radio Rewind 2008

 Tales From The Trip

My wife and kids have been gone on a vacation back east to see our family for a little over a week while
I’ve been staying at home due to Liberty’s scheduled concerts. As a result, I haven’t been eating all that
well. Unfortunately, I don’t possess Tony Gore’s predilection for cooking, so tonight I washed 3 slices
of a Tombstone frozen pizza down with some iced tea. I’ve been working most of the day on the cover
design for Liberty Quartet’s new DVD and figured I needed to take it easy for the rest of the evening.
I ran by the closest Redbox DVD vending machine (the invention that I should have thought of) and
rented “The Bucket List” which stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. That’s a good movie. The
premise of the film is that both of the main characters find out that they have a few months left to live.
The characters get stuck together in a hospital room and eventually, in spite of the fact that their lives
are polar opposites in many ways, they hit it off. The two gentlemen decide to put together a list of
items they want to experience before they die. The rest of the movie deals with their quest.

It got me thinking. If I could put together a bucket list (things you want to do or experience before you
retire; not die) for a Southern Gospel group member, here’s what it would be:

1. Experience the thrill of traveling in a trouble-free 2008 Prevost coach
2. Balance your checkbook in the black, even after you’ve paid for fuel
3. Enjoy an evening of perfect monitors (which begs an interesting question: Why even have a
sound check when the room dynamics are going to change so dramatically when people come
in? I know, it’s better than nothing…barely)
4. Produce a project that everyone in the group is happy with; blogger reviews aren’t nearly as
critical as our own
5. Travel with group members who genuinely love each other and honestly work through
6. Eat at In-n-Out Burgers; you know, you guys back east are really missing out
7. Have a proven, seasoned quartet veteran mentor you on the finer points of performance,
presentation, and operating a thriving, successful ministry-business
8. Perform at least one concert with a live band; that’s one of my dreams
9. Have fellow Southern Gospel group members show up on an off night to encourage you when
your group performs in their area
10. Personally, lead someone to the Lord

These are just some ideas I jotted down with little thought. Have anything to add to the bucket list?
By the way, if you want a little more context, go rent the movie. Have a great month. I’m going to go
warm up another piece of pizza. So long!


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