Monday, April 2, 2012

The Apostolic Boys

What an exciting time to be a fan of Southern Gospel Music! With so many new groups
hitting the airwaves, there is something for everyone. For those that are looking for a
good sound and a group that isn’t a “cookie-cutter quartet”, look no farther than The
Apostolic Boys.

“Thy Kingdom Come” is the first song released to radio from The Apostolic Boys’ new
CD, “The Truth Is Marching On”, produced by Robb Tripp and Jeff Stice. Pastor Joel
Pace is the lead singer and manager of the group, and is joined by his two sons, Joel II
(Joey) and Jared. Troy Roach and Albert Mendez round out the group, which often uses
all five voices in their unique harmony. Except for Pastor Pace, all the men are under the
age of 30, which adds youthful enthusiasm to their sound.

The Apostolic Boys began singing in their home church ten years ago, and during that
time have only seen changes in the position of group drummer. They currently do not
travel full-time as Joel Pace’s first calling as a Pastor fills much of his schedule. “This
is what God has called me to do”, says Pastor Pace. “But God has also blessed us with
talent to sing, so we use that talent to sing for the Lord. I preach between songs and we
just have a good time in the Lord.”

Pastor Pace comments on the group’s website at that the sound
of The Boys has changed in the last few years with the anointing of the Lord. As The
Apostolic Boys have developed a more cohesive harmony, their audience has grown
and their travels have taken them across the United States and Canada. They have a love
for ministry and for their audience, and a great appreciation of artists within Southern

The Boys spoke about their favorites within the industry. “Jonathon Wilburn is
charismatic, dramatic and I love his voice,” says Pastor Pace. “Before that my favorite
was Glenn Payne.” The younger Boys have other favorites, such as David Phelps. Bass
singer Troy says, “My favorite female vocalist in Southern Gospel is Libbi Perry Stuffle.
She’s awesome; I love to hear her sing.”

Joel Pace II, is the pianist for the group and talks about his hero. “He’s passed away now,
but Anthony Burger was the best. He could play so many different styles.” The Crabbs,
Michael English, Gold City, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound are also mentioned, and
many of these influences can be heard in the sound of The Apostolic Boys. Where the
future lies for these talented young men is in the hands of God.

The last ten years have been a time of change for The Boys. In that time the younger men
have finished school and started careers. “None of the guys are married yet,” says Pastor
Pace. “Troy is 24, Albert is 23, Joel is 24, Jared is 20. So there might be some changes in

the near future, we don’t know. But I told them we’ll at least sing for ten more years and
after that we’ll see what happens!”

The Apostolic Boys are excited about the new recording and the song, ‘Thy Kingdom
Come’. “This is the first time we’ve released a song to radio,” says Pastor Pace. “Also
on the new CD is ‘For The Sake Of The Blood’, a beautiful song written by my youngest
son, Jared. Some radio stations have already been playing that song as well. We’ve been
getting some great reviews on the new songs. So we may be charting some new waters
here and you just never know.”

The CD also contains a familiar praise and worship song, “Here I Am To Worship”,
which the Boys will sing accapella on request, showcasing their harmonies and vocal
styling. Leading their audiences in worship and praise and lifting up the Name of Jesus is
what these Boys do best. No doubt the Southern Gospel world will be hearing much more
from The Apostolic Boys in the next ten years!

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