Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Morning After The Rapture" Released to National Radio

Newburgh, IN - CGMA award-winning artist, David East, known for his work with the Southern Gospel Times,  is pleased to announce his first national radio release, "Morning After The Rapture". The song shipped to radio on March 28, 2012 on the Patterson Promotions Volume 8 compilation.

As the title implies, "Morning After The Rapture" describes events that will take place on the morning after the rapture occurs. The song's poignant lyrics strike at the listeners' hearts, and it has become the most requested song wherever David ministers. David's performance of "Morning After The Rapture" at the CGMA International Convention in October, 2011 earned him the "International Songwriter of the Year" award.

"I am so excited to see the message of this song carried to the airwaves," said David. "The response to this song has been incredible, and I pray that God uses this song to reach even more people. I encourage everyone to call their local station and request Morning After the Rapture."

Ken Patterson of Patterson Promotions said, " Patterson Promotions is proud to release this timely single for David; he has a great vocal sound. For 2000 years we've heard the message, "Jesus is coming back" -  Lord forbid that we get callused to the fact that he really is coming soon. If you thinks it's dreary now, just wait till the light is gone!"

Phil Culbertson, Pastor of Christ Corner Church in Henderson, KY shares, "David East puts words to music that not only inspire but cause you to sit back and take inventory of your life with his song, Morning After the Rapture. This song brings more than a melody - it's a message reminding you that this world is temporary and God's grace and mercy is the only hope in a world that one day will come to an end. This song is truly one of a kind, written to the depths that touches the soul with a message so simple even a child could understand it."

Jerry Adams, Church of God District Overseer and Pastor of the Shelburn Church of God in Shelburn, Indiana adds, "The first time I heard that song I knew it was destined to be counted among Southern Gospel's greatest songs. It speaks to where we live today and I know it will reach many people for God."

"Morning After The Rapture" is featured on David's first solo project, "He Kept His Promise", available at and on ITunes.

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