Friday, August 3, 2012

Being Salty

SGM Radio Blog – Mini Reality Check
By Lorraine Walker
August 3, 2012

Being Salty

We are the salt of the earth and a light on a hill. Jesus said so in the scripture, that we were to remain salty and not hide our light. I pondered this today and thought, ‘What does that mean for me?’

The owner of Chick–Fil-A certainly was a little too salty for some people’s taste recently when he stood up for the Biblical interpretation of marriage, free speech and religious freedom. However, many saw his stand and praised God at the light he was producing. God rewarded him and his business with an incredible showing of support on August 1.

In my current situation of sick leave from my job, I rarely come into contact with people other than my family. So I looked at the verses about salt and light and I was unsure how I could be following God’s command right now, today. Then He began to show me.

When I talk to my family am I loving, understanding and selfless? Am I thinking about them or just my own problems?

When I go out to the drug store, do I smile at strangers? Would I make way for someone else in line? Do I tell off another driver for cutting in front of me?

When I communicate on-line with friends, acquaintances and co-workers, am I honest and trustworthy? Do I keep my word on what I have said I will do?

I guess it all comes down to integrity, morals and being the consistent Christian that I should be. May God help me to be saltier today. If we all were, imagine how we could affect our world?

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