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iGivings Launches Groundbreaking Mobile App at Gateway Church


“Best church app I have ever seen.” Gateway Church App User

DALLAS – Aug. 14, 2012 – iGivings—the nation’s largest developer of mobile application platforms for churches—announces the launch of a groundbreaking new app with an unprecedented array of features connecting the community at Gateway Church in North Texas and its 24,000 members.

“Gateway Church is all about people, and this state-of-the-art app was designed to empower users with superior tools, all at their fingertips, that enhance their Christian experience and help them lead more fulfilling lives,” iGivings CEO Yuri Gorzey said.


Gateway’s mobile app debuted last month with a first-ever combination of more than 30 features (tailored to Gateway needs) for today’s “smart phone” generation. Feature highlights:

Sermon Streaming and Archive—Anyone, anywhere has Gateway Church sermons right in his or her pocket; users can watch sermons live or view archived sermons from anywhere in the world.
Interactive Sermon Notes—This unique tool offers users the ability to take their own sermon notes, leave comments on sermons or even save their notes. One click takes users directly to referenced verses in the app’s Bible. Experience the fastest way to follow along with your pastor and stop getting lost in his message because you were too busy flipping through pages.
Interactive Prayer Wall—Now every user can share prayer requests and praises from their phone, join with prayer teams, create prayer lists with reminders, and see and interact with others who are praying for them—a powerful tool for building church community.
2-Clicks Mobile Giving—Patent pending on this first mobile giving app. No linking to a second site: Users just quickly, easily and securely select an amount and click to donate. (Note: 64 percent of donors prefer to use technology to do it.)
Teachings—This unique and innovative feature lets users easily find the specific teachings they want on their phone. Users search by categories such as Length, Date, Scripture, Keyword, Author, Series and more. This feature puts any of Gateway’s teachings in the palm of a user’s hand.
Also! Calendars, Groups, Bible Studies, Devotionals, Blogs, News, Ministries, Service Times and Locations, Push Notifications, and more.
The new iGivings app draws high praise and rave reviews from leaders at Gateway, a Southlake, Texas-based church with campuses across the Dallas area.

"We have been extremely impressed with iGivings' heart of service and professionalism of approach,” Executive Senior Pastor Tom Lane said. “Their quality of work and creative approach to solutions has exceeded our expectations."

Members of the Gateway community gave the app similar high marks:

“This is the Ferrari of all apps.”
“Brilliant app. Insanely great and revolutionary!”
“Best church app I have ever seen.”
“Simply in love with it! Thanks Gateway!”
“Not only is it one of the best church apps I’ve ever seen and used, it’s one of the best apps I've ever experienced, period!”
“Awesome technology. Sweet layout. Even though I attend service every weekend this is useful 110 percent!”
“The coolest, best made and most capable app I have ever seen!”
“Wow! The new @GatewayPeople app is crazy amazing! Listening and being fed even though I live in San Diego! What a great resource!”
“The gateway church app is freakin’ AMAZING!! Sooo in the game!”
“This seriously just blew my mind!”
“The new standard for church apps!”
iGivings empowers any church to fully meet members and seekers at their points of need. Within fours months of launching its new Basic platform, iGivings had more than 6,500 churches from all over the world requesting services, including churches in:

United States
United Arab Emirates
Great Britain and others.
“The one thing people walk out of church with is their phone,” Gorzey said. “To the question, ‘Are we effectively meeting our people where they are?’ iGivings equips churches to share, teach and reach in the ways their people already are communicating.”

Most American cell subscribers now have smart phones, a 2012 Nielsen study reports. Gorzey adds that all iGivings mobile solutions are designed with strategy behind them, combining the best business practices to help churches grow, increase communications with their members and increase donations. And with the boost in member participation and increased efficiency, an iGivings app quickly delivers high return on investment.

iGivings develops apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. iGivings introduced mobile giving with its patent-pending technology that allows church members to give securely from anywhere in just a few clicks, among many other innovative features. The iGivings platform and powerful admin system can integrate with a church’s infrastructure.

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