Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Give Thanks Today!

Fall in Southern Ontario: watch the sun light up the reds and golds of the leaves in the trees; smell the tangy sent of burning leaves; feel the nip in the air as frost touches the land. Though it portends a cold, desolate winter, the season itself is bright and beautiful as nature splashes her paintbrush once more before slipping it under a blanket of snow.

I let the loveliness of the season wash over me and it helps to break the cycle of the rush of work, the duties of the day, and the cares of life. If you are like me, you need the special season of Thanksgiving as a reminder to stop and be thankful. In everything, we are to give thanks. As I hear the squeal of my brakes, I thank the Lord that car bills mean I have transportation to work. The sound of the rain on the rafters reminds me that I have a roof over my head and means to pay for that roof. I may have paperwork piled up on my desk at work, but I have a meaningful job that gives me a reason to step out of my door every morning.

So often in the Old Testament, we are told to give thanks to God, for ‘His love endures forever’. Enduring Love: Another great thing to be thankful for in this day of short attention spans and diluted commitments of love.

In the New Testament, the writers of the letters to the Church body often say that they give thanks to God ‘for you all’. We need to be reminded to be thankful for our fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus. They are the Body of Christ, our spiritual family, and God has given us a great opportunity to develop relationships with other believers. It is up to us to develop those relationships and to thank God for them.

There are more simple things that come to mind that we often overlook, things we forget to thank the Lord for as we bring to Him our latest laundry list of wants and needs. Family, health, skill and talent, spiritual gifts are all good and perfect blessings from a Father who loves us.

May we all take a moment this Fall to stop and thank our Heavenly Father for what He has given to us. Let us thank Him for what He has done through the gift of His Son. Let us thank Him most of all for Who He is. For His love endures forever.

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