Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Freemans Release New Video, "Lead Me Home"

Nashville, TN (November 19, 2013) The Freemans have just released an awesome, inspiring video that will easily crossover from Gospel to Country music. “Lead Me Home” features Darrell Freeman at his best. The video is already making a splash on YouTube.
For people in radio this video will give you a visual of what you are playing and make the song even more interesting to you.
You can get a glimpse of what they have done on the link below.
Click here to view the video: http://vimeo.com/79563094 .
You can learn more about the Freemans at http://www.the-freemans.com or https://www.facebook.com/groups/freemansfans .
You can reach the Freemans at freemans@the-freemans.com .
The Freemans are booked by Rivergate Talent Agency - 615.649.8181


About The Freemans
History, experience and spiritual wisdom are three attributes that can be used to describe the foundation of the Freeman ministry. Deeply rooted with family, the Freemans experience spans 30+ years. From Darrell’s entrance at age 16 with his family’s group, the Pathways, to Chris’s award-winning teenage years with the Hinsons, the Freemans know the ins and outs of Southern Gospel music.

No doubt, Chris’s unique sound is the reason she was the youngest female artist ever to receive the coveted “Queen of Gospel Music” award two years in a row (’76, ’77) as voted by the readers of Singing News Magazine. In 1980, the lives of Darrel and Chris Freeman became one when they married on August 2nd. After singing with the Pathways for three years Darrell and Chris headed for Nashville and began the Freemans. Joe Freeman, Darrell’s cousin, soon joined them as the third part harmony, as well as their keyboard player. With this sound they have garnered tremendous growth and success.

In 1997, Darrell and Chris’s daughter, Misty, began playing acoustic guitar with the group on stage. Then in 1998, she began singing with them when they recorded Standing Out. Also on stage is Caylon Freeman, Darrell and Chris’s youngest child. He decided to join his family on the road full-time in 2002. He is now playing the drums and singing some with the group.

Now in their 20th year, the Freemans, still do approximately 250 dates a year, and continue to experience tremendous success.

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