Friday, January 3, 2014

Inspirational Pastor Gregory Dickow to Launch 'Changed by Love'

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., Dec. 27, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Gregory Dickow is one of America's most visible and inspirational ministers. As a popular broadcaster, host of TBN's "Praise the Lord" and the Chicago based "Ask the Pastor" program, Dickow delivers words of hope and faith to a worldwide audience of nearly 900 million households.

Pastor Dickow's message is heard on television, on radio, through social media and through the website of Gregory Dickow Ministries. Now Dickow is preparing to debut in February his latest broadcasting venture, "Changed by Love."

"Changed by Love will be a revolution in faith-based broadcasting," Pastor Dickow puts it. "The sole purpose of this platform will be to change the world through the love of God. I believe if we fill every home with His love, lives will be changed, souls will come to Christ and the world will be better."

"Changed by Love" will promote positive messages of inspiration and reinforce to the viewer how "love heals, love hopes, love restores, love changes everything." The Christmas season is at its peak, and Christians worldwide are celebrating the birth of Jesus and the prophecy of peace and love of our fellow man.

Pastor Dickow has spent his ministry delivering the message of hope and love, lessons he learned from personal experience. A native of Detroit, Pastor Dickow's youth was filled with loneliness and pain, and as a teenager he turned to substance abuse to fill the void in his life. An invitation from a co-worker to a Bible study class changed Pastor Dickow's life, and put him on the path in which he would accept Jesus as his savior.

Now, Pastor Dickow is committing his life to sharing the love that changed him with the entire world. "I believe this message of how love transforms is the Gospel and God has challenged me to share it worldwide beginning in 2014 ... every person, every home, every day!"

In 1993 Pastor Dickow began holding Bible studies in a hotel conference room in the Chicago area with a handful of followers. That small gathering would establish the foundation of Life Changers International Church, a church campus and world outreach center that comprises one of the largest congregations in the Chicago area.

In addition to his church leadership, Pastor Dickow is also an acclaimed author. His titles include "The Power to Change Today" and "From the Inside Out: A Revolutionary 40-Day Fast from Wrong Thinking." As a broadcaster, he has programming on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Church Channel, Daystar and the Word network, and the syndicated radio program "Ask the Pastor." Pastor Dickow's ministry has a significant and loyal following on social media, including nearly 35,000 followers on his Twitter page.

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