Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Pathfinders Release New Video

Nashville, TN (April 18, 2014) Godsey and Associates are proud to announce the release of the Pathfinders new video “Let My Light Shine”.

This well constructed video tells the story of how one can witness anywhere, even in the confines of your own home. The story line shows how a Grandmother can let her light shine even to her Grandson and the importance of living her life to show the love of Christ.

The quality of this video is superb, the message is strong and the singing is just plain good.

The Pathfinders are an excellent mixed trio who have had multiple single releases. This included several Top 80 songs on the Singing News charts and a single from their latest CD, “Mercy Answered” being named as one of the top 10 new releases. In addition, they have had several Top 40 songs on other industry charts.

Below is a link to view the video:


You can learn more about The Pathfinders at http://thepathfinders.com .

You can learn more about Godsey and Associates at http://godseyandassociates.com or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Godsey-and-Associates/164948040274991 .


About Godsey and Associates
In the last quarter of 2011, Scott Godsey started a team making music videos for Christian artists. That soon developed into not only working inside the Christian music business, but going outside of the Christian music world. Soon after, the company expanded into other genres. G&A started working with churches, authors, and organizations. The Godsey & Associate formula works with any company that wants to focus on brand building and getting in front of an audience.

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