Thursday, July 24, 2014

Channing Eleton Releases Hot New Video

Dalton, GA (July 23, 2014) Don't miss out on Channing Eleton's hot new video release in support of his fresh radio single “Big Top” which is on his new independent CD release, Fredericksburg. This song has been in the making for quite a few years. It gives a southern sound with Channing's Gospel piano playing and singing causing it to be a smooth listen. The video will remind you of the old days when a big top tent and metal chairs were a sure sign of a tent revival where many miracles were expected to happen.

Eleton said "As you can see, I had a pretty vivid imagination growing up. I was fascinated with all the details of those old tents and camp-meetings I attended as a kid." Channing continued stating "I actually began writing the song back in June of 2008. I had been invited to come play at a tent revival that was actually out 'on the county line' of where I live. It brought back all these great memories I remembered as a kid...the music, the preaching, playing in the sawdust, standing in line for cotton candy and ice cream... I could go on and on."

Channing also commented “The people in the video are friends and family of mine. The Preacher, David Cummings, is a close friend to my wife and I. He actually introduced me to my wife 17 years ago, of which we've been married 15. This is a fun song and video that will have some reminiscing. For others, I'll be introducing for the very first time this very unique slice of Americana."
This magnificent video was produced and directed by Kim White of ViewFinders, Inc.

Go to the YouTube link below to view the video:
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About Channing Eleton
For 4 1/2 years, he toured extensively with Poet Voices playing concerts from Delaware to California and fromCanada to the Carribean. This led to so many great things for Eleton. He gained valuable experience while on the road, making many, many new friends.
Channing married his sweetheart, Christina Fleming, whom he’d met two years prior at a Poet Voices concert. Channing continues, “I know when I’m up on that stage, she’s praying for me. Words can’t even begin to describe how I feel. I am blessed more than I deserve. I’m so thankful!”
March 23, 2000 finds Eleton joining Gospel music super-group, Gold City. For the next six years, he tours as part Gold City’s ‘Band Of Gold’. In September of that year, Gold City’s band with Eleton, won The Singing News Fan Award for ‘BAND OF THE YEAR’. In May of 2001, the Southern Gospel Music Association named Channing Eleton as its ‘Musician Of The Year’. “I take great pride in this honor because it was voted on and awarded to me by my peers.” October of 2005, Channing resigned his position as Gold City’s keyboardist. Channing reflects, “I’ll always be thankful for my days spent with Gold City”.
Channing says “The older I get, the more I realize that God uses the different seasons of our lives to prepare for us what’s to come. I have learned to keep looking ahead. Keep plowing forward, while enjoying the present and living each day to its fullest.”

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