Monday, April 27, 2015

HIGHROADIII Releases New Concept Video

Nashville, Tenn (April 27, 2015) Gospel trio HIGHROADIII has released a new concept video featuring their hit song "Don't Weep For Me” which was produced by award-winning producer Ben Isaacs. The song, penned by group members Anna Grace Shideler, Kiley Phillips, Sarah Davison, and Bass player Stephen Wilder is already creating quite a stir on YouTube.

The video was shot by Israel Anthem and Jared Rauso with all of the concept material envisioned by HIGHROADIII group members. The idea of fans sharing photos of loved ones who have passed on caught on quickly and an avalanche of pictures came in for the group to choose from. The photos are placed in albums as the video progresses.

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In other exciting news HIGHROADIII recently won a prestigious Ovation Award at the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards in Smyrna, TN for the Female Group of the Year.

Singer and keyboard player, Sarah Davison commented, "We have been so blessed by the hand of the Lord lately. As long as God is opening doors for us to minster, we will gladly step through them to do what he has for us to do.”

The group was also recently asked to perform before a packed house of 4,000 people at the Singing In the Sun concert in Myrtle Beach, SC where they were warmly received.

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In a world where conformity is king and following the crowd is practically a survival instinct, the women of HIGHROADIII, an award-winning Appalachian gospel group from Nashville who just happen to be the best of friends, too, have always preferred the road less traveled.

And so it’s fitting that the trio’s new album, which also features the girls’ inventive instrumentation, would bear the same name. Filled with the beautiful, haunting melodies and vocals that have been the group’s hallmark, Sarah Davison, Anna Grace Shideler and Kiley Phillips, all graduates of Belmont University’s prestigious School of Music, feel the songs from The Road Less Traveled reflect their personal journey of being set apart.

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