Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Contemporary and Southern Ignite: Beyond The Ashes

Can one group fuse the glory days of both Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian music?

Can they sound warm enough to be familiar, yet fresh enough to be interesting?

It's a big job, but one group can do it... Beyond the Ashes.

Their voices are powerful and memorable enough to rival the best of the boy bands -- but you'd have to call them 3Him. They bring back the progressive blend of the Martins -- but no, they're not related to each other. They know how to sing for the church like Phillips, Craig and Dean – by bringing together the classic tunes of the past and the cutting edge originals of today.

The minute you listen to their debut project, "Treasures Unseen," you'll find your own favorite songs, but here are some sneak peeks to get you started:

Dusty Wells (Word Entertainment) couldn't say enough about BTA's "We'll Soon Be Done with Troubles & Trials": “I forgot that this song was from the old red-back hymnal. I seriously thought I was listening to a new song. The big-band Buble-esque arrangement gives this old hymn new blood while staying true to the original melody.”

"What I Have I Give" and "Test of Time" caught the attention of Travis Wilson (lighting director for Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and The Osmonds): “I heard producer Wayne Haun listening to final mixes one day. After hearing two cuts, I asked him if it was the new Maroon 5 recording. It excels in rhythm and melody. I know that’s what music is supposed to do, but I haven’t heard the two marry so well in years.”

”Beyond the Ashes is finding ways to sing songs that present the Gospel in fresh ways. Whether the songs be old or new, these guys know how to put their unique stamp on the overall sound, making you hear the message with clarity and head-turning production. “The Coming of the King” is a great example of pure, upbeat Southern Gospel dressed in a new wardrobe that “pops!” – Daniel Britt - Joy FM

Wayne Haun (multiple Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning producer) kept coming back to BTA's compelling performances on "Tough as Nails" and "Guilty of Love": "This is a group that understands real pain, real sacrifice and real salvation. This album WILL minister to you."

Now that Beyond the Ashes has done what they set out to do, it's your turn. This is your chance to hear what you've been missing.

"Treasures Unseen" releases April 19, 2011.

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