Monday, April 18, 2011

Gary Wilson Presents "Flashbacks"

Hello Everyone! It is so good to be back! I appreciate all of your
prayers and kind comments as I recovered from my auto accident... and
the other problems it caused in my life.

My new show is called Flashbacks. I was actually developing the show
prior to my accident. It is a show unlike anything in Southern Gospel
music today, and I am thrilled to finally be able to bring it to you!
One of my friends in the industry heard an advanced copy of the first
show and wrote, "your new show is a breath of fresh air to this

Because Southern Gospel has relied primarily on a monthly charting
system, record companies and artists are severely limited to the
number of songs that can be released to radio each year... usually 2
or 3 songs per project. This means the listener is subjected to the
same new song for months on end... which can make Southern Gospel
radio very stale. This show not only features past hits, but also
many songs not released to radio but were performed at concerts.

There is one other difference that makes my show unique. There will
be no song repeats for the at least the next 12 months. That's right!
Every show will feature a different set of songs. The first show is
now available On-Demand at On May 1, 2011, the
second show will be uploaded. Then, every week thereafter, new shows
with new songs will be uploaded.

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these older songs again, and I
am sure you will have the same reaction. I welcome your comments
about the show, and hope my former affiliates will inquire about
adding Flashbacks to their program schedule. Enjoy!

Gary Wilson

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