Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Work, Love, Pray' Launches Oct. 23: Book Offers New GPS to Women's Career-Life Balance


WHAT: Can executive women have it all? Wrong question, so says Diane Paddison, a high-level corporate executive and author of Work, Love, Pray, guiding career women to balance work, family and faith values. Starting with her own story, Paddison, chief strategy officer of Cassidy Turley, advises on grad school, first jobs, marriage, finding family-friendly companies—and keeping family first.

Read Paddison’s Recent USA Today Op-Ed http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2012/10/09/full-time-ceo-doesnt-equal-part-time-mom/1623389/

WHO: Diane Paddison, Harvard MBA, is chief strategy officer of Cassidy Turley and three times the only female member on the executive team at a Fortune 500 company. She’s also a wife, mother and Christian. Diane founded and heads 4word, a city-by-city and online organization linking career women with mentors and peers.

WHEN: Work, Love, Pray lands in bookstores and on Amazon and Kindle Oct. 23, 2012

WHY: The Atlantic, The Economist, USA Today and others are debating career vs. motherhood. Paddison steps in with practical advice. It’s not either/or, she says; and while “having it all” is a myth, balance is not. Paddison also is behind the growing number of 4word city chapters—the long-missing link between career women and mentors and peers.

SYNOPSIS: As women rise in today's workforce, old best practices fall short. Work, Love, Pray is new personal wisdom for every stage in the burgeoning category of women’s professional lives. Along with her own ups and downs, Diane presents 15 other “been there” female execs with sound advice on career progress without compromise. Work, Love, Pray also is a must-read for husbands, pastors and mentors.

STORY IDEAS: In USA Today—Does Full-Time Career Mean Part-Time Mom? Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer, hired while she was pregnant, gave birth in October. Diane’s recent op-ed in USA Today builds on Mayer’s example to say that both rearing children and rising in a career, increasingly, are women’s new normal.

Do Churches “Get” It? The small-but-growing trend for churches supporting moms with careers echoes stats in Work, Love, Pray:

For the first time, women in the workplace outnumber men.
In 1971 only 3 percent of all lawyers were women, today, it’s 37 percent.
The percentage of women in college (57 percent) tops men (43 percent).
Almost half of all law and medical degrees go to women, up from about 10 percent in 1970.
AUTHOR Diane Paddison


FORMAT Paperback

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