Friday, October 5, 2012

Singing News Fan Awards Winners

From the Singing News website

Nashville, TN - The 2012 Singing News Fan Awards took place at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN on Wednesday, October 3. 2012. Winners are chosen by readers of the Singing News magazine.

Horizon Group Of The Year: Wilburn & Wilburn
Horizon Individual Of The Year: Jordan Wilburn
Favorite Young Artist: Phillip Collingsworth
Favorite Soloist: Ivan Parker
Favorite Tenor: Michael Booth
Favorite Lead Singer: Ronnie Booth
Favorite Baritone: Jim Brady
Favorite Bass Singer: Eric Bennett
Favorite Male Singer: Ronnie Booth
Favorite Soprano: Kim Hopper
Favorite Alto: Libbi Perry Stuffle
Favorite Female Singer: Kim Hopper
Favorite Band: Kingdom Heirs
Favorite Musician: Jeff Stice
Favorite Mixed Group: The Collingsworth Family
Favorite Trio: Booth Brothers
Favorite Traditional Quartet: Triumphant Quartet
Favorite Songwriter Of The Year: Rodney Griffin
Favorite Album Of The Year: Songs From The Heart- Triumphant Quartet
Favorite Song Of The Year: She Still Remembers Jesus's Name- Booth Brothers
Artist Of The Year: Booth Brothers
Favorite Small Market DJ: John Whisnant- Morganton, NC -WCIS
Favorite Medium Market DJ: Lottie Squires- Dunn, NC- WCKB
Favorite Large Market DJ: Gregg Hutchins- Nashville, TN- WBOZ
Promoter Of The Year: Ralph Dean
Norcross/Templeton Award: Mike Holcomb- Inspirations

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