Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2nd Generation Joining Legends On The Sea Cruise

From 2nd Generation Email Newsletter for August 2013:

Important “Legends On The Sea” News Update: Get $100.00 off the regular price if you book by August 31st. Hurry!!!

Throughout the Spring and Summer of this year, many people who have sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines in the past, have been inundated with cruise specials, appearing to be sent from Carnival Cruise Lines. In fact, the emails are coming from a company who purchases excess or unsold rooms from Carnival and then sales them back to previous customers at what appears to be discounted prices…prices that are by no means guaranteed by Carnival Cruise Lines.

Here’s how it works: You receive an email advertising a trip for what seems to be an inexpensive price. You go online to purchase and discover that you must purchase the ticket(s) by midnight that same evening or possibly lose the lower rate. Concerned it is expedient that you secure the room immediately, you purchase the tickets(s) unaware that in the fine print of the agreement, you are most likely receiving a low grade accommodation, with only the possibility of an upgrade by Carnival Cruise Lines, if available. The problem is…Carnival Cruise Lines did not have an agreement with you for a possible upgrade, only the company who sold you the ticket(s) and that upgrade might never materialize. If it does, of course it may cost you an additional price. In the end, all you’ve really purchased is a bare bones cruise that will charge you additional gratuities for your cabin services and every meal, not to mention additional taxes for each port your cruise has visited, all upon disembarking. These taxes and gratuities can easily reach into the $300.00 range and leave you feeling financially violated. And did I mention that these cruise advertisements do not include gospel music?

With a “Legends On The Sea” cruise, we make your accommodations with Carnival Cruise Lines, via the reputable “Interworld Travel Agency,” not some knockoff company. This means, every price is guaranteed and your gratuities & port taxes are included in the price of your cruise. This also means, what you pay up front, is all you’ll ever have to pay! There is never a worry about the room you’re getting…whichever room you select, that’s the room you’ll being staying in! If you should decide to upgrade your room, you’ll get an actual upgrade too! In addition, included in your cruise package, is the cost of each concert attendance where you’ll experience the finest in Gospel Music featuring your hosting legends, The Freemans, The Rambos, Larry & Jana Hinson, along with many other special guest singers, who all guarantee to make your cruise aboard Legends not only an exciting vacation, but a truly uplifting spiritual event! (See Brochure for list of artists…all guest artists subject to change.)

Regular “Legends On The Sea” cruise prices begin at $799.00 for a category 4B (Interior Cabin, Rivera deck.) But right now through the end of August 2013, get $100.00 off per passenger. This means you get this coming year’s cruise for the past year’s price of just $699.00 per person! Hurry, August will be over soon and so will this special! In addition, we’re working to extend the October deadline for full payment to November or December, allowing you more time to complete your cruise payment. You simply won’t find a better time to get on board with the “Legends On The Sea” cruise than today!

Put your $200.00 deposit down now and get ready for the cruise of a lifetime, then sit back and relax with no worries…your cruise is booked with Legends! Contact Sandy Berry at Interworld Travel here on facebook at or, 1-800-993-8785, to book your reservations. Send $200.00 deposit per person for non-suite rooms and $250.00 deposit per person for all suite rooms to… The Freemans (checks and money orders payable to (Legends On The Sea,) at, PO Box 1581, Hendersonville, TN. 37075.

Make sure you tell them that 2nd Geneneration is your "HOST" group. We are looking forward to seeing many of you again, and meeting many new friends. This is going to be a GREAT cruise. Don't miss it!!!!!!

Brenda & Elaine
2nd Generation

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