Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Dunaways Sign Agreement With AG Publicity

Nashville, TN (February 17, 2014) AG Publicity of Nashville, TN is pleased to announce the signing of multi-award nominated family Gospel group The Dunaways to an extensive publicity agreement.

In early 1993 a family ministry was born. The Dunaways were only babes in Christ and inexperienced, but they were eager and willing to do whatever and go wherever God wanted. They began traveling in the family car sharing a simple testimony of how God changed their lives. Most of the services would be filled with Gospel singing.

AG Publicity President Deon Unthank stated “From their humble beginnings the Dunaways have gone on to have great radio success as well as becoming one of the most popular family groups in the industry. It is a privilege to work with people of such credibility. Not only are they great people, but they have great talents also.”

“Kanah Dunaway Lovern, feature singer of the group said “Our family has known the Unthanks since our early ministry days and I know that they will work hard to give us the exposure we need to allow the people we've been ministering to via radio and other media all these years, to finally be able to experience our ministry in person."

The Dunaways are very active in many areas of ministry including singing, writing and pastoring, so they have the ability to reach many people in various stages of life.

Pamela Unthank, Client relations Manager of AGP commented “From the very first time I met Tammy Dunaway I felt a genuineness about her that translates in to the emotion of their music.”

You can learn more about the Dunaways at or .

You can reach the Dunaways for booking at 601-416-5823 Randall Dunaway or by E-mail at .


About The Dunaways
The Dunaways are working in full time ministry now celebrating their 20th year. For the past 14 years they have pastored what they feel is the most wonderful church in the world, New Zion UPC in Philadelphia, MS. Their latest recording "It's A God Thing" has been their most successful to date, loaded with chart busters and record sales. Some songs ranking #1 on multiple charts and passing secular and christian music sales on sites such as Amazon and Itunes.
They enjoy living as a very close family both in their feelings for each other and as neighbors. Randall and Tammy are next door neighbors to son Davy, Nicole, Jaxon and Hattie . Daughter Kanah, Josh, Emmy Kate and Ella Klaire live just down the road.
Whether it's pastoring, teaching Sunday School, doing church work, or ministering to people with their music The Dunaways stay quite busy just living for God.
It is their desire that the Lord would continue to use them in what ever way he chooses.

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