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Booth Brothers Headline Sneed Family Homecoming

Nashville, TN (February 14, 2014) The Booth Brothers with their harmony-drenched vocals and warm, easy voices have been sharing their faith and their music full-time since 1998. These men get their musical influences from a wide range of performers from the Eagles, to the Gatlin Brothers, to legendary gospel greats such as Bill Gaither and Mosie Lister, but their inspiration comes straight from God.

Ronnie and Michael grew up with the sound of music in their home. Raised in Tampa, Florida, their father, Ron Booth Sr., sang in several southern gospel groups, including the Rebels Quartet. Ronnie and Michael began traveling with their father as the Booth Brothers in 1990. Father and sons ministered together for the next eight years, singing wherever God opened the doors .

In 1998, Ron Sr. retired from the stage so Ronnie and Michael began looking for a new singing partner. They had several capable singers come through the group, but finally teamed up with Jim Brady, formerly of The Schulers.

The combination has worked for over ten years and Jim has become an integral part of the group adding his ability for writing great songs. This trio has been gracing fans and blessing audiences with their appearances on the Gaither Homecoming tour and their own fairly heavy touring schedule over the last several years. They are known for their high energy and humorous yet touching concerts, but their deepest desire is to show God’s love, grace and forgiveness through the song God has given them to sing. The Booth Brothers’ dedication to the music they love has rewarded them with multiple awards and recognitions.

The host artist for this event are following in the footsteps of such greats as Naomi and the Segos and the Hoppers. These groups have made indelible marks in the professional attitude of the Sneed Family. It is by following the example of these spectacular artists that they are carving a distinctive and lasting niche in their own right. Of course we're talking about the Sneed Family from the rolling hills of Kentucky.

Consisting of the husband and wife combination of Jeff and Pam Sneed, their daughter and son-in-law Caleb and Amanda Cowan, along with their sons Seth and Jacob, they blend their Christ-centered lives, heart-felt music, and inspired songs together to create an anointed sound that blesses listeners. The Sneed Family began its gospel music journey in 1982 as “Glory Bound” with four young men just out of High School. The group was founded by Jeff Sneed. Jeff met and married Pam Saylors who has become the predominant staple in the current group. Today they are living the dream night after night with their family, singing the songs that change lives. From early beginnings in a small Kentucky town, this group has flourished into their own niche. The Sneed Family has 100 percent become a family affair, rising to national success in such a short period of time.

In early 2008 The Sneed Family launched a brand new Christian Television Show called “Glory Bound Jubilee”seen in over 1 million homes each week. The Glory Bound Jubilee is a branch off of The Sneed Family’s road ministry, which goes into venues and churches across the country showcasing many of the testimonies of our Christian faith. The Show also brings the faces of Gospel music into the homes of believers and non-believers alike. The Sneed Family believes that this show is their part of the Great Commission.

Jeff Sneed received the honor of being chosen to host the first Loretta Lynn Gospel Music Festival on her ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN. Also in 2014, The Sneeds has been nominated as the Fan Favorite Artist and the Breakthrough Artist in the prestigious Absolutely Gospel Music Awards to be held on April 15, 2014.

The Sneed Family has a distinct style, a versatile performance, and a heart for ministry. Their desire is that God would use the message in their music to help lead many people to a “heart felt” salvation and ultimately a home in Heaven.

Also appearing at the big Homecoming event will be HighRoad III. In a world where conformity is king and following the crowd is practically a survival instinct, the women of HighRoad III, an award-winning Appalachian gospel group from Nashville who just happen to be the best of friends have always preferred the road less traveled.

Holding fast to the message that guides them each and every day, HighRoad III isn't just another group of talented musicians who play songs that are close to their hearts. Instead, they feel incredibly blessed to provide longtime fans and new listeners alike with the message of hope found in the Gospel and pledge never to forget their down-home country roots in the process.

Tickets for this big event are available by E-mailing or calling (270) 361-2101.

More information about the Sneed Family can be found at or .

You can reach them by E-mail for booking at .


About The Sneed Family
The Sneed Family began its gospel music journey in 1982 as “Glory Bound” with four young men just out of High School. The group was founded by 18-year-old pianist and baritone, Jeff Sneed. Jeff met and married Pam Saylors who not only became his wife, but his singing partner. Today they are living our dream by standing on stage with their entire family night after night. Since the groups beginning it has flourished into a current day family ministry team. Today’s group is made up of Jeff Sneed (vocals, piano), Pam Sneed (vocals), Amanda Cowan (vocals, mandolin), Caleb Cowan (vocals), Seth Sneed (vocals, rhythm & bass guitar), and Jacob Sneed (drums). In early 2008 The Sneed Family launched a brand new Christian Television Show called “Glory Bound Jubilee” on WPBM Proclaim Broadcasting.

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