Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Singer's Stolen Purse Returned After 8 Years

Hiltons, VA (November 28, 2014) William Cowper in the 19th century is credited for saying, "God moves in a mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.” If it was true back then, it is certainly true for the Browders today.

It was around eight years ago in Wildwood, GA and Sonya and Matthew had recently been married. As a matter of fact, Sonya hadn't even changed her drivers license changed yet. Sonya Browder states it best in her own words. “Approximately 8 years ago, not long after Matthew & I were married, The Browders sang at a church in Wildwood, GA. As I walked in to the church just before the concert started, I discreetly put my purse in a box under our merchandise table which was set on the church porch. That probably wasn't the best choice, but it was something I had done many times before and really didn't think anything of it.

After service, I went out to the table and reached for my purse to find it was gone. I looked everywhere to no avail. We decided that probably some curious neighborhood teenagers had probably snatched it during service. I didn't have a lot of money in it, but most of the gift cards that had been given to us as a wedding gift were in my wallet. I was devastated, but after the initial shock, we decided to chalk it up as a loss and trust that God would provide for the things we needed as a young married couple.

Fast forward 8 years to Sunday, February 23, and we were back at the same church in Wildwood, GA. I really had forgotten completely about my purse being stolen there. As I sat in the front row waiting for the service to begin, the pastor's wife sat next to me with something folded into a paper towel. She peeled back the corner to reveal my gift cards! They had been bulldozing in the back of the church and dug up a nearly disintegrated purse. Instead of discarding it, they opened the wallet, cleaned up the contents and realized they were mine. Most of the cards don't have an expiration date and are still usable. It was an amazing surprise and a great reminder that God can restore what the devil has stolen from you, regardless of time passed or circumstances.”
In other news for the Browders, Matthew Browder stated “We are being endorsed by WorxAudio Technologies, Inc. for our sound equipment. We are blessed beyond measure and want to thank Mike Templeton of Templeton Sounds for putting us in contact with them.”

To learn more about the Browders go to http://thebrowders.com or https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Browders .

You can reach the Browders for booking by E-mailng sonya@thebrowders.com .


About The Browders
From their beginning traveling together as a family in a Dodge Omni car, to a successful music ministry with national hits, The Browders of Hiltons, Virginia are one of the most exciting groups to step on stage in many years. This family group consists of Tommy Browder, his sons, Matthew and David, and Matthew’s wife, Sonya. They travel year round, keeping a full concert schedule as well as holding revivals across the country. One of their most captivating qualities is that The Browders play much of their music live with Tommy on acoustic lead, David on bass, Matthew on rhythm guitar and Sonya on piano. They also write most of their own music.

In recent years, they have been steadily expanding and improving their ministry for the glory of God. The were voted “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” in the prestigious 2013 AGM Awards. They have enjoyed Singing News #1 song charting success with original songs like “Praise You In This Valley,” “Message Of The Cross," and “Land Of No Goodbyes." . With the release of their highly-anticipated, “The Message” recording came a milestone—their first #1 radio singles. They are currently performing songs from that recording as well as their hits and most-requested songs. Their current new release 'Time Machine' already has a number one song on the AGM Charts in “He's Alive”.

Though things change throughout the years, their mission has remained the same—to bring hope to a lost and dying world and to encourage and challenge believers. They’re real and they’re anointed. We hope that in the near future you are able to attend or host a Browders’ concert to experience how God is working through this team.

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