Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hoskins Family Landing Two Singing News Fan Award Nominations

Waynesville, Ohio (March 20,2014) The Hoskins Family is a name recognized in Southern Gospel music for some great hits in the past. As a result of coming off the road several years ago and having some real group changes the family has decided it was time to return to what they are called to do, but this time with a revised, updated version.

As a result, Singing News fans saw it appropriate to nominate the Hoskins Family as one of the New Mixed Groups.

Radio seems to like this new blend of the Hoskins Family as their first radio single since reorganizing as “Whenever I Hear His Name” stayed in the Top Ten on the Radio Charts for several months. It's no wonder that the fans are taking note of this great family group being on the Gospel Music scene again.

Featured singer for the group, Angie Hoskins Aldridge, was also nominated as Favorite Soprano. Angie stated “I do not consider myself as worthy of any awards, but I am extremely honored that Gospel Music fans would consider me one of their favorite Sopranos.”

Voting for the Singing News Awards continues in the July edition of the magazine.

You can learn more about the Hoskins Family at or .

The Hoskins Family is booked by The Dominion Agency at 828-454-5900 .


About The Hoskins Family
God, who is the giver of all gifts and abilities, equips individuals with talent and places within them the desire to use that talent for him. Through prayer, trusting God and obedience to His will, those desires are fulfilled and the results are immeasurable. Abby, Angie, Reva, Rick and Ricky, collectively known as the Hoskins Family, are seeing those results as God takes their ministry to new heights every day.
The Hoskins Family is made up of Angie (Hoskins) Aldridge, Reva Hoskins, Abby Aldridge, Ricky Hoskins and Rick Smith.
The Hoskins Family’s first top 40 song, taken from the project of the same name, was a special one to their family. “Mission Of Love” was written by Angie (Hoskins) Aldridge for her grandfather, who was also her pastor. In fact Ricky, Reva and Angie’s ministry was solely committed to their home church until Reva’s father’s retirement from pastoral ministry. It was then that The Hoskins Family felt God called them to a different venture.
“Help Me Stand,” The Hoskins Family’s follow-up single to “Mission Of Love” proved to be their first top 20 hit, reassuring them that they were headed in the right direction. Within 1 1⁄2 years The Hoskins Family had their first top 5 hit with “Joyful Morning,” from their “Hope” project. This was followed by the top 10 hit “I Wouldn’t Trade One Minute Of It.”
“Safe Thus Far” just might be the definitive recording that all their others are compared to. The Daywind project contains songs from some of today’s premier writers and is definitely a “Must Have” album. The first release from this album proved to be their first #1 song. This album was nominated for six Dove Awards.

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