Monday, March 3, 2014

Kelly Bowling To Debut In Christian Family Movie

Nashville, TN (February 28. 2014) Kelly Bowling has been chosen to play the part of ‘Nurse Kathy’ in a feature film titled ‘Virtuous’. The filming took place in the Atlanta, Georgia area in January of this year.

The official website of ‘Virtuous’ states that the film is “a faith-based film created to ignite women to live with non-negotiable convictions. Convictions of faith, beauty, family and integrity.”

Kelly Bowling stated “I am so excited for everyone to see this movie. The message it contains is inspiring and the story is moving. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a Christian movie with a positive message.”

According to the movie’s website, ‘Virtuous’ interweaves the stories of several different women involved and impacted in and through the trial of Simone Burner, a young college-aged Christian woman. The individual story of each woman examines the different challenges Christian women face in today’s culture, from Si herself, her mother, the lead detectives and police officers, judges, the prosecution and defense lawyers, new reporters, and hospital staff.

Nurse Kathy, Kelly Bowling’s character is described on the movie website as “a nurse whose abusive and adoptive past destroyed her self-image and her ability to connect with anyone, except for one lady, an elderly patient with a secretive past.”

Virtuous is to release on Mother’s Day and is available in a format for a Church viewing and for Women’s Conferences. This is just a VIRTUOUS Sneak Peek:

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