Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Beyond The Ashes Releases New Song To Radio

Nashville, TN (December 3, 2014) One of the keys to radio success is selecting a great song. Beyond The Ashes has once again found a great song that radio DJs are bound to put in their "high rotation” list.

The Dove nominated and Award winning group Beyond The Ashes is not the typical Gospel Music male trio. Their love for the lost and hurting shine through not only the songs they sing but the lives they touch. Anthony Facello, owner of the group, along with members Tyler Vestal and Dustin Doyle go out of their way to show kindness and the love of Christ through their interactions with those that attend their concerts.

The group has a passion to reach the lost wherever they may be and are not afraid to go outside the Church walls with the message of hope that their music conveys. The choice of their latest single is another example of their heart for reaching those inside and outside the four walls of the Church.

Anthony stated, ”We picked ‘Over For Good’ because of the simple yet powerful message. So many are going through hard times and questioning life but if we are a child of God then we believe very soon our Lord is coming back and all of our bad days that we face are going to be ‘Over For Good’.”

"Over For Good” was penned by Karen Gillespie, Mark Each, and Kimberly Walling Ford. The groups last single ‘No Sin Greater’ had success in charting as well as telling the story of God’s grace over sin’s bondage.

To learn more about Beyond The Ashes go to http://www.beyondtheashesonline.com or https://www.facebook.com/beyondtheashes . Twitter them at https://twitter.com/www.twitter.com/beyondtheashes1 .

To book Beyond the Ashes contact scheduling@beyondtheashesonline.com or call 615-823-1557 .


About Beyond The Ashes
Beyond our plans, beyond our own abilities, beyond our failures, beyond our own God-given talents, above and beyond anything we could ask or even imagine. God has a plan for each of us, to rise above the ashes and to live powerfully for Him.

When three different people come from three completely different parts of the United States and share the same strong desire and sincere call to worship and minister, then those plans, which are beyond our own, begin to come to fruition.

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