Tuesday, December 9, 2014

McCray Dove Announces Reformation of Dove Brothers

McCray Dove announces the launching of his solo career beginning December 31, 2014. McCray states that he will still be traveling as McCray Dove and The Dove Brothers Band. The Band will still sing harmony, with McCray as lead vocalist and they will continue to travel with the live band. There are a lot of exciting things in the works.

McCray adds,
I have enjoyed singing in a quartet. In my 27 years of singing professionally I've traveled with some very talented men. There will always be a special place in my heart for quartet singing.
I would like to thank every member that has walked out on the stage with me and helped to further my career. Life changes and so does your heart. I have been debating this move for quite some time. I have songs that I want to write and songs to sing. I want to share what I feel and this is the way I feel I need to do it. I ask that you keep me and the band in your prayers. When we come to your town come be with us!
McCray recently added the following on Facebook, December 3/14:
I've had a lot of phone calls and emails wanting to know if I'm going solo or trio or will I still have the band ! So I'm gonna try to explain it the best I can ! McCray Dove will be singing LEAD and playing Keyboard Bass and Piano ! Mike Salley will be Singing Baritone and playing Steel Guitar, Lead Guitar, Banjo and Dobro ! Devin Dove will be singing Tenor and playing the Drums ! I hope this explains it ! More exciting news will be announced at the first of the year ! I am excited about the sound we have and that we are a true BAND in other words no tracks ! Live singing and live instrumentation ! Come see and hear The McCray Dove Band when we perform in your town !

Go to www.dovebrothersband.com for booking information.

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