Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Steve Ladd Returns To High School

Nashville,TN (December 1, 2014) Wouldn't we all like to go back to high school and change a few things. That's not exactly what Steve Ladd did, but he did go back to high school, not as a student, but as a musical guest teacher.
On Tuesday, November 25th, Ladd entered Stewarts Creek High School in Smyrna, TN to assist with a special music recording class that is being taught there. First Steve sang for a high school class and thoroughly impressed them with his singing abilities. After showing the class how a real professional hones their singing talent, Steve went into the subject of recording and demonstrated how to record a vocal with today's new technologies. Not all high schools have these types of classes so it was a huge honor for Steve to be chosen to assist in such an adventure.
Steve was asked by teacher Josh Hoevelmann to come and demonstrate recording vocals on 3 different microphones for the recording class. Steve stated, "I was very impressed that they have a fully functional state of the art recording studio for a classroom. We never had anything like that when I attended school."
Thinking back on his experience Steve Ladd said, "They have a class that's all about recording. I thought it was pretty cool. When I got there I realized what an awesome opportunity I had been given to actually touch a young person’s life in a way that could be both spiritual and inspiring. All I could think was 'Wow, thank you God'.” Continuing Steve commented "I recorded 'The First Noel' from my Christmas Album. The kids were very kind and really seemed to be interested in the recording process. Mr. Hoevelmann was Gold City's sound man when I first joined the group in 2004. He's doing an incredible job with these students and has built a great platform for them to learn the basics of being in the recording field. I was blessed to be able to hopefully give back some of the knowledge that I have learned in my years of being a recording artist. It was a great experience!"
It's a fact that when school budget cuts come around it's usually the music and arts that get cut first, so Stewarts Creek High School should be commended for the special effort in reaching out to the young minds still searching for their place in life.
To learn more about Steve Ladd go to http://steveladdmusic.com or https://www.facebook.com/SteveLaddMusic. You can Twitter Steve at https://twitter.com/SteveLaddMusic.

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About Steve Ladd
Ladd’s newest project "On My Own” was produced by award winning co-producers Michael Sykes and Michael English, and is a power-house of music for all tastes. And although the last few years Ladd has been nominated for "New Artist of theYear”, has had two Top 40 Singles, toured with former Gaither Vocal Band member Michael English and is featured with the Stamps Quartet on Alan Jackson’s newest "Precious Memories” CD, he feels most used when working with Candy Christmas’ Bridge Ministry to the Homeless on Tuesday nights in the Nashville area. Steve, his wife and two children are also ministry partners with Compassion International.

While the beginning of an extraordinary journey started with his family, evolved into being an integral part of some of the most award-winning Christian ensembles, the last few years as a solo artist have proven the Lord’s faithfulness in his family,his ministry, and his life. And although there is a team of support,partners and prayers behind Ladd and his ministry, he is very thankful to walk where the Spirit leads, On His Own.

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