Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Harris Family Releases New Single

June 23, 2010 (PASADENA, TX) – The Harris Family has released a new single to radio through Radioactive Airplay. The song, “Don’t Be Afraid, Just Believe,” follows a string of successful songs from the group’s Rescued CD. The song, written by group member Kristen Harris Johnson, is one of two songs that this young, talented songwriter penned on this project.

Sue Harris, of the group, says that the song is always a crowd pleaser when they sing it live. “People sit up and take notice when you sing a song they can identify with. And who can’t identify with being afraid sometimes? I love it that God led Kristen to the story of Jairus and his young daughter who has just died to write a song about trusting God and not being afraid. We see a lot of songs written about trusting God, however, we don’t see a lot of songs taken from this particular story in the Bible.” Kristen adds, “Many of us struggle with fear and uncertainty in our lives, especially today in the midst of war and difficult economic times. We may not all be facing exactly what Jairus was facing on that day, but we can all identify with the feelings of fear and anxiety that Jairus must have felt.”

Sue continues, “As I read the biblical account of this story unfolding in Mark 5, I can only imagine the desperation and fear Jairus was experiencing as he fell at the feet of Jesus and asked Him to come heal his sick daughter who was near death; And then the frustration of being told that his daughter had died while Jesus stopped along the way to help a sick woman. Jesus’ response? ‘Do not be afraid, only believe’ (Mark 5:36). Knowing what Jesus said is one thing, but actually living out those words is never easy when we find ourselves facing a scary, tragic, or uncertain situation.” Kristen adds, “My prayer is that this song will serve as a reminder to us that God holds our lives and our circumstances in the palm of His hands, and we don't have anything to fear as long as we are trusting in Christ."

DJs and Radio Program Directors can download the song at The Harris Family consists of Roger and Sue Harris, and their daughter, Kristen. They make their home in Pasadena, Texas and have been singing Southern Gospel music since 2003. For additional information about The Harris Family, you may visit their website:, or call their ministry office at (281) 998-7665.

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