Friday, June 4, 2010

SGM Radio Blog’s Top Ten: Tara Jackson

We are thrilled to share with you these mini-interviews with some great Southern Gospel artists! Check back often to see who is next on the SGM Radio Blog's Top Ten!

Tara Jackson
My name is Tara Jackson, and I currently reside in Nashville (or Nashvegas!), TN. I started out singing in church at the age of 5, and didn’t stop. I’ve been traveling and singing full-time since 2006, and have sung in Russia, Canada, and England!

Tara Jackson’s Top Ten

1. Please tell us the name of your latest recording and your favorite song from that CD. What is the message behind this song?
Tara Jackson, Tara Jackson
In Christ Alone – This song serves as a constant reminder that my hope, your hope, our hope, lies with Christ. He took everything on so that we could live and have life more abundant!

2. What is one group highlight from the last 12 months?
Having the opportunity to give my first sermonette at my Dad’s church in Thomasville, NC. I was asked to be the special guest speaker and singer for their Baptist Women’s Day. Pretty humbling and a gratifying experience!

3. Have you been on a mission trip? If you have, where did you go? If you haven’t, would you like to and where would you want to go?
Yes, I have. I went to Sochi & Moscow in Russia with a music missions team. But if asked, I would gladly go minister to the people of Hawaii. J

4. What artist are you listening to right now?
Depends on the day. My musical taste is extremely varied, so it includes a LOT of different music. But in my CD player right now is Kelly Clarkson’s new album.

5. Brush with greatness…who have you met that you couldn’t wait to tell your friends and family about?
Nicole Kidman – She and I share a love for something here in Nashville, but if I told you, I’d have to kill you. J

6. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Fly. I love feeling the wind in my face – minus the bugs.

7. What would be your fantasy venue, the one stage in the world where you would like to sing?
Royal Albert Hall in London, England or the Ryman Auditorium

8. Who is your most favorite Bible person/character?
Esther – When faced with possible death and losing everything and everyone she loves, instead of caving in to self-pity and sorrow, she trusted God and his wisdom to take care of it all. She stepped out in faith and in turn, proved God’s faithfulness.

9. What is your favorite Bible verse?
Psalm 37:4 – “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

10. What is your favorite thing to shop for?
Yarn! I know it sounds crazy, but my crochet hobby has me hunting all the time for new yarn! J

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