Friday, February 24, 2012


Nashville, TN (Feb 24, 2012)
Coming up on the next Daniel Britt & Friends the week of 2/27/12: Ups and downs of life: Gospel music gives us a view of life with a perspective that's uniquely filled with hope in Christ. And a group with a name like Beyond the Ashes certainly offers just that!
Daniel spends the hour with Casey, Anthony, and Kellan of Beyond the Ashes to learn their passions, their reasons for unique variety, and recount how they are living up their name after not one, but two on-the-job fire incidents surrounding their performances! Featuring music from their latest project, Treasures Unseen, get to know Beyond the Ashes on the next Daniel Britt &

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About Beyond The Ashes

To learn more about Beyond the Ashes, visit You can find them on Facebook at and on Twitter @beyondtheashes1. You can also see them on YouTube at

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