Friday, February 3, 2012

Randy and Sherri Miller to Record

News from Randy and Sherri Miller:

We have been really praying over the songs that are pouring in for us to consider to record. Our goal is to have an album of songs that will change lives and minister to hearts. We start production on feb 28th. Keep us in your prayers!!! The songs are great that we have selected so far... Woot!!!
We will be sending video updates and emails from time to time so send your friends to

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About Randy Miller: Randy Miller has been one of gospel musics sought after musicians. Starting out at the age of fourteen, he began playing music. Randy has traveled all over the 48 states, Alaska, every providence of Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas sharing God’s message through song and speaking.He has been on every major stage in the U.S. including: The Grand ole Opry, hollywood bowl, Georgia dome and numerous more. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including: Favorite musician, top five comedians, won numerous band awards with The Kingsmen Quartet who he traveled with for seven years. Randy has also been inducted into The Alabama music Hall of fame for lifetime achievements.His love for Music and God shows in every arena that he has been in. Randy now travels with his wife Sherri, speaking and singing all over North America.

About Sherri Parker Miller: In 1968, Sherri’s family moved to Nashville, Tennessee for her father, Kenny Parker, to be the pianist for the Singing Rambos. They would call Sherri up on stage to sing “Oh what a Happy Day” every night at their concerts. This is where Sherri’s natural love for Gospel music began. After years on the road with the Rambos, Sherri’s family formed their own family group, The Kenny Parker Trio. Sherri traveled and sang with them until the early 1990′s when her father passed away at the young age of 49 years old. Sherri stayed in Nashville and continued to do session and stage work. Performing with many country artist such as Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, The Judds. And many Christian artist such as Janet Paschal, Michael English, Russ Lee and many more. After years of raising children and working studio work, Sherri is now back on the road, full time ,traveling with her husband Randy all over the country.

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