Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter Week From Karen Peck and New River

Happy Easter week! We have loved watching 'The Bible Series' on our bus over the past few weeks. Looking forward to the final episode on Easter Sunday night! I'm so thankful for Jesus!!

Well, it has been a very busy month. We began the process of recording a new album while hitting a few road blocks along the way. The first week of vocals started with the sudden passing of Jeff Hawes' pastor, Rev. David Hall, 57 years old. He was a great man of God and supported Jeff and our ministry in such a special way. In the same week, Susan, Jeff, and I became sick with colds! We literally prayed and sang our way through the songs! The following week we traveled back to Nashville on our days off and worked tirelessly to create the best possible sound from KPNR. Last week we performed at the Tracy Stuffle Benefit concert, which was awesome, and finished the album the next day! Yay! Honestly, we could feel your prayers through this entire emotional time! After we left the studio the last day and started heading back to Ga., we started listening to the rough mix of everything that we had done over the past few weeks. When we were half way through the CD, all three of us just broke down and cried thanking the Lord for helping us through those difficult days and for His Precious anointing on every song. Needless to say, there is something special about this album. We pray that you will be uplifted and encouraged! The title of the album will be "Finish Well" and will be released sometime in the summer.

Now we are off for a few days and loving every minute of it!! LOL (Sleeping at home in my bed is great as long as a fan is turned on to remind me of the bus engine!! Hahaha) I was hoping to plant some flowers in the front yard, but the freezing cold weather 'ain't' going to let that happen! (I think that groundhog played an early April fool's joke on us!) However, we are looking forward to this weekend spending time with our families and going to church on Sunday.

We want to say a very special thanks to the DJ's for playing "Sustaining Grace" featuring Susan!! Also thanks for playing "God Lives There" from my solo album. We appreciate everyone for calling your local radio station and requesting these songs. It really does make a difference!

I'm ending the newsletter this week with something that I posted on FaceBook this week. May we all cherish this week and hold dear to our hearts what Jesus did on Calvary. We serve a risen Savior!! Happy Easter!!!:)
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Two weeks ago was my birthday. I attended an Abraham Production meeting in Winston Salem, NC and later that afternoon, I drove to Nashville, TN to work on KPNR’s new album. It was a very busy, productive day. The weather was 68 degrees and beautiful, making the seven hour drive very pleasant. While I was driving on the long highway interstate 40 stretch filled with beautiful mountains, I began listening to our new tracks to prepare myself for recording. Enjoying the gorgeous scenery and feeling very blessed and excited about the new songs, one particular song entitled, “Jesus Remember Me”, started playing, The chorus says, “You are faithful Beyond faithful, You have heard my every cry. Every sin You have forgotten, though I’ll never know just why. As You’re looking down from Heaven all the millions You must see….OH Jesus, remember me.” While singing the lyrics to this song, I unexpectedly burst into tears. I began to pray about specific things and would cry out, ‘Lord, please remember me.’ All of a sudden, on the right hand side of my car, I noticed a beautiful rock formation with water gushing out… and I felt the Lord say gently to my heart, “But Karen, I always remember you.” Oh…my…goodness! People, I had CHURCH in my car!! LOL I prayed for God to let His anointing ‘GUSH’ out of KPNR just like the water that was gushing out of that rock. Let the songs keep flowing through us. Continue to allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us….and the list goes on.

I’m sharing this with you today to let you know that Jesus has NOT forgotten you. He has your best interest in mind at all times. Every prayer that you’ve prayed, He hears. He has already answered your prayers, He’s just waiting for the right time to let it happen. And every time you pray and ask Him to please remember you, HE is saying, “I always remember you.”

Final thought “Jesus remembered you and me while suffering on an old rugged cross.” I will forever be grateful.

Have a wonderful Easter – Resurrection Celebration!!!

Blessings, Karen

We are very excited about our concert dates this year. We would love to see you!! Bring lots of friends with you and come join us for a wonderful time of worship!
Especially remember to make your plans to join us Father's Day Weekend for our annual homecoming in Dahlonega, GA - "Christian Music Nights" (June 14-15)

Thanks for your prayers. We love y'all!!:)

Check our schedule for details!
"Christian Music Nights"

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Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Karen Peck and New River

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