Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Really Big News From Greater Vision

From Greater Vision's email newsletter of April 16, 2013:

We've got LOTS of BIG NEWS in this Update! The release of our brand-new "For All He's Done" CD and the release of the most anticipated "Jubilee" DVD ever... "Jubilee 3!"

Read on to learn all about it!

Brand New CD & DVD!!!

You've been reading about our new CD, and you may have even heard some audio clips, like the ones posted here.

Now, you can order our brand-new CD, "For All He's Done", and receive it before it's ever released to the General Public! Click here to place your pre-order before Friday at 5pm (Eastern), and shipping is FREE!
"For All He's Done" features new songs written by Chris Allman, Jim Brady, Rodney Griffin, Lanny Wolfe, and more! The first "radio song" from the new CD, "Looking For The Grace" is already playing on Christian radio stations across the country, and getting great reviews. To hear samples from the new recording, click here. To order your CD today, with FREE Shipping, click here.

Also Available...
The most anticipated "Jubilee" DVD ever, is now available for ordering! The latest in the "Jubilee" Series, this LIVE Concert DVD features the whole Jubilee Gang... The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, and Legacy Five, on stage together in Branson, Missouri, for almost ninety minutes of music, worship, and fun! This is a "must have" for your DVD collection, and if you order before 5pm on Friday, you will receive FREE Shipping! To place your order, click here!

*The FREE Shipping offer is only available for orders placed using our Online Ordering System before 5pm (Eastern) Friday April 19, 2013, and shipped to addresses within the United States. International orders (including Canada) must be placed by phone by calling (423) 586-4952. We cannot provide free shipping to addresses outside the USA.
Where We're Going...
Tuesday - Charlotte, NC
Wednesday - Myrtle Beach, SC
Thursday - Roanoke, VA
Friday - Bath, NY
Saturday - Bath, NY

Next Week...
Great Western Fan Festival

To see our complete Concert Schedule, click here.

This is certainly a busy and exciting time for us, but we don't want to forget to pray for the victims and families of yesterday's horrific terrorist attack in Boston, Massachusetts. Even though you and I may live a long way from Boston, all of us are affected when something like this happens. Join us in praying for healing for the injured, and comfort for the families. Also pray that these circumstances will help people around the world see the need of a personal relationship with Christ. Events like the one in Boston show us how helpless we are, and how much we need the Lord.

Have a blessed evening.

Greater Vision

Here's a very Special Announcement from our friends at IMC Concerts!

Click here to see the Announcement and the Video!
Greater Vision
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