Friday, April 5, 2013

Lindsay Huggins Releases New Video - “God Whispers”

Nashville, TN (April 4, 2013) Godsey and Associates is announcing a brand new video by brilliant talent Lindsay Huggins.

Lindsay hails from Sandersville, GA, but now makes her home just outside Nashville. In addition to her singing career, Lindsay is married to Craig, and they have a one year old baby in the house, Tanner.
Lindsay says, “I am a very busy wife and new mom, but feel blessed to be able to do what I love to do, singing.” Continuing, Lindsay said, “I am so excited about releasing my very first video 'God Whispers'. The concept is about little things in life that remind us of God's Love.”

Scott Godsey, of Godsey and Associates said, “'God Whispers' was filmed in Nashville at Trevecca Community Church and other locations nearby giving us near perfect surroundings to capture the scenes we were wanting to create.”

The video has an intense scene with a baby almost hit by a car, but saved by an unlikely hero. However, we want to let everyone know that no one was at actual risk during the filming of the video. The video can be viewed on YouTube at

Lindsay can be contacted at, or She is available for quotes or interviews at 615-507-9599.
Godsey and Associates can be contacted at or
About Lindsay Huggins
Having grown up in a musical family, Lindsay always knew she wanted to pursue a career in music. “I began singing in church as a small child, but I have a feeling I was born singing and just never stopped!” she says. Lindsay was in church every time the doors were open and knew at a young age that her vocal talent was a gift from God.

About Godsey and Associates
In the last quarter of 2011, Scott Godsey started a team making music videos for Christian artists. That soon developed into not only working inside the Christian music business, but going outside of the Christian music world. Soon after, the company expanded into other genres. G&A started working with churches, authors, and organizations.

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