Monday, December 16, 2013

Promise Gets PIC HIT

Charlotte, NC (December 11, 2013) Promise's newest radio single, released a few weeks ago, is already a PIC HIT in the Singing News Chart and has votes for top twenty. The song, “Shout Before The Walls Come Down” is led by Rick Blessing from Indian Trail, North Carolina and ends with a lead change to Debra Carter Peele.

“Shout Before The Walls Come Down” was written by Tammy Lockwood Herring and Sheri Thrower. Tammy is employed by Patterson Promotions and Sheri is the Music Director of the Nationally Acclaimed, Boynton Children's Chorus.

Debra Peele of Promise said “The song reminds us that 'Praise is the weapon on the war' and to praise the Lord in all circumstances. It is an up tempo song that has been very well received on National radio.”

In addition to “Shout Before The Walls Come Down” getting the pic hit, it is also number 7 on the current Music To Radio Chart.

In earlier news the group's last radio release, "Repair The Old Altar" went to number 1 for the month of August on the Radio To Music Chart.

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About The Promise

For centuries Christians have sung praises to our Heavenly Father at important events. In Luke 2:13-14 we find that they sang praises on the announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ and Matthew records in chapter 26 that the Apostles sang during the last supper. The Promise keeps this tradition alive by singing the praises of our Savior in churches and concerts across the land.

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